Connecting With Fall/Autmun, Wherever You Are

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It is difficult to imagine for some that we can feel seasons changing in southern California. But you can if you are open to being in tune with nature, even in one of the most populated and sadly polluted places on Earth.
A week or so ago, I began to feel Fall's presence approaching. Like an old wise man or a Crone, she comes slowly walking in, deliberate in her footstep ushering a special quietness.


Native indigenous people in North America worship Mother Nature and the Four Corners. Spring for the youth and artist within, Summer for the Warrior type, Fall/Autumn for the Sorcerer, and Winter for the Wise King. These archetypes help us connect to our inner energies as well as those of the perceivable Universe on planet Earth.
Fall/Autumn is a delicious time of the year. The Fiery days of Spring and hot moments of Summer are behind us, for the most part. Fall/Autumn relaxes into the evening. Things become a little quieter. Mother Earth is in full force slowing down for Winter where things begin to move so deep within we are not always aware.
Welcome, Brother Sorcerer in the West where we do our inner work. Welcome, this magical moment in the course of a year. If you live near a forest, take a walk and connect with the energies. If you live near a desert, you will feel it too. Either way, time to look for soups and pumpkins. This is a time of inner withdrawing, inner warmth, inner connections.