Birthing the New Earth: Energy in this Eclipse Portal

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In meditation, I was seeing and feeling a process that represents what we are going through, in my own experience, in any case. I sense we are going through the birth of a new age, an age of co-creation. It is a time in which new is possible. New combinations. With that, there has been this planetary alignment before the equinox, the equinox day solar eclipse, and then leading up to the Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. The process was this: it was an experience of feeling myself as the sun. It was seeing the serpent rise, and I imagined it up the spine. In fact, I saw Ishtar the goddess with the two snakes place two snake in the spine as the masculine and feminine channels of kundalini rising. The two snakes merged into one. There is a symbol that came which is like an egg shape and the sun. We are the sun and we are also like an egg. The serpent is the kundalini rising of the masculine and feminine as merged. It is rising up the back of the head which is the special place in the lower back of our skulls. It is the Jade Gate, also called the mouth of the serpent. It is where the kundalini rises and awakens us, and brings enlightenment or triggers the process beginning. I see this for the whole planet, that kundalini is rising in so many people. We are wired for this physiologically and energetically, so this is an energetic shift.

Next, I saw that the serpent is like a sperm going to the sun and going into the sun as if it were impregnating an egg. This time, a feminine human egg which looks like a sun. It has an electromagnetic barrier around it that only allows one sperm to enter. This represents the codes of creation (or co-creation) being brought into us. Codes are light codes and they are transferred to our human selves via the Sun, up in the sky. The kundalini is breaking open, the serpent is penetrating us. Our pineal gland is lighting up and in this sperm coming in, new codes are released from the head of he sperm and also within us as our sun is awakened. There is a merging of codes to a new level that has never been seen before. New combinations, new codes, and new creation. It is the alchemical merging with our higher selves, with source. That is the potential of this equinox portal and especially the Lunar Eclipse coming in a few days on April 4. On April 5 is Easter with the resurrection energy and also the energy of fertility, procreation, and planting seeds with germination.

Let me translate the what this energy of this time feels like, at least in my own experience. I would love to know about your own downloads and experiences, too. It, for me, is about planting seeds for our own lives within the new earth, and also together for the New Earth. It is a time of feminine and masculine balance. The blood moon Lunar Eclipse is the feminine, while the Solar Eclipse on the 20th was the masculine. Yet masculine and feminine are coming together in this sun egg.We are all a balance of both masculine and feminine and both are merging, bringing us into our wholeness and completeness. It feels so good! The stories and roles about genders are melting away as history, or maybe herstory. It is a new time. New innocence in approaching our world is coming in with this gentle Easter energy. And yet there is a light warrior energy of setting boundaries but setting them with love and from the heart. What else is coming in? It is a desire to express oneself fully authentically, and truthfully. There is a desire to be seen for who we really are and express that which takes deep vulnerability. All of this cosmic energy furthers our evolution as people going through our processes. It sometimes looks messy and it can be hard. Meanwhile, it also furthers our collective evolution for this change to happen.

I am feeling the crown break open, with all this light with the experience of impregnation with of the sun within. It is magnificent, bringing golden light in the body and spreading to every cell which feels alive. There is a feeling of no planning possible. We really do not know what will happen. We find ourselves making up life as it goes along more and more. This takes us out of our comfort zone, more or less depending on what we are used to. Life is becoming improvisational. we are passing through the eye of a needle, letting go of attachments whether it be identities, possessions, knowing what will happen, understandings, or old stories. It is a time of surrender and trust. We are called to let go even more.

Wishing you ease through this experience, and also the thrill of experiencing the shift and seeing what will unfold. I know so many of you are hard at work riding the waves of this time which has been intense for some with upheavals. May we all find the equanamity and bliss too, and stay in our hearts.

You are invited to a free webinar with guided meditation Birthing the New Earth on April 5. Contact me for details as they unfold.

Many blessings dear Lightworkers!
~Shivrael Shannon Luminance River

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