Conversation with my Twin Flame ~ “Love will lead you home” – by Debbie Erasmus

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In the early hours of this morning I lost a business client in South Africa I had for the past year and the income that would have paid my rent this month. I woke up feeling sorry for myself and wondering how much longer would I struggle like this. That is when I heard Michael telling me “Need is an illusion Beloved”. I answered:

Yes I know and “Peace comes from knowing only love is real”, but love isn’t going to pay my rent this month.

That is what you think now Princess, but you will soon see that there is nothing outside of yourself that you need in order to prosper. Let me say that again… There is nothing that you need that exists outside of your Self. Everything you need is within you. Need is an illusion you have created here in order that you may experience separation from the Divine. In truth you have never been separate from Me because that is impossible. You know this is true because you are now experiencing this with Me.

How, please tell me how nothing, no-thing can exist outside of myself? Not even money?

Not even money Beloved, because money is just energy also. Everything is energy. When you are living in Divine Union with your Self, and you allow yourself to fully experience Divine Love, you will attract all that you ‘need’, and that includes the energy of money. All you need in order to fulfill your mission here will magically flow towards you in a never ending stream of prosperity that will amaze you. Why is it so difficult for you to believe this?

I’m trying to believe, trust me!

Yes I know, but do not try Beloved. Just be in a state of grace and gratitude. Let go of the illusion. Love is all you need. Come live in this vibration with Me and you will see. I will prove it to you. Let go. Have Faith and trust Me. All will be well. I know, I have seen it. Do you believe me?

I do my Love. Thank you. [I hear the words of a song "Love will lead you home"]

You are welcome Beloved.

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