Dancing In The Muck

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Dancing In The Muck


Dancing In The Muck 


Adagio: Fiddler crabs play a delightful melody,

notes float in from the ocean.

Waves provide percussion and gulls do chorus.

I park my mind along with other cautious thoughts at a clean bench.

The salty breeze carries the music, I sway in leisurely tempo.

Squishing mud between my toes,

bare feet feel gritty upon the dance floor.

Wind blows my skirt into graceful swirls; scarf floats away.

Hair breaks free, the wind whips it in double time.


A bene placito: My heart leads, it understands expansive music.

To dance the music of duality,

legs twirl in ballerina pivots until I’m too lightheaded.

Improvising, a fancy dance to an eight-bar step works,

but it takes many tries.


Agitato: My lower ego controls its dance with agitated music.

In a mud bath with all my emotions, issues present themselves.

Out in the open, they are exposed for what they are.

Simply lessons that a spirit version of myself 

has created to experience earth life.

Fortissimo: Tempo and accent creates a murky

dance of competing mind, body and emotions.

Muck captures my feet, my ankles; I am stuck.

Explosive music splatters mud everywhere, 

my blouse, my hair and face are covered.

Crescendo: I fall.


Da Capo: Pulling with all my might to get out of the muck,

I use the same strategy several times in a row.

It is not working, nothing is moving.

Surrendering, I shift to new perspectives.

There is more than one way to dance a sheet of music.

Ready to learn something new, the music surprises me.


Amore: A smile of gratitude brings balance.

My arms naturally flow in airy, virtuoso style to unique notes.

I dance for clarity. I dance for awareness. I dance for experience.

Still, it gets so very dirty when dancing in the muck.

Sucking sounds gurgle as my feet pull towards the water.

Encore: Wading into the ocean, its healing waters cleanse me.

Renewed and refreshed, I laugh, that is, until the next dance.


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wow beautifull, you should

wow beautifull, you should make more and also send it to MotherGod;)

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