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The People Will Rise

by Julian Rose

“We are done with fake democracy and undisguised top-down exploitation”

There is only one solution for the insane mess that goes under the name of 'democracy' to day, and that is to return to human scale largely self governing communities.

Breaking the Paralysis of Servitude

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by Julian Rose

It has become abundantly clear that 'we the people' are being subjected to a divisive and derisive 'leadership' pantomime of truly global proportions and we cannot any longer simply hope some sanity will emerge to change this situation.

Stand back for a moment and admire the view. Politicians, civil servants, billionaires, bankers, telecom chiefs, pharmaceutical CEO's – you name them – are all acting as though the standard procedures of responsibility and the rule of law have been abandoned and anyone wearing a suit or uniform - and displaying an air of importance - can now step in and make up the rules as they go along.

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The Covid Shockdown Doctrine – and How to Beat It

by Julian Rose

Those who have read Naomi Klein's seminal book 'The Shock Doctrine' will remember how the 'short sharp shock' (primarily economic) was the tool fashioned by the Chicago School of Economics in order to create regime change in countries that resisted US hegemonic power grabs in the 1980's and 1990's.

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Puppet Dictators Play a Covid Card Too Far

by Julian Rose

The attempt to make the irrational and implausible appear rational and plausible has now reached dizzying new heights. The ceaseless flow of blatantly contradictory proclamations and actions emanating out of governments and global institutions that represent health, the economy and justice, sets the scene for the puppet dictators to play their Covid crisis cards.

With approximately three billion people now under house arrest, it certainly is not a pretty picture.

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Turn Self Isolation into Self Liberation!

by Julian Rose

One of the most famous paradoxes of this blessed experience called Life, is known as 'the law of unintended consequences'; and we are at this very moment of time, in the midst of a manifestation of cosmic Lila which exactly fits this paradox.

Under the unprecedented blanket regulatory lock-down imposed by governments all over the planet, a highly unlikely opportunity has arisen to fundamentally redress our life circumstances. An opportunity which will positively equip those who need to become aware, to face the uncertainties that lie ahead with courage and fortitude.

The number one opportunity which being stuck in one's home for most of the working day presents, is to do some long overdue thinking; the kind that taps into that region of ourselves which has been/is particularly starved due to being heavily preoccupied by the daily chores of the standard working week. That part of ourselves which gives genuine direction to our lives, and brings us face to face with the plethora of superficial activities that preoccupy us, most of which we have, up until recently, taken as gospel.

We are being supported in this vital pursuit by changes underway in the natural environment which surrounds us. Changes for the better that result from a sudden flux of a high percentage of the frenetic hustle and bustle which forms the basic daily pattern of our materialistically centred life, and which brings with it a heavy load of pollution, noise and stress, choking both our planet's natural environment and our own health and welfare.

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Pandemic: The Invention of a Disease Called Fear

Julian Rose

The word 'pandemic' bears a similarity to the word 'panic' and indeed 'pandemonium'. In fact 'pandemic' evokes an almost instant flush of fear in those easily manipulated by mass media, before any details have even touched the surface or context in which the word is being used.

Those who plan the major moves on the chess-board of covert human control know that by leading with the word 'pandemic' they have an instantly effective weapon at their disposal to psychologically weaken the resistance of individuals vulnerable to irrational and impressionistic mind sets.

So, in a world heavily conditioned by the proclamations of the mass media, the fear weapon has a huge psychological power.

As we have all witnessed over the past months, the Coronavirus story has been unleashed with barely contained lascivious delight by news media under orders from the purveyors of malevolent missions against mankind. Pumped-up to maximum volume and dispersed globally, the deliberately designed fear message has the instant effect of making the majority of people feel powerless. The Big problem is at large – and we the people feel small. This is the beginning of an entrapment which colours every aspect of daily life.

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Tackling the Illegality of the 5G Roll-Out

by Julian Rose

Breaking Subservience to False Gods

Our planet is in the hands of false gods. Fake gods. So that everything over which they preside is tainted by falsity. It is a position which underscores institutions, industries and political agendas from one end of the planet to the other.

So when one arranges to meet with local, regional or central government authorities and officials, in order to press home a deep concern which is not being recognised or respected by those whose responsibility it is to investigate and take action, nine times out of ten one simply finds oneself confronting a handed-down clone of the fake god sitting on the top of the pile.

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The 2020 Imperative - Cease Being Mesmerised By Demons

by Julian Rose

We have a vast global communication network at our fingertips, a significant part of which has long since been hijacked by the purveyors of 'the daily matrix'. But another part of which still manages to operate within a spectrum that gives a possibility for what we refer to as 'freedom of speech'.

Used intelligently, this spectrum can substantially increase one's knowledge and raise one's awareness. But used unintelligently and indiscriminately it can act as a hypnotic sponge and conveyor of false ideologies; a direct extension of 'the daily matrix's' mass conveyance of state and corporate indoctrination. But the choice of what information is sought - and what technology is used to convey it – is, of course, the prerogative of the individual.

However, one first has to be an individual. One cannot make a rational choice unless one has identified one's self as having the ability to recognise realities outside the standard prevailing influences of the day. Outside those conditions imposed by the state and corporate propaganda machine. To be 'an individual' means to be discerning; and that is the starting point of all true decision making.

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Four Funerals and a Wedding

A Brief History of the War on Humanity

by Julian Rose

Here, in the village of Stryszow in Southern Poland, you can hear the funeral ceremonies from the farmhouse on the hill where I reside during my time in this Country. The mournful cadences of the undertaker match the dull mechanical tolling of the church bell, as friends and relatives of the deceased, mostly in black, walk slowly and solemnly down the high street following the funeral cortege.

The sounds come floating up the hill and often cause me to suffer an involuntary shudder. Not because I fear the day of my own passing, I don't; but because I fear for this time of great fluctuation for humanity as a whole, and the fate of all I hold dear.

The Holy Mass provides the ceremonial backing for Catholic funerals. It is heavy with a sense of fate and penitence. “One is small in the all seeing eye of God” it seems to be saying “Lower your head and know that one day it will be for you that the bell tolls.”

And here lies the essence of the great misfortune that overtook the human race in the last 2,000 years. The almost unspeakable fear of a life fully lived, and the attendant nagging doubt about one's own capacities to be anything more than a cog in a machine.

Discover the Truths of Your Own BEING

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by Vanessa David

Today was a lot that has come up for healing and releasing of old stuck energy that I had stuffed down for so long. At times I get anxious and my mind will try to figure out what the hell is going on but my heart and soul continues to lead the way through it all. It definitely does not come over night but I'm finding it easier to get through it. I look within my own darkness as I can finally come to my own self realization that it is possible to heal and it takes much work to sift through it all. Emotional pain is hard to feel at times but the more you feel it the more you will heal it. The soul always knows what to do and it's just getting out of our own way to discover the truths of your own BEING and a beautiful one at that. So, have faith in what lies within and most of all be gentle and loving with yourself because that is the key. When you're in the pain, observe the emotions that come up and your mind that triggers them.. Look within and see what temptations are leading you in a direction that of your own past into this present moment. The tests will come and how you choose is what manifests. Past is gone but will it remain gone? Choice is yours. Stay centered.
Let the fire of your spirit burn brightly. Every challenge and fear you have faced has brought you to this now where healing has become your power as the divine strong, courageous warrior you are.

Blessings on your continued journey


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