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We are very happy to be here, connecting with you, as always, and we are particularly thrilled to have this opportunity to share with you our perspective on what you are living right now there on Earth, in regards to the recent upgrades that have occurred in your chakras. Upgrades are a very natural part of your evolution of consciousness, and your evolution of consciousness occurs because you exist. It occurs because you experience your reality, yourself, and others. 

It is a time to look within for what these chakra upgrades were meant to bring to you and what you can now bring to humanity as a result. This is you becoming more of you, and that’s exciting to us. That’s exciting to everyone who is observing and participating in the evolution of the consciousness of humankind.


Arrival of the Next Phase of Embodiment: The Current Shift

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The Gate which opened last weekend is transforming Embodiers – and quickly – into the next phase of our Ascension. Gaia released a multitude of Ascension codes with the last influx, and the New Crystalline Grid system is delivering these to all willing hearts in alignment with this next phase.

In brief, Embodiment is going to feel very different from here forward. This is a shift to a refined state of Divine consciousness, a new level of the Divine Heart activating in the HUman heart grid and our Divine DNA.