Message from the Ashtar Command 8/1/12 ‘Meeting Notification & Golden Rule’

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Stirring into the mix of your reality are aspects of yourselves, of your lives that you may begin to feel are not necessary or positive ingredients to your new world and your new lives. These are lower aspects of yourselves that cling onto you as if they need a host body to survive, and it is you, in your weaker states, your weaker moments that provide these aspects of yourself the energy that fuels their prolonged survival. You do not need these lower aspects of yourself to learn from them any longer, as you have reached a point where their lower vibrations now only serve to weigh you down and keep you bogged down in a lower dimensional state than the dimensional state that now fits you more suitably.


You are being called now back to your higher state, your higher self, and unwanted and unneeded aspects of your lower dimensional journey are not invited, are not called, are not necessary any longer for you as a learning tool and to measure yourself on your progress and your development. Do you understand, dear ones, that there are aspects of yourselves that no longer serve your higher good, and therefore it is well the time that they are cut loose, shed, discarded, forgotten and left behind? Do you also feel the time has come for you to shed these layers of your third dimensional skin, just as your mother planet is also shedding the layers of her 3rd dimensional skin? As above, so below, the macrocosm to the microcosm, and so on.


We'd like you to think about this and think about how it is your mother planet can carry you with all your extra baggage into the higher realms. She cannot. She, as well as you, must both shed the extra baggage that serves to weigh her and weigh you down, as only certain aspects of her and of you are permitted, are capable of and are welcomed into ascension. Do you understand that time is so very short and it is now very necessary for all of you who wish for yourselves to experience ascension to find the time and the energy to focus on what it is that serves to weigh you down, what it is that no longer serves your higher good, and let it go into the ethers of your past?


Today we would like to discuss with you areas where there is room for improvement in the ways in which you communicate with each other. This is a very important subject, and this is one area of yourselves and of your lives that needs to be corrected, upgraded, raised to higher dimensional levels and standards. Far too often we read negative comments, insults and defamations fired upon one another throughout your online communities, and we say to you enough of this already, this has gone on too long now. We have suggested to you ways for you all to better communicate with each other and we do see that there are those of you who have accepted our suggestions and have worked hard to more effectively, politely and appropriately communicate with each other and respond to those who have led personal attacks on you and your choices and points of view.


For those who have made the effort to improve this area of yourselves we say job well done and your efforts and your successes are greatly appreciated and are very important as well, as your actions and words can now be used as role models for others to follow. We thank you for your efforts and say to you continue to be a light that shines for others to follow through areas of darkened night, for words in your world can often begin to cascade like a great and powerful waterfall, fueling a river of new thought, idea and behavioral patterns that can benefit greatly your entire world and thus your entire galaxy and universe as well, as the ripple in your pond continues on unabated for an eternity. Do you realize this? Do you realize that every thought, word, action and intent causes a ripple effect that never dissipates, that continues through this entire universe all the way to its farthest reaches before bouncing back and coming back for another pass once again?


This is truth dear ones. For every thought you have, word you express and action you take reverberates all throughout this entire spatial universe and affects all others in this way. Please think about this each and every time you feel emotions rising within you that are causing you to lash out at others sometimes rather violently, certainly disrespectfully, many times insultingly, often times hurtful and always unproductively. Please choose your words and your methods of delivery a little more carefully, a little more kindly, a little more respectfully, less attackingly, less opinionated, left stubbornly, as none of us has all the answers and there are always possibilities that may hold truth in the end that may surprise us today. Remember, we are always learning and growing, and if this is true then each and every one of us today does not know something we may know tomorrow.


In light of this, how can you be so sure that so much of what you claim to be fact and force upon another is truth and will be your truth come tomorrow? You cannot know this, for none of us knows this. This is why we are here in this universe, to learn from these experiences and to grow from the learning of these lessons. This is what it is all about. So to believe so convincingly that your perspective, your point of view is the only correct interpretation of anything is certainly unproductive and an aspect of yourself that needs to be focused upon and released, as it is not an aspect of yourself that is welcomed into the higher dimensions.


There are so many more polite and respectful ways to reply to others, no matter what it is they are saying to you, whether they are insulting you, threatening you, or simply treating you disrespectfully and impolitely. The first thing we suggest you do in these situations is take deep breaths and just relax and think to yourself “How am I going to choose to respond to this person at this time? Will I begin a negative ripple effect that will charge throughout this entire universe, or will I choose to respond positively, sending a positive vibration to traverse this entire universe?” This is always a very beneficial exercise and we highly suggest each and every one of you take just a moment and practice this exercise each and every time you feel even the slightest amount of emotion rising within you upon negative conversations or comments from another in your online communities and in person as well. We feel if you do this you will be taking the first steps to shed those lower dimensional layers of yourself that today act like weights tied around you, holding you back from floating up into the higher realms of existence.


We would like to begin our seawall project with you very shortly, and we would like to begin the notification process for those who we feel would be a compliment to our teams. We will begin sending these telepathic communications in the next few days or week or so. Please remain alert for these notifications as we cannot take too long to try to get through each message to each individual we have named on our long list. We may be asking you where it is you would like to be picked up for a trip to an awaiting mother ship.  It is there where we will hold a meeting of many participating volunteers for this project that will shore up your shorelines in many areas around your world, a procedure we feel is very necessary. Please answer us telepathically in your mind and not verbally, as security is always an issue even in your own homes.   


This meeting will last at least several hours, as we not only wish to share with you the details of this one project, but we would like to discuss with you many other projects as well, and we would like to also speak to you more about your opportunities with us, what will be expected of you and what you can expect from us, what you will receive working with us as a member of our team and what your opportunities and possibilities are for becoming an official member of our organization, the Ashtar Command.


Not all of you that will be taken to our ship for this initial meeting will, in the end, become members of our organization. We wish to make this clear that being escorted to our ship for this meeting does not make you a member of our organization, the Ashtar Command. This meeting is simply a meeting and orientation for you to get to know our organization, what our plans and intentions are, what your opportunities are and what your responsibilities and duties will be. This is all this meeting is, and it does not signify or represent anything more. We just feel we needed to be clear on that so there is no question.


Membership in our organization is gained through a working partnership with us. For some, this trial period, if you will, takes many months and it could even take many years depending on the individual, his or her past history, abilities, work ethic and record. At the appropriate time, we will discuss your opportunities for acceptance into our command, and it will be at that time that all of your questions will be answered and the process in which you may proceed is thoroughly mapped out for you. Until then, we welcome those of you who will be journeying to our ship as our brothers and sisters, and offer you the opportunity to begin a working relationship with us that may lead to a new and permanent career position. Until we speak again, please be aware of our telepathic communications to you which will at that time reveal to you what our next step will be.


We will not discuss any more of this publicly through our channel, as whatever else we have to discuss with you is to be kept between ourselves and is not to be shared with others in any way, as there are certain security measures that must be taken. We hope you understand this, and we ask you to follow these guidelines to the letter as many opportunities with our organization have been lost due to the non-adherence to this stipulation to keep certain information that we may share with you to yourself and only to yourself. Have we made ourselves clear on this, dear ones? Is it understood that the telepathic communications we will be sending some of you must be kept only to yourself and not shared with anyone through any means whether verbally, electronically, written or over the telephone? We feel we have been clear on this. Thank you so very much dear ones for your time today, and may we say it will be a pleasure to meet so many of you in the days to come and we look so forward to working with you on these many projects that we feel will benefit your world so greatly.


We are your friends and your teammates of the Ashtar Command, and we look so forward to speaking with you again shortly.




As channeled through Greg Giles English - Spanish - Brazil - Bulgarian - Croatian - Dutch -German - Greek - Hebrew - Polish - Japanese Portugal - Romanian - Russian - Slovenian -Swedish - Traditional Chinese - Hungarian French Turkish





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No offense, I can understand I think where this is going on, been a bit busy with...GOSH!


Settling in...and here we go again... Settling in... seems almost IRONIC to me.


I have to laugh in retrospect on this one. Its like moving into a new home, to discover youve won a wonderful trip to Mars and Mars has a free hotel waiting for you. :-)



Anyway, this one brings up a valid point also, I suppose these projects have been stopped at some point...but GOVT did have 450Mhz transmitters(think MKULTRA)) at one point as a direct 'window' into one's brain for manipulator of fear. I think Ive seen this in action last year(WHAT a YEAR for THAT!). So what Im saying is that they have telepathic espionage programs...and I think (forgive me here, I cant speak for the pilots that came down..) someone intercepted our plans before last year, ok maybe year prior, when I was making plans to head down to Florida.


THERE was a SIGHTING over DAYTONA BEACH(which NEVER gets sighting reports..), I believe it was you guys. I told NO ONE else until AFTER the sighting report surfaced. Yet I COULD NOT get to FLORIDA to save my life.( Family Troubles, paranoia...etc.) Like I said, I believe CAUSED DIRECTLY by either dark forces or the Government. Its sad to say this, but I think this actually happened. I think we were intercepted.


Are there safeguards for this?

Keep this in mind, Star Friends...Id love to come back. Id like the assurance we wont be intercepted this time.It gets hairy after dark out here.(Id send a hint....but as you said....safer not to. Just find me, ask my guides...Im close...) I think of the ships everytime I go out to run long distance errands down the FREEWAY.


Are other commands doing this from within the GFL, maybe if Greg has noticed anything here? or is it just the Angelic, just this command for now?


Kind of reminds me of the Star TREK Academy(ok, the episodes are made-up...but they are a nice reminder of what its like out there.) recruiting...


SHEESH! Brings back memories from home...people look funny at even a military recruiter, but when you ARE the recruiter...boy does that change perspective!


My Golden Dollar is here...lets see if I can get the ship to go with it,eh?

(Dream and a DOLLAR..)


Wish you all luck either way with your outcome to join, but i have faith I very well may be amongst those that do join. Im sure, (as Ive said, Ive recruited before..) this would not be something you would want to miss.


My advice: RUN. Just dont play into the GAME anymore. IGNORE it. It will not help you, and that which does not help, can only hinder. Stay away from these conversations and people and work on something else, even if it means you have nothing to do. Choice is always yours, remember?


You always have the option to block or unfriend or ignore.



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Your response is very interesting and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.


However, I do not understand why you ended by telling people "You always have the option to block or unfriend or ignore." i also don't understand the part about the "golden dollar."


Perhaps i am not meant to understand. But I have no plans to "block, unfriend or ignore" anyone I have met here. Aren't we all one? Aren't we all Love?