Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 6/15/12 ‘Why We Are Here’

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These words are symbolic that we share with you from time to time. The thoughts and expressions we share with you are not always to be taken literally, and we do see many of you taking our words too literally too often. How to decipher whether our words are presented as metaphor and simile is a matter for you to decide for yourselves. When we speak to you we wish to convey certain thoughts, certain ideas, certain concepts and certain information to you. Depending on what we wish to convey to you at a particular time changes the manner in which we may present words to you.


When presenting particular and specific information about an upcoming event or suggestions we may make to you about how to better improve upon your communications and your tasks at this time would be occasions when we would not present to you expressions through the use of metaphor, as these cases would not be a suitable arena for such a use of expression. If we, for example, would like to share with you our feelings and emotions about a particular subject, then this would be a more suitable place for the use of artistic and poetic metaphor. Do you see the difference my friends? Do you see when there is a suitable place for metaphor and other artistic uses of language and when a more direct approach through the use of language is called for?


We hope that you can recognize the differences and apply this knowledge while you are reading our regular communications to you. We have noticed sometimes that some of you read communications from us that were presented metaphorically too literally. This can cause quite a bit of confusion, and it is confusion that we wish to avoid as we move ahead towards certain events in your future. We do not wish for any of you to be misled by metaphoric expression when they are merely presented to you to allow you to comprehend greater certain thoughts and ideas we wish to share with you. Please do not mistake metaphor for promises or assurances of what you will or will not experience, as this is not the intention of such expression.


We feel we do a good job presenting to you a more straightforward approach when it comes to speaking of events above and below the level of your awareness in your world. We will do our best to make it clear to you when we are speaking metaphorically or when a particular message we would like to share with you calls for a more straightforward and businesslike approach to the language and style of our communication. We also would like those of you reading our communications to take a little extra time if needed and slow down just a little while reading these messages and think about what it is we are saying and what it is we are trying to convey to you. We have taken notice on occasion that some of you may be rushing through these messages far too quickly to adequately grasp what it is we are trying to share with you on a particular day. We also feel there are those of you who are skipping passages entirely throughout a given message and even some of you who only read the comments others leave about a message to gain an idea of what the contents of the message were. This is not an advisable way to learn what we have to share with you on a given day, and we'd like all of you who comment under our messages to at least take some time and read the message before offering your thoughts.


That is all we ask, and we remind you that all viewpoints are respected and honored by us at all times and we say to you whether you agree with our communications or not to feel free to engage in the discussions that follow these postings. Any and all opinions and viewpoints are important to us, as no one’s views and opinions are more valid than any other individuals and all input, whether it be negative or positive, assists us in our mission to comprehend greater the levels of human consciousness and expansion at this time.


We'd like to take a moment to speak to you about what our mission is here on this planet at this time. There are many of you who have demonstrated confusion as to why we are here and would like to clarify at this time what our purpose is here and dispel some unfounded rumors that we feel are leading to confusion, suspicion, distrust and even fear throughout your world. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are here at this time in service to our Creator, who is also your Creator and who is the Creator of this entire universe and everything within it. Our Creator has decreed that we of the higher realms are to assist you, the people of the planet you call Earth, at this, your time of great change here in your world.


What you are being given is an opportunity to accept our assistance or to decline it. No one is forcing you to choose either way. This is your right, and we will honor and respect either choice that you make. When we say you, we mean you, the people of your planet as one collective whole, as one entity, for indeed, in a very meaningful and important way you are one entity and this point needs to be made clear to you as it is important each and every one of you understands this. You are one, and as such what happens here on your planet is due to a collective choice that you have made. Although there are billions of individuals on this planet, each of you enters your thoughts and actions into the collective mind of your planetary structure. It is the collective vibration of the energy entered into this planetary structure that decides for you the events you will experience as you move ahead on your journey.


As such, it is the overall vibrational frequency of the energies each of you enters into the collective consciousness of your world that decrees what we can do and cannot do for you at this time. What we would like to do for you is one matter, and what you will allow us to do for you is another matter entirely. This is a very important concept for each of you to understand, and this is why we say to you that sharing the information about our presence here, our honorable intentions to assist you, and what your options are at this time is so vitally important to your future and the events that you will experience. Can you understand this? Does this make sense to you? That is why we suggest to you, the ones that have awakened and do understand their choices and options at this time and who understand who we are and why we are here to share this information as far and as wide as you can.


Again, your job is not to try to convince anyone of anything. Your job is to simply make this information available to those who are willing to accept it as truth and act upon this information in any way that they see fit. This is your task, and this is all that is required of you in this area. Please do not feel you need to win anyone over in our favor, as this is not the task you are charged with. It is up to each and every individual to decide for themselves whether to accept the reality that we are here and to choose to believe that we are here in love and in service to our Creator and to you, our brothers and sisters. It is at the time when sufficient vibrations are reached when a choice is made and suitable events matching this vibrational frequency will schedule themselves upon your future timeline. Each and every moment of each and every day is an opportunity for you as a collective to choose the events you wish to experience together.


We hope that we have made this point very clear to you today, and we will continue to monitor your online social networks to collect data and determine how many of you fully understand this important concept at this time. We thank you for your time today and tell you that today's message is not presented as metaphor, but it has been presented in a straightforward manner, as what we have discussed with you today has had no call for poetic expression. When we say to you that each and every thought and action you make throughout your day is entered into your collective consciousness which chooses the future events you will experience together, this is precisely what we mean. We wish for all of you to choose more carefully and wisely your thoughts throughout your day, as they bear such greater importance than many of you may understand at this time, and we wish for more of you to fully understand this concept. Thank you for your time today, and we look forward to speaking with you again very shortly.


We are your friends from the Galactic Federation of Light.







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Why we are here...

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Thank you, Galactic Federation of Light, for clearly stating your purpose on Earth at this time. As more and more awake and realize who they are, the realization comes that they no longer need to be pawns for others who have been controlling the game of life on Earth.


Many are angry and confused about these times, but my knowledge of who I AM enables me to love as completely as I know how at this time. Your constant communications teach me, uplift me, and cause me to imagine the wonder of my future. Indeed...the future of Earth.


I encourage all to wrap their own conscious selves with FEELINGS of joy and love for themselves, for others, and for Madam Gaia...the Earth. As the individual segments of our personal conscious selves join...we truly become ONE and herald the advent of positive change on Earth.

I most certainly look forward

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I most certainly look forward to and appreciate your communications for they support and confirm many of the changes that I have been noticing within and around my Self.


I at times feel that I am not doing enough to expand the collective awareness because many of the people I meet are consumed by fear.  At those times I do not attempt to tell them of what is coming becasue I feel that approach would only set them deeper into fear, so I simply show them that I am at peace and hope that they will be affected positively by that.   I am finding that those who are ready for the change are being drawn to me and I hope that this is enough.


Thank you and Love & Blessings to you all!


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