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8.8 Lion’s Gate Energy Reading

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The powerful Light codes emanating from the fully opened Lion’s Gate Stargate today is impacting on every area of your life right now and will continue to do so for the next couple weeks, up until the solar eclipse on the 21st of August, and even a few days following that event. As these powerful light codes continue to integrate these higher frequencies into your energy field they will continue to have a great impact on the level of your human consciousness, and you will find yourself moving into greater awareness of your multi-dimensional Self

It is imperative that at this time you focus on that which is loving and allow yourself let go of all that is not in alignment with this energy, not only outside of yourself, in your home and workspace, but also within your Self, as a highly evolved Being in physical service to Mother Earth. Place your awareness and focus therefore on loving thoughts that produce loving results in your reality. All else is of no consequence at this time. A loving action provides you and your Universe with the momentum to co-create the great changes you are all striving towards in your reality.


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Report from my intervention with a persona this morning.

8;15am  J.S., aka Ha'Ron,, energetically refused all energy intervention tools that I possess and have access to.  Something NEW must be done instead.  As I pose my many different questions, I notice that it [whatever I am to 'do'] has something to do with the future.  That "IT" repairs the future... for this NEW EARTH.   God will help on this required intervention.  "RESTORE CIVILITY TO THE NEW EARTH" said God.  Hmmmm... that is interesting.  I ask a few more questions and get an answer that 45% of the NEW EARTH will have civility restored to it... as I and Ha'Ron figure this out and perform this change.  I hear the following, "HINDER, RETURN TO BEASTIALITY.  TAKE IT AWAY.  GET STARTED."

I am to deliver and 'be' the PEACE.

Ha'Ron is to be the anger.

That seems a bit 'tough' to do, then I realize that the request is, that Ha'Ron is to surrogate all the beastiality, then I am to cover him [and those he is holding / surrogating] with PEACE. How are we to do this?  

Ha'Ron is to say the following sentence, "HEY GOD, SEND UNTO ME ALL THE WOUNDED BEASTIALITY."  Then I am to pronounce the PEACE, as follows...



So, I explain to J.S. what we need to do and make it clear to him that this is a very cool opportunity to assist the NEW EARTH [the Old Earth is 2 a.u.s away.] and its inhabitants to take the higher ground.  So, we begin.

After each surrogate move and peace pronouncement, I decide to measure the effect and results of the action by utilizing the following questions.

a) check the percentage 'held' by Ha'Ron

b) check the percentage 'addressed'

c) is there more?


% held             10  15   25   35   45  55   65   75  85   95 100

% addressed  100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

Changing the World from the Inside Out

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It is said that form or manifestation arises from a point, called a bindu in ancient India, and from the unified field there is an outpouring of diamond light and sound (called OM light and OM sound) which then moves from the subtle and unseen vibratory level into becoming structures as vibration. The process, the blueprint of creation, of all matter forming is based on mathematics and sacred geometry. I was introduced to these ideas which mesh with other innerstandings of how the universe is created from the subtle (unseen world) to the seen which is the manifested form that appears as matter. Yet we know that matter is not solid as atoms are mostly empty space. This is a formula to creation from the ancient rishis sharing the divine blueprint of how all things are made and it involves the formation within the shape of an 8 x 8 square making a cube, interspersed with the  five elements, spinning and creating waveforms which turn into our manifested reality, that which we see with our eyes. 


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