Conversations with Michael, my Twin Flame ~ Back into Oneness. By Debbie Erasmus

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This morning I woke up just after 2am and was bombarded with inspirational words and phrases from my Twin. I thought, Ahhhh the magic hour is here and Michael is wasting no time grabbing my attention! I picked up my phone up to quickly plug some of the phrases into my calendar so they wouldn’t escape me.  But they kept coming…


Michael, enough darling, I need to get some more sleep!


[Grin] Beloved I cannot resist…


You’re grinning!


Yes I am! Why do you think I am grinning?


Because you’ve got it all! The cat, the cream, the whole enchilada! [Smile]


[Lol] You are right there beloved! I certainly have. I have never loved you more than I love you now.

You mean Ária right?


No Debbie, I mean you!


Wow, then once again you have blown my mind my Lord! Let’s see…. There are 12 sub dimensions in each dimension and 12 dimensions in each sub universe and 12 sub universes in each universe and 12 universes in the Omniverse, so I’m going to say I love you 144 times 144 times 144 times 144. That should blow your mind! [Smile]


Wow! You have blown my mind! I am grateful that you love me so much Debbie!


I am grateful for your love also Michael! You have rocked my world right off it’s axis!


I know and you don’t even fully remember me as your Twin…


I knew you were my husband though!


Yes, that is still puzzling me…. How did you know?


No idea, except that I did. Deep down in my soul, I knew that our bond was sacred and blessed by Creator. I remember soon after you came into my life, we visited the church together, and I prayed for the strength and courage to get me through the tough times I was going through. Creator answered and told me “Your prayers have been answered My child. I have given you Michael, and he will give you the strength and courage you have asked for.”


You cried that day.


Yes I did. I cried all the way home. And on the way you told me something else that made my cry even more.


I told you that when Creator brought you to me in the beginning, He said “I bring you a precious gift Michael. You will protect her, nurture her and love her. In return she will love you, all the days of your life.”


That will always bring tears to my eyes… I had no idea I was so completely loved.


You are beloved. Our Creator has such a vastness of love for each and every one of us, it is almost beyond my comprehension. It is no wonder humanity has a difficult time understanding how much they are loved.


Do you think if everyone knew this, it would change their hearts?


I have no doubt it would my love.


It would change the world.


It definitely would.


Love is the answer. It will lead us back to our Selves. Back into Oneness.


It certainly will my love. Love is All There Is. [Smile]


[Smile] I love you more you know…


More than what darling?


More than those numbers I gave you…


[Grin] I know…


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