Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/5/12 ‘Future Possibility & Opportunity’

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All your life you have waited for this magic moment to come true for you, to become your blessed reality, to bear the fruit of the tree that you planted a long time ago and have watered and nurtured for lifetimes. That tree is fully grown now for many of you and it is time to pick the fruit and take your first bite of the sweet nectar of your new and completely free and unlimited experience. This time is now coming quickly upon many of you, and we say to you keep doing what it is you are doing. Do not fall back now on old patterns, habits or tendencies and your destructive natures that some of you have demonstrated at certain intervals of your past history. Now is not the time to indulge in such frailties, learning from these experiences and testing the boundaries of your experience. Now is the time to apply yourselves as fully and as consciously as you possibly can. Now is the time to go full speed into all your future possibilities, not looking back but releasing all that was, as all was a training ground for you, full of lessons and experiences to prepare you for what it is that now awaits you and beckons you with your call, the call of your name.


Do you hear your name being called? If you hear your name being called say “I hear my name being called now and I am responding to this call. I am following this call. I am following the sound of my name being called and I will follow this sound until it delivers me to where it is I wish to be, which is not here, but somewhere else.” This is what we would like to hear from those of you who wish for a new reality, a new start, a new life filled with new treasures, rewards, goals, challenges, excitement, adventure and experiences to learn even greater lessons than the lessons you have learned up to this amazing and wonderful point.


Today we would like to speak with you about how it will be for you once you step out of your current confines of your quite limited reality and into an unlimited arena for you to showcase all the skills, talents and wisdom you have learned. It will be as if you have won the lottery, struck the jackpot and rang the bell at the carnival. It will be as if you are the Olympic gold medal champion, standing on the podium as they play the national anthem of your country. Does this excite you and entice you? Is this what interests you more than anything else that you may have in the past spent your time, focus and energy upon? If it is, then you can have this. This is your gift, this is your reward, this is your trophy and it is time to present it to you.


We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are here, we are not arriving, we wish to always make that as clear as possible to you. We are not traveling here from any place in the universe as we have already traveled here a relatively long time ago. We are already here. We are here so very close to you that it will only take a little more pushing, a little more effort, a little more persistence, a little more determination for you to see us, for you to discover us, for you to join us. Do you understand this? Do you understand that it is not we and it is not you that are traveling anywhere, but there is something else that will enable our reunion together? You know what this is by now; we do not have to explain this to you. Tell us yourselves what it is that will begin this blessed reunion of our families. We would like to see you answer this question yourselves beneath our message today.


We will, as we do every day, follow your comments underneath our message all throughout your Internet with great interest. We love to read your comments as we are greatly interested in what you think about us, about our reunion and about our projects we will begin together. We are even interested in the negative comments about us, for we are learning a great deal about you through all of your comments, not just the ones in which a positive light is shone. It is also through the darkness, through negativity that we can all learn, and after all, isn't this what it is all about, a learning experience for all of us? That's what it is at its deepest core.  


You are here to learn and we are here to learn as well, and to reach that goal this entire scenario has been created and it has been decreed by our Creator who is your Creator, and many great minds have set this great table for our feast where we will learn through this marvelous experience to come here to assist our brothers and sisters redecorate, rebuild and restructure their house and host a wonderful and glorious family reunion. We hope to be invited, and we do see that many of you have already opened your front door for us and we say thank you. This makes us feel wanted, appreciated and loved, and we appreciate so greatly this warm gesture to open your home and your hearts and welcome us.


Today we would like to just briefly touch upon our first project with you which many of you know by now will be the strengthening of coastal shorelines in certain locations around your world. We have begun the notification process and we would like to report that we have successfully sent our messages to many individuals who we have selected for this initial project, and we have also successfully received your replies. Your answers to our question have been duly noted, and we will contact you again when it is time for you to act upon the information you have given us. Those of you who have received our communication understand what we mean by this and there is no need to go into this any further any longer. We will continue to send messages out to those of you who we feel have earned their right to take part in this initial project through their interactions with others throughout your online social networks, their efforts to shine their light, to be there for others, to share the information about our organization and what our intentions are here in your world.


We appreciate greatly your efforts in this regard and say to all of you that have qualified yourselves through efforts such as these that you are not, and will not be forgotten or overlooked in any way. We say to those of you who have demonstrated that you would be suitable and qualified members of our teams that your day will come; there is no question about this. We know who you are and we have you on our list to contact you in future days, either one way or the other. You will not be left out of our projects together as we also look so forward to working with you. There will be many projects with many thousands of individuals selected to work with us, either directly or indirectly. This initial project, although massive in scope and importance, will not require too many ‘hands on deck’, as it will not take many of you to build these seawalls as our advanced technology does most of the work for you.


We wish to make this clear, as we wish for you to understand why it is that, although you have demonstrated your kindness, your compassion and your superior work ethic, we have not contacted you to take part in this initial project. The reason is that only a relatively small number of you have been or will be contacted for this project as the workforce required for it is rather small in size, however, there are many other projects just as important and far greater in size and scope considering the manpower required, and this is when many of you can expect to be contacted. This day will quickly follow the completion of the seawall project, and some of these projects may even get underway during the construction of these seawalls. We wish you to understand this, and we wish you all to keep alert for our telepathic communications to you as they could come at any time while you are in any place, not just in your homes or in your beds.


This is the situation here in your world where there is great opportunity and much chance for advancement and something new for all of you. What we are here in offers to you is a new way to do almost everything that you have come to know as the only way to do things. There is so much of your world than needs or can benefit from an upgrade and advancement in technological capability, methodology and understanding. There is little of a 3rd dimensional structure or system that will survive, if you will, the transformation to a higher dimensional society such as a 5th dimensional society. When one understands this, one understands that much of what they have come to know will be deconstructed and reconstructed in an entirely new way. This can be quite disturbing for many, you may be very surprised to learn this, as beings that have come to know one way do not always easily adapt to a new way, especially when the new way is so completely transformative from the methods of the old ways.


We are here to not only assist you with this delicate transformation, but are also here to assist you emotionally and mentally survive this transformation. What we will do is setup a system where your mental and emotional health and well-being can be checked and monitored to adequately measure the ease or the difficulty that some of you may be experiencing through this transformation of your societal structures. We will monitor a certain percentage of your populations throughout your world, in this way procuring a base from which to derive statistics that can be quite accurate without monitoring and examining all of your population. This is the preferred method to carry out such research, and we in future days will be asking for a number of volunteers to take part in this study to measure your collective as well as individual responses to these changes in your world.


At that time, we will hope to receive an adequate number of willing participants and tell you for your assistance in this study you will be rewarded in certain ways. One of these ways that you will be rewarded are those who participate in our studies will receive from us the benefits of our advanced technologies and knowledge, and you will receive advanced treatment for many of your emotional, mental and physical needs. What we mean by this is that we will share with you our technologies and our advanced understandings of physical, emotional and mental vessels and help you alleviate some of the problems you may be having or shortcomings, if you will, that you have been born with and have handicapped you in some way throughout your life. All of the work that you will be doing with us comes with reward, as this is the basic construct of your new higher dimensional society. When one pitches in to assist their brothers and sisters and work towards the greater good of all and your planet they are adequately and fairly compensated for their efforts, their time and their energy.


Today here in your world many of you work very hard for very little compensation and reward. This will change, for all of you that continue to work at your jobs that may be necessary, at least for some time, until an overall change to many of your systems can be implemented will be rewarded, compensated, paid much more than you are today. We wish to make this clear, as we understand that many of you are ready and are very eager to walk away from the jobs that many of you feel tied down to, and we say that for many of you this day will come, but for now as your systems must be torn down before they can be built anew there will be a time period where you will have to remain at your current place of employment to support yourselves and your family. We will in time implement systems and technologies that will alleviate the necessity for many of you to go to work to perform the tasks you are currently performing that benefit others and your world. All cannot quit their jobs all at the same time if your society is to continue through this transformation smoothly. We hope that you can understand this, and understand that there will be a birthing period, if you will, a nurturing period, a growing period, and through this period there will be some growing pains as this must always be expected when the old bows down making way for the new.


In time, we will explain fully how we wish to implement your new systems, which systems we would like to implement first, and which systems necessitate the utmost attention, as there are systems today in your world that stand on shaky ground and must be strengthened, and in many cases completely reconstructed, to safeguard your societies, for we do not wish to pull a pin, as it were, and allow a complete system that is at this point yet necessary in your world to come crumbling down. We must be very careful and proceed cautiously to strengthen some of your systems while we at the same time implement new systems, sometimes building them from directly within an old system instead of completely dismantling a system before we begin to implement a new one in its place.


As we have said, there will be some growing pains experienced by your people for some time, at least in some areas. We ask for your support, your assistance and your confidence that your new societal structures will be built and they will benefit all of the people of your world. We thank you for your patience, your cooperation and your assistance in the building of these new systems and structures and say to you your efforts will be greatly appreciated and rewarded in many different ways. Have patience, have confidence, have faith and your world will be a paradise, and the ways of the old will in time become a distant and faint memory of your past.


We are the architects here to help you build your new paradise. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.





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A change in perception will bring us together.

Love, d'tewa

Love and Light, d'tewa


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Is there a specific site that I should post in, in order to let 'them' I am willing to work.?

Site - reply to guest

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There is a group on yahoo, but I don't remember how I found out about it. That group is specifically for a project which involves meditation. I think they do read this site, since they posted it here.  If I find out more about the study, I will post it here. They also have a seawall project going on, but I think they have already contacted the ones they need for that project - to protect the coastlines as the sea levels rise. I don't know very much but I did sign up for the meditation project, which starts tomorrow.Might try e-mailing


Hope this helps.






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I am curious about young children and the process as they are more innocent. Will we be able to stay with our kids through to the higher dimension ? Do Children automatically Ascend ?  Thank You and God Bless.


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I am  particularly interested in participating in your study. I am one who has experienced a lot of physical illness and great emotional upheavals and I think I would be an interesting and useful study subject. I hope you agree. What more information do you need from me?





Message from the GFL 8/5/12

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We have all had lifetimes filled with violence and off-the-scale harm and war. I so look forward to a new world based on love, kindness, compassion, and high ethical values for the inter-connectedness of the entire web of Gaia's life. I would be happy to use my own educational talents to help the GFL in this unique transformation. When we share, when we come together in Light and Love, I believe we can make this a positive and wonderful transformation for the highest good for all of us.

new world new work to be done.

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Its so exciting to hear messages like this, were are sooo tired of the heavy negativity here now, stress, worry, sadness violence suffering. I will be available to help anyway i can and especially since i have been out of work. Thank you for these uplifting messages and the hope they bring. We are so eager to see all of you in the physical soon hopefully.


God is great!!!

Environmental destruction

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I have a great knowlege of the global environmental destruction taking place and have been working privately for many years on a project to bring global awareness and concern to all nations on earth. It involved the raising a large budget in order to achieve this film project, however it has been very difficult to raise the necessary funding. I would certainly like to participate in any major global restoration programme and the reinstatement of endangered an lost species. I am greatly saddened by what mankind has inflicted on such a beautiful world. It is now rapidly losing its beauty because of the cabal, multi national companies and their greed.

Can't wait to join forces!

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I am greatly looking forward to this new Golden Age and all it entails. I am also eager to assist and have already begun encouraging people to think outside of their 3D boxes. You are correct that, for some, change will be difficult. I feel much of my purpose in the near future will be to guide people gracefully & joyfully through this transition. I understand that I need to lead in order to have others follow. Please include me wherever I may best support this transformation. Namaste. 


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To the galactic federation of light.
Iam willing to serve for humanity,please keep me in mind.My interest would be in the area of lifting people out of poverty.

ready to help with the shift!

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I volunteer for the study. I am so excited to see this shift happen and new technologies implemented. As a health care provider I am especially excited to learn new ways to help others heal, truely heal! Millions on this planet suffer and it will be so incredible to see them move beyond thier illnesses. Thank you adn Blessings, Mara

I like to participate

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You can contact me as a volunteer for your study.


I would love to help with reforming social health structures in society especially concerning working with new health devices and energetic technics for healing DNA and so on.

My Brothers & Sisters, You

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My Brothers & Sisters,

You can contact me as a volunteer for your study as i would gladly help with what you ask of me and what you deem suitable and available because as you know I will assist in any way possible!, I would love to cure the people of this earths sickness, illness Cancer etc, etc if this ever becomes possible and would give the task and job for doing this for my fellow human being.

Should you need any more information from me please, please do not hesitate to contact me as i am willing, able & Ready for which it would give me great joy, pleasure & happiness to assist you & help my fellow human brothers & sisters.

Love & Peace to you.



I call on you agin.

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You remember me GFL.I am the one who called you for transport some time ago. that day at the Bus stop here in Hawaii .You hard me and snit the little boy to talk to me. He ask me if I new what that light was in the sky. He said to me, it's a ship you know. And I said I no, And he said only you and I can see it.I did not go at that time ,I staid for this day. I know this is the right time. I believe this is the right time for me. if you agree an or willing ,thin plese Sind transept. or lit me no your decision. Love and light.

I call on you agin.

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You remember me GFL.I am the one who called you for transport some time ago. that day at the Bus stop here in Hawaii .You hard me and snit the little boy to talk to me. He ask me if I new what that light was in the sky. He said to me, it's a ship you know. And I said I no, And he said only you and I can see it.I did not go at that time ,I staid for this day. I know this is the right time. I believe this is the right time for me. if you agree an or willing ,thin plese Sind transept. or lit me no your decision. Love and light.

I call on you agin.

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You remember me GFL.I am the one who called you for transport some time ago. that day at the Bus stop here in Hawaii .You hard me and snit the little boy to talk to me. He ask me if I new what that light was in the sky. He said to me, it's a ship you know. And I said I no, And he said only you and I can see it.I did not go at that time ,I staid for this day. I know this is the right time. I believe this is the right time for me. if you agree an or willing ,thin plese Sind transept. or lit me no your decision. Love and light.

I call on you agin.

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You remember me GFL.I am the one who called you for transport some time ago. that day at the Bus stop here in Hawaii .You hard me and snit the little boy to talk to me. He ask me if I new what that light was in the sky. He said to me, it's a ship you know. And I said I no, And he said only you and I can see it.I did not go at that time ,I staid for this day. I know this is the right time. I believe this is the right time for me. if you agree an or willing ,thin plese Sind transept. or lit me no your decision. Love and light.

Dearest Galactic Federation,

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Dearest Galactic Federation,

I volunteer with all my being!!!  PLEASE PLEASE do contact me as soon as possible!  I would be so so INFINITELY happy and honored to help you in any way I can!  I would especially like to help with the environment, animals, healing, dna activation and spreading the truth.  THANK YOU INFINITELY for everything you do! I send all my love and all possible blessings to you!!!!!

facebook-Emilie J. Cronauer

The best way to contact me is through facebook.  Please go vegan.  I will write more here later.