Hello from a starseed, down under :)

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Hello from a starseed, down under :)

Hi there, I'm Michelle.  I'm a Lightworker and starseed living in Australia.  I have many experiences similar to other starseeds, feeling I don't belong, not understanding this world, feeling uncomfortable around violence or even raised voices, sensitive to sound and odours....I could go on.  My whole life I have had a passion for learning, I seemed to never be able to learn enough.  At 14 I read quantum theory for fun.  I have always seemed to be able to grasp the most complex ideas or connections between ideas quite easily and found it strange others didn't.

I began conscious ascension in 1997 and only recently came to full consciousness of who I am and why I'm here.  My purpose is to support and look after my partner while he is going through his ascension here and my mission is to help other lightworkers become aware of their mission and to work toward successfully fulfilling it. 

I have had connections with my own people all my life.  My mother would tell me how I would talk to "imaginary" friends when in the bath form an age younger than 3.  She also told me, the time she got pregnant with me, she was on holiday and a UFO followed the train she was on, for hours.  I used to wonder if that was where I really came from, but I don't wonder anymore, I know.  I have since been given a lot of information about where I come from, but there is so much I don't know.  I don't even know the name as yet. 

I'm so glad I came across this forum.  I want to know so much more about what is going on for the Earth and for all Lightworkers and starseeds.  I'm looking forward to learning lots and connecting with others here.


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Welcome Michelle! Good to

Welcome Michelle! Good to have you with us!

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