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From Blog The BiggerPicture~Something Big is Going on Upstairs

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American Kabuki shared some fascinating videos today. Thank you, Bill!!! This is great intel.

There’s a reason I created a category on my blog called, “What’s Going on in the Heavens”. It’s because there is and has been a lot and will soon be a lot more—and it’s all critical to what is about to happen.

Check out the sun’s activity… and the ET activity all around it!

When ships appear that size in relation to the sun, you KNOW those babies are MASSIVE! What are they cooking up?

We’re definitely not being told everything that’s going on or that will happen. We probably wouldn’t understand it anyway, but we are definitely ramping up for something BIG!  And SOON!

Valerie Donner ~ Message From Mira From The Pleiadian High Council ~11 October 2013

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Greetings, I am Mira. I am pleased to speak with you and to be participating full time with the Earth Council.

Change is rampant. We see much elevated consciousness. This is inspiring to us. We know that many of you are challenged yet each time you meet the challenge you are making bold new steps in your ascension process.

There is no turning back. You can only move forward for your own benefit as well as for life on the Earth. Holding your dreams and hopes for a better way to live on the Earth is one of your jobs. You are the weavers of Light and a new life. It is important work and you must understand how your consciousness provides valuable exponential input.

If you think that you are the only person with the challenges that you are facing you are misinformed. You are assisting many others as you heal from your issues. Please note the importance of your inner life and inner work.

A World of Peace

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Source: - 9/21/13, Velcrow Ripper


Occupy A new Era of Compassion

Photo by Jenna Pope


The shift from a culture of war, a culture of domination, a culture of “us versus them,” to a culture of love, a culture of shared power, a culture of “us ” is at the core of our evolutionary journey, and key to our very survival on this precious planet.

Peace starts in our hearts, in the hearts of each every one of us. It begins every day, in this very moment, right now, not then, but now ~ as you read this ~ in your very next breath.

Push the pause button, and take a few seconds to connect with your breath…a single deep breath in and out… ah, yes.

Straddling Two Worlds

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Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of your soul’s evolution. This message is primarily for those who are moving through the shift in a conscious manner, which allows their being to ascend into the higher dimensions from which you all came. This message is intended for those who are specifically drawn to this message; you are the souls who are experiencing the destruction of one world and the creation of another. You are the “demolition crew” as well as the architects and builders of the new reality which you are creating each and every moment of your day.

Love is a Verb

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Source:, Velcrow Ripper, 9/02/13


”I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am.
I know that I am not a category.
I am not a thing — a noun.
I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process
— an integral function of the universe.”
~ Buckminster Fuller

We are all verbs.  Not a one of us a noun. Not one a fixed identity.   Thank you Bucky, for articulating something so critical, so crucial,  so clearly.  The liberating power of this deep understanding is a game changer.

Somewhere a few centuries back, we developed the fragmented, Newtonian worldview that haunts us still. Our very perception shifted, as we fragmented ourselves, specialized ourselves, as we created a binary world of black and white, of us and them, of either/or.  Nature and spirit a distant other. There was security in this view.  A false sense of security.

Your own love – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn October 03, 2013

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(Translated from original language german)

My child, what are you looking for love outside of yourself? The true love you can find in your own heart first. Find it there, but not in humans, beings or things around you or in your life. Find it in your heart and fill yourself completely with your own unconditional love for you. How will you love another being, if you do not love yourself? How will you receive the love of another being, if you do not know what unconditional love is and how it feels? You only go into a dependence on others or things. Only when you yourself love yourself unconditionally, as you are, and are yourself enough with it, you’re really ready and able to receive and give unconditional love. Then you will also not be as affected by the “loss” of a person or thing that you love or where you think he loves you, as it is now. Then it is no longer a need to be loved by another, in order to exist, because your own love is always certain for you. Just like my unconditional love is certain for you. Then you can enjoy the love that you get, very much more light-hearted and to the fullest, my child. ~

The Creator Writings - Safety Vs. Fear

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The Creator Writings


Safety and fear are both perceptions of the human mind. Oftentimes, the need for one will keep you stuck in the other. The Universe invites you ponder the fears you disguise as a safe place for yourself. Only when you are willing to look at them is it possible to release the chains that bind and keep you from the things that will benefit you and offer the most growth. ~ Creator



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