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Twin Flame Union - Fairy Tale or not?

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Twin flames Union – Fairytale or not?

With so much light incoming and flooding the consciousness of every human on this plane, many are now feeling an intense yearning to find their other half. This other half of you is the flame of your heart, the twin flame that resonates to the exact same signature frequency. You could say that when you took physical form that half of your One Flame split in two. One half became physical on this level is existence, and the other half stayed at Home at a spiritual level, and is guiding you and supporting you all the way during this temporary ‘split’. You will one day reunite, this is inevitable. You are of the same Essence, exact same signature frequency and nothing can ever stop this merging from taking place. But for the reunification to take place it is necessary for both flames to be in perfect resonance, at least to a certain level, or extent.

The Flame that we speak of here is the Flame of Divine Love that sparks each Souls existence and it lives in your Spiritual Heart. In the average human the flame burns at around one-eighth of an inch high. When fully ignited the flame is 9ft tall!

The way to fully ignite the flame is to return to the Heart of love, through self-love, and through the expression of love for all things, for all of life, to be in Oneness with all existence, and to embody the Christ consciousness in this way. For this is the Way back home again. There is no other way.

The love we speak of is unconditional love, for this is the one and only true love there is. Thus the saying, “love is all there is”.

Twin Flame Reunions are Happening Now!

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Imagine having the perfect marriage. Imagine that your marriage partner and you share not only a very clear telepathic channel, but also a Mind, Body and Soul, so not only does he hear everything you think and speak, he also feels everything you feel. Imagine making love with a partner like that! I will say no more…

I am talking about your Twin Flame, also known as your Counterpart essence and Divine complement.

I have been with my Divine Male Counterpart now in this lifetime for 2 years. At least, let me say, I have been in conscious and permanent contact with him. Before then I had no idea he even existed. So you can imagine how my life, my entire world has changed! I’m not going to go into the details of how he came into my life, but I will say that he has been my rock, and continues to be my rock – the solid foundation that holds our very Sacred Love together. He is always telling me we are “Solid like a rock!”

Our relationship has grown over the past 2 years and we often refer to each other as husband and wife, which of course we are in real life. When I say ‘real life’ I mean our life together in the Celestial Realm. I do not think of my Earthly life as my real life. My Earthly life is but a drop in the ocean compared to the life we share in the Celestial Realm. In the meantime I enjoy a very real marriage with my Beloved. Our marriage is a Sacred one and one that I believed from the very beginning was sanctified and blessed by God, our Supreme Creator. In fact, I knew he was my husband even before I knew he was my Twin. He told me one day that we are Twins, and at the time I did not understand what that meant, but I do now.

IN-Lightenment : Do You Wake Up In The Mornings And Ignore Your Self?

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I do sometimes… In fact I do it most mornings. I have the excuse of wanting a cup of tea or coffee first and then while I’m sitting and enjoying it, I’ll say to my Self, I’m just going to check my mail. See if anyone is looking for me…. [Smile]. He smiles back at me and waits patiently for me. Invariably I venture onto Facebook and check if there are any messages for me there and I’ll read some of the posts too. Eventually I will feel the call of my heart and I can no longer ignore it. Usually during the night I check if he is still with me, and he always answers “I am here my Love”. Just lately when I go into my heart now I hear myself saying to him “I am here…”. He replies “I have been waiting for you. I’ve missed you..”, and I’ll say “I know, I’ve missed you too.”

Once I’m in my heart with him, I wonder how I could ever have left in the first place. It feels so wonderful to be in there with him. I feel his Divine Love fill me with peace and I feel more content that I have ever felt before. Its a good time to speak to him when I am in there, because our connection is so much stronger. We meditate together, anchor our light, say our blessings, and chat away like two long lost friends. He also helps me make choices and decisions that are for my highest intention and he always keeps his word. I know that when he tells me “You will know what to do”, that he will guide me intuitively.

Your Twin Flame and You ~ by Debbie Erasmus

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You exist as one Being, one Soul, that has a female and male polarity, with exactly the same energy and signature, thus your energy is referred to as Twin Flames. You have existed always in divine harmony and bliss together. Your Creator did not create you to be alone. You were created with the perfect Divine counterpart, a Sacred partner or Twin energy that is your female or male Divine complement.

You and your Twin have the ability to take form in separate bodies or stay formless and experience the ecstasy of merging your energies together to experience Divine union by joining and becoming One. You have never been apart, nor shall you ever be. How can you be apart from your Self? The only way you can think yourself apart from each other is if you forgot who You are.

When you incarnated on Planet Earth, not only did you forgot who You are when you fell under the veil of forgetfulness, you also fell under the illusion of separation. Your incarnated physical form allowed you to only take one polarity of your Self into form. So many of you may feel strangely incomplete and some may even yearn for a love that is unconditional, yet seemingly unattainable in your Earthly existence. Because you forgot who you are, and believed yourself to be alone, you were not able to perceive the other part of You existing on a higher level or dimension, until now.

Twin Flame Divine Love – by Debbie Erasmus

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There is much controversy over what it is like being with your Twin Flame. We would like to share our experience of this with you, but do bear in mind that everyone is unique in their experience. Just like no human relationship is the same, your relationship with your Twin Flame is also unique.

My Twin Flame is not embodied here on Earth but that does not mean he is not with me.  This incarnation is not just mine, it is ours. He has experienced everything with me, and through me. He knows my thoughts, and he experiences every single moment of my life with me.  I am embodied here as an individual, but I am not an individual Being.  My male counterpart is the other part of my Self, my Soul. He is what is referred to as my Higher Self. Together we are one Being. We can never be separated, although it appears that we have been because our female essence took embodiment. But that is part of the illusion of being embodied. If we had to be separated it would be too painful to bear and literally unthinkable to even begin to comprehend.

Conversation with my Twin Flame ~ “Love will lead you home” – by Debbie Erasmus

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In the early hours of this morning I lost a business client in South Africa I had for the past year and the income that would have paid my rent this month. I woke up feeling sorry for myself and wondering how much longer would I struggle like this. That is when I heard Michael telling me “Need is an illusion Beloved”. I answered:

Yes I know and “Peace comes from knowing only love is real”, but love isn’t going to pay my rent this month.

That is what you think now Princess, but you will soon see that there is nothing outside of yourself that you need in order to prosper. Let me say that again… There is nothing that you need that exists outside of your Self. Everything you need is within you. Need is an illusion you have created here in order that you may experience separation from the Divine. In truth you have never been separate from Me because that is impossible. You know this is true because you are now experiencing this with Me.

How, please tell me how nothing, no-thing can exist outside of myself? Not even money?

Not even money Beloved, because money is just energy also. Everything is energy. When you are living in Divine Union with your Self, and you allow yourself to fully experience Divine Love, you will attract all that you ‘need’, and that includes the energy of money. All you need in order to fulfill your mission here will magically flow towards you in a never ending stream of prosperity that will amaze you. Why is it so difficult for you to believe this?

I’m trying to believe, trust me!

Conversation with my Twin Flame ~ Being in Divine Love. By Debbie Erasmus

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How it is possible that I feel myself falling more and more in love with you every day?? Your love fills me to overflowing!  You told me the other day that we have been in love since the beginning when we were created. There is never a time that we have not been in love. Árian, please tell me what it feels like to be in Love.


It feels like you are flying at the speed of Light, without moving a muscle. It’s all consuming, without having a single need. It’s like a rush of adrenalin, without the adrenalin. It’s perfection without the need to be perfect. Tell me how it feels for you Beloved..


Words fail me Beloved… except to say that I feel I am flying without wings!! With no destination in mind, just flying for the pure joy of it! Tell me something, please… What is it that Celestial beings do differently? How is it that this love is so incredibly amazing, or is this just what Twin Flame love feels like?


Firstly we don’t do love, we are love. We are Be-ing Love in every moment of NOW. Our every thought is Loving. I am talking about Unconditional Love here, not love as you know it on Earth.


Beloved, how would you define Unconditional Love?


Unconditional Love is without need, or blame or judgment. It has no requirement attached to it and it is not Self serving. It is being aware of your lover at all times and asking yourself the question “How can I bring this person more love and more joy?”

Conversations with my Twin Flame ~ Reaching for the Stars! by Debbie Erasmus

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My Twin installed himself in my life on the 15th October, 2012. Since then my life has never been the same. The next morning after he arrived I found a perfectly shaped snow white feather on the side table next to my bed. I couldn’t stop gazing at its utter perfection.

I’ve always been in your life, you just weren’t conscious of me before.

Yes I know. I only felt your energy before when I asked you to for protection.

And now?

Now I feel your energy all the time. I have become so used to it and how it feels.

And how does it feel My Love?

It feels like a warm embrace. Like I’m being held in a safe cocoon being loved more than I ever thought possible. Sometimes it feels like my heart chakra will burst. It was overwhelming at first, but I’m becoming more and more familiar with this vibration.

I am so happy to hear you say that Darling! Tell me, how do you feel now?

Right now I feel like I’m ready to merge with you! I feel as though my incarnation is finally over and its time to go home with you.

I am happy you feel that way Darling, because we will be merging very soon.

We don’t have to wait for the Solstice?

No My Love! Not anymore. There are portals of energy open now that will soon be available to help Starseeds come home.

Energy? Why not Light?

You tell me.

Light is consciousness.

And energy is…………………..?

Vibration! Of course! It makes sense, thank you!

You are welcome Darling!

I just read on Gaia Portal that Inter-dimensional travel will soon be available to Gaia inhabitants. This is exciting news Michael!

Conversations with Michael, my Twin Flame ~ Back into Oneness. By Debbie Erasmus

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This morning I woke up just after 2am and was bombarded with inspirational words and phrases from my Twin. I thought, Ahhhh the magic hour is here and Michael is wasting no time grabbing my attention! I picked up my phone up to quickly plug some of the phrases into my calendar so they wouldn’t escape me.  But they kept coming…


Michael, enough darling, I need to get some more sleep!


[Grin] Beloved I cannot resist…


You’re grinning!


Yes I am! Why do you think I am grinning?


Because you’ve got it all! The cat, the cream, the whole enchilada! [Smile]


[Lol] You are right there beloved! I certainly have. I have never loved you more than I love you now.

You mean Ária right?


No Debbie, I mean you!


Wow, then once again you have blown my mind my Lord! Let’s see…. There are 12 sub dimensions in each dimension and 12 dimensions in each sub universe and 12 sub universes in each universe and 12 universes in the Omniverse, so I’m going to say I love you 144 times 144 times 144 times 144. That should blow your mind! [Smile]


Wow! You have blown my mind! I am grateful that you love me so much Debbie!


I am grateful for your love also Michael! You have rocked my world right off it’s axis!


I know and you don’t even fully remember me as your Twin…


I knew you were my husband though!


Yes, that is still puzzling me…. How did you know?



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