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Man Sees Humongous Whale Entangled And Trapped In Rope, Dives In And Cuts It Free

by Brianna Acuesta, True Activist

Her rescuers weren't sure that she would make it by the time they cut all the rope off.

It was 8:30 AM on a Sunday when crab fishermen noticed that something a bit larger than their usual catch was stuck in the ropes meant to hold crab pots together. When they approached the area, they immediately saw that a huge humpback whale was deeply entrenched in the weighted ropes, which were near the Farallon Islands, just 18 miles off of San Francisco’s coast.

They contacted Mick Menigoz, who organizes whale watching and shark diving trips, who alerted the Marine Mammal Center and then got a group of volunteers together to head out to save the whale. They weren’t able to reach the whale until 2:30, at which point they realized they would only be able to save the 50-foot whale if they jumped in and cut each rope off.

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BREAKING: Taiwan Bans Slaughter Of Cats And Dogs For Human Consumption

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

Taiwan’s parliament approved a bill that bans the selling, purchasing, consumption and/or possession of dog or cat meat. Offenders face up to two years in prison.

On Tuesday, Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan approved a landmark amendment to the country’s Animal Protection Act which bans the selling, purchasing, consumption and/or possession of dog or cat meat. Offenders face fines of between NT$50,000 (US$1600) to NT$250,000 (US$8100), may face up to two years in prison, and risk having photos of themselves publicized, reports the Shanghaiist. The bill also prohibits citizens from using a car or motorbike to pull the pets alongside their vehicle as they travel.

The amendment was sponsored by Kuomintang legislator Wang Yu-min and is the first of its kind in Asia. In 2001, Taiwan passed legislation banning the sale of meat and fur of pets such as cats and dogs. The legislation was supposedly passed for “economic purposes.”

Before the change takes effect, the amendments still need to be signed into law by the Cabinet and Presidential office. According to the BBC, this could take place as soon as the end of April.

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Google Puts CNN, Washington Post, NYT In Charge Of Fact-Checking News

What could go wrong?

By: AntiMedia

Google announced Friday that it’s adding a special feature to its news service — Fact Check. Searchers will now know who checked the validity of a news story and the conclusion they arrived at.

The Fact Check tag “identifies articles that include information fact checked by news publishers and fact-checking organizations.” Each Fact Check snippet “will display information on the claim, who made the claim, and the fact check on that particular claim.”

The rating system will rank stories from “true” to “false” but will also denote stories it finds “partly true” and “partly false.” Searches will also have the option, via hyperlink in the snippet, to review the fact-checkers’ content on the same subject.

This, of course, begs the question: Who are the fact-checkers?

Anyone can volunteer to be one, says Google, cautioning that “Only publishers that are algorithmically determined to be an authoritative source of information will qualify for inclusion.”

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Cheney, Rothschild, And Fox News’ Murdoch Violate International Law By Drilling For Oil In Syria

Backed by Murdoch, Cheney, Rothschild, and others, Genie Energy has been granted drilling rights in Syria's Golan Heights region.

By: Claire Bernish / The Free Thought Project

After concluding the flow testing phase, Afek Oil and Gas will now begin analyzing samples drawn from the Ness-2 drilling site, euphemistically dubbed “Deborah’s Well,” in the Israeli-occupied region of Syria known as the Golan Heights. New Jersey-based Genie Energy, Ltd., Afek’s parent company, claims a dubious cadre of investors cum war profiteers, including Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney, Lord Jacob Rothschild, James Woolsey — as well as a number of current and former U.S. politicians.

Prior testing at a separate Afek site did not meet expectations, so the company sought other “sweet spots” in the area. Analysis of samples from additional wells will be performed by Afek scientists in conjunction with “external international experts.”

To understand U.S. involvement in the quagmire in Syria, Afek’s oil exploration is of critical import.

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Why Japan’s School Lunches Put Other Countries’ To Shame

by Jessica Murray, True Activist

Japan's new food program is a huge contrast to current plans in the US.

A recent article has delved into the reasons why the Japanese nation is so successful, particularly exploring the details within their school lunch program. This has come at a time when the US is considering cutting the funding that provides school lunches for underprivileged children, which is in huge comparison to Japan who places a high priority and focus on their school children’s healthy meals on a daily basis. Whilst the US claim that there is not enough evidence to show that feeding kids improves their academic results, Japan points to the importance of regular homemade meals, according to recent reports.

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Former Patagonia CEO Gifts One Million Acres To Chile For National Parks

by Amelia Kinney, True Activist

Inspired by the gift, President Michelle Bachelet agrees to place 10 million acres under environmental protection.

In the largest ever private land donation to a government in Latin America, the one million acres composing Parque Pumalín has been given to Chile. Inspired by the gift, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet signed an agreement to place Parque Pumalín, as well as 10 million acres of federal land under environmental protection.

The massive area (three times the size of Yellowstone and Yosemite put together) will now be designated for national parklands. “Today, we are bequeathing to the country the greatest creation of protected areas in our history,” said Bachelet in a speech.

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New Law Could Help Defend Oregon Farmers From GMO Contamination

by Amelia Kinney, True Activist

Contamination by genetically-engineered products, such as Monsanto's seeds, can devastate a farm.

Farmers in Oregon might soon have to increase defense against Monsanto. The bill under consideration permits farmers to take legal action if their crops are found to be contaminated by genetically-modified organisms. Oregon’s House Bill 2738 “Allows cause of action against patent holder for genetically-engineered organism present on land without permission of owner or lawful occupant.”

Contamination by GMOs can be catastrophic for farmers. This “genetic drift” is nearly impossible to prevent; it usually happens naturally through wind or pollination. HB 2739 could also prevent Monsanto from bullying farmers for “seed piracy” when they are found with unauthorized GMO crops. Farmers who grow GMO crops have to pay licensing feeds, and are subject to inspection and regulation from the seed companies. Even more, they must buy the products annually, or they could be prosecuted for patent infringement.

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Farming Entrepreneur Makes $100K Using 1/3 Of An Acre

by Jessica Murray, True Activist

His original ideas are being taught to thousands of people worldwide.

Farmer, author, speaker, and consultant, Curtis Stone, has created a new method of farming where the focus is on quality of life and profitability co-existing. Established in 2010, his farm, named Green City Acres, is located in Kelowna BC Canada, and generates over $100,000 per year on only one-third of an acre. Having always had an interest in geopolitical issues, Stone wanted to take his life into his own hands and gain a sense of independence through being a producer rather than a consumer. In time, with a lack of funds, and a lot of research showing that a lot can be done in backyards, he set to work with no experience, and yet boomed into being a commercial grower in a very short space of time. He claims that a lot of his success is down to modern technology, and accessibility to resources such as YouTube, which provide valuable and free information.

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Medical Marijuana Is Now Legal In Argentina And It's Free To Patients

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

Not only is medicinal cannabis now legal in Argentina, patients are guaranteed free access to the herb.

On March 31, Argentina became the latest country to legalize the use of cannabis oil and other marijuana derivatives for medicinal purposes. The bill, which was passed by the House of Representatives last November, was approved unanimously by the Senate, reports The Associated Press. In addition to legalizing the use of medical cannabis, the law also creates a medical marijuana research program at the Health ministry. The facility must “guarantee free access” to cannabis oil and other derivatives to patients who join the program.

Hannah Hetzer, Senior International Policy Manager at the Drug Policy Alliance, commented on the bill’s passing:

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The Last 5 U.S. Presidents In A Row Have Bombed Iraq

By: , AntiMedia

Who is to blame for the current state of chaos in Iraq? An oversimplified and misguided, if not dishonest course of action would be to blame Iraqis for being radical, death-cult worshipping fanatics and ignore America’s foreign policy decision-making, which led to the current situation. In turn, one could place Iraq on a travel ban list of nations that doesn’t include any of the countries that created and support al-Qaeda (and then nonsensically remove them from your revised list some weeks later).

Of course, a more honest and fruitful venture would be to examine the events that led to the current situation engulfing Iraq. As American airstrikes continue to massacre the Iraqi civilian population by the hundreds, we owe it to the Iraqi people to get to the bottom of this story. From there, we could ostensibly create a future path that might bring peace to the war-torn nation as opposed to blindly continuing the same policies Iraq has been victim to for decades.


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