Can We Really Heal Another?

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At the Galactic Free Press, our focus is upon assisting people in healing themselves. Imagine if that was everyone's goal in Life, self-healing. Not waiting for Jesus, ETs, or the government to come fix things, but everyone actively helping themselves and improving their own lives. How quickly the Planet would change! Everyone being proactive and self-empowered, instead of reactive and giving their power away. Isn't this what everyone really wants? I can think of nothing else that would create a happy and healthy humanity faster than this.

Yet so many are waiting for someone or something else to come heal them and to fix their problems. All your suffering, your fear, the problems in your life, those are things you hold onto yourself. Who can let go of them but you? You protect those things though, you use your own mind to justify them. You cling to fear because you're afraid of what would happen if you didn't cling to those fears. It's a form of insanity, though in society it's "normal".

There's this phenomenon called Stockholm Syndrome, where a person is held hostage and through all the trauma they start to sympathize and identify with their captor. They may even try to defend the person abusing them. Sound familiar? Most people do this with their own fearful thoughts, the ones that bring them so much suffering. They become those thoughts, and aggressively protect them.

People are usually too proud to admit they've been abusing themselves. That would make them look stupid. It's much easier to play the victim role and act like something totally out of your control is causing your suffering. Of course, suffering always occurs within your own mind, even if it is triggered by "external" circumstances. You have enormous influence over your own mind, you have the power to no longer suffer. It's your choice, you don't have to cling to it. Most people are still playing the "damsel in distress" role, a favorite of both the masculine and feminine ego, and waiting for something else to come save them.

Who can force you to let go? Nobody else can do that for you, you can only do that for yourself. If you understand this then you understand why it's impossible for another to truly heal you. They can provide temporary relief to your mind, they may even trick you into healing yourself, but ultimately it's you releasing the thoughts that were holding you back.

All of the mediocre psychics and spiritual healers rely upon this incredibly powerful thing called the "placebo effect". A person usually approaches a session with a psychic believing the psychic is legit and they're going to be healed. The psychic puts on the show, and through this the person allows themselves to feel better. They don't see it's their own mind that did it, they believe it's something the psychic did. In fact, they have to believe this, otherwise they might believe they're a sucker who just wasted $100 or more on a charlatan. Admitting to their own foolishness would make them far less of a fool, but that would offend the pride of the ego so it's a rather rare occurrence.

Put into context, people spend far more money on far more self-destructive things. I view all the psychic readings as more of a form of entertainment than something truly helpful. The problem is becoming dependent upon another for your healing. When you need to keep going to someone over and over and over again, I wonder how much healing is really going on? All you get is a temporary relief, not true healing. Many of the "healers" want this though, as its quite profitable.

I may be able to fool someone into allowing themselves to feel better temporarily, but the patterns that create the suffering and misery are still there. Ultimately it's up to you, nobody else, to fix these things. To the people who don't really want to release their suffering, this is disappointing. To the people who really do want to heal, it's incredibly empowering. It means you can begin ending your suffering and fixing yourself right Now! No need to wait for anyone or anything!


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