Being Aware of Others Feelings Without Making Them Your Own

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This is something we get asked about fairly often, so I want to go into it in some detail. You've probably noticed that if you're around certain people for a while, you may start to not feel very good. Especially around negative people you may feel tired, a little bit ill, and emotionally drained. Every interaction between human beings is an exchange of energy, and while an equal exchange can be very synergistic and beautiful, an unequal exchange of energy can be a very ugly thing.

Everyone is empathic, every single human being. It may not appear this way, as most people live their lives so unconsciously they're barely aware of what they're feeling, but they still have that empathic connection to everyone they interact with. They say a smile is contagious, and this is one example of the empathic connection. Happiness can spread like wildfire, though the same is also true for suffering when the beings are disconnected from their feeling center. A negative interaction in the morning can ruin someones whole day, and also spread to other people around them.

So how do you stop taking on energy from other people? I'm not even sure that's possible, nor would I want to as that would cut off the empathic connection to others and prevent things like real compassion. However, what you can do is recognize when you absorb energy from another, and then release it. With some practice, you can do this effortlessly and almost immediately, though at first you may have to remove yourself from the situation before you can clear your energy.

One of the primary themes of the Galactic Free Press is self-discovery and empowerment, and this is incredibly important when you're absorbing energy from others. If you're living your life unconsciously, you wont even be aware of it happening. Emotionally, you're just like a leaf blowing in the wind without any conscious direction. Self-discovery is key, you need to really find yourself, and your own feelings. The more you get in touch with your own center, that peaceful place within yourself that exists independent of the outside world, the more you can tell when you're taking on emotions that are not your own.

There's no singular technique I can give you to getting in touch with your center, but every single day you can find a variety of articles on the Galactic Free Press to assist you with this. Giving yourself up to Divine Love is the most powerful way, but your path to Divine Love is written upon your own Heart, it's not something we can give you. If I could tell you how to do that, I'd really be getting in the way, I'd be installing myself as a middle-man. I'd be telling you how to be like me, instead of how to be like yourself. I'd be teaching you how to listen to external sources instead of listening to your own Heart.

When you're really in touch with yourself, you will know when you're taking on someone else's emotions, and you will be able to clear those emotions. The more you do this, the easier it gets. One thing you can do is to cut the emotional cords that bind you to other people, as these weigh very heavy upon your Heart. I know people are often hesitant to do this, they feel something will be lost, but if you have a truly Loving and healthy relationship, cutting those cords wont hurt anything at all. The much deeper and much more real Divine Connection is still there. If you have an unhealthy, codependent relationship, cutting the emotional cord will probably create drama. If you can't find a healthy solution, I have to recommend ending the relationship or transforming it so you no longer submit yourself to any emotional abuse.

I live in a small peaceful town, but about once a month I make a trip to a nearby city. I've noticed that the energy there is very dense, it's like psychic mud, and I can't help but get dirty when I'm there. As soon as I leave the city though, I make sure to leave the energy behind as well, and I feel much much lighter for it.

I mentioned negative people, but I want to add that it's not just people who are overtly negative that suck energy. The person actually might have a smile on their face, especially when they're draining energy from another. Look for things like manipulation, control, attempts to dominate, and even more importantly, pay attention to what you feel about the interaction.

There's the term "psychic vampire" for a person that is emotionally draining. It seems quite rare that a person does this consciously or maliciously, not to say that doesn't exist though. A person who hasn't really found themselves can't help but suck energy from others. Until they discover that endless font of Love within themselves, they're empty inside and they're looking for external things to fill that emptiness. These people know not what they do, so I would be very careful not to resent them even if you feel them draining you. Not that I'm suggesting you submit yourself to abuse, or trying to "fix" them, but sure I don't suggest trying to fight against them either. That would just be feeding into the negative energy yourself.


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OM breathing

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I have found it useful to do meditation when someone talks to me - if they are negative the om breath in and om breath out method works great to heal you and them..

To enjoy energies is to share the good ones and help with the bad ones.. OM's do both.. Cleans the mess fast.. .  Gee it sounds like a degreaser..  Still enjoying the wave it creates always with you - in light life and love.. as we are one.... in the light...


OM... in Om  out.. breathing and talking is so much more fun this way.  Enjoy your lifes energies...