Message from the Intergalactic Ascended Forces

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Message from the Intergalactic Ascended




The Intergalactic Ascended Forces are about to enter the planetary life system to assist with the ascension of all life throughout the planet, and to enable the planetary/universal destiny to begin to be included in the planetary and universal affairs of the New Earth and its inhabitants.


This impending augmentation is a contribution to the Planetary/Universal Destiny by several intergalactic agencies that are supportive of theNew Earth Destiny and its immediate implementation.


The influence of the Intergalactic Ascended Forces is expected to make the required ascension of planetary affairs to occur much more rapidly, and the implementation of a greater extraplanetary civilization more expedited.


Extraplanetary Ascended Contributions

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Throughout the galaxies and universes there are many groups of beings who are very interested in the developments taking place on this planet and with its inhabitants.

Some of these groups are anxious to contribute to and participate in these developments, as they are capable of very great positive contributions, and are selfless in their motives.

These groups are in the ascended dimensions of extraplanetary life, and are varied in their capabilities to be of service to this planet and its inhabitants. They are now providing their ascended life forces to better the conditions of life throughout the planet and its inhabitants.

Your World & Galactic View∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

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Don’t just think in terms of what you or someone else has been able to experience there on planet Earth.

Expand out to include all beings in the galaxy, all beings in all dimensions, or even all beings in existence, and recognize that you can widen that scope. You can allow in more experiences than you can imagine, and it is as easy as letting go of the basis for that worldview. Anything you can imagine and so much more. That is what is available to you in this now moment.