The Divine Vow of The Brotherhood of the law

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The Divine Vow of The Brotherhood of the law

I want to and will do my best:

To live in perpetual communion with the one universal law, which is the Divine Elohim.

To learn about the tree of life, universal map leading to the ascension of the souls.

To be open to the teachings of the great ascended Masters of The brotherhood, which come from the first ray of incarnation.

To understand the purpose of my life and my spirit.

To love and care for Gaia, Earthly Mother,
Who planted the Great Garden of the earth,
And gave me my body.

To respect your Brothers, including those from other planetary spheres, the animals and elementals who are or become part of your 3 Dimensional reality. We are all light beings
Who are working in the Garden of our Brotherhood.

I want to and will do my best,
To hold every morning my Communions With the Angels of the Earthly Mother, And every evening
With the Angels of the Heavenly Father, As established by
The Great Masters of our Brotherhood.

I want to and will do my best
To follow the path of the Sevenfold Peace. Be a co-creator, expanding the kingdom of the heavens.

I want to and will do my best
To perfect my mind which creates my reality, my body which acts, feels,
And is the temple of the divine Elohim. Follow cleansing practices to regenerate the body and develop the will to increase the energy to a higher spiritual level. Eat less animal flesh, honoring all life as sacred, eliminate or reduce to a minimum the use of alcohol and other substances that contribute to the degradation of the human being. 

To live a community life According to the universal laws and become disciples of the Great Masters of our Brotherhood.

I will always and everywhere help to bring peace with the guidance of The Ascended masters,
Who give me the Light, and introduce me to the great mysteries of all times.

I will submit to my Ascended masters
And accept their decision to be one with the natural law, living in harmony with the elemental forces and the cycles of nature.

I will try my best to solve any conflict and whatever differences or complaints I may have Against any of my Brothers,
Working in the Garden of the Brotherhood;
And I shall never take any disagreement with a Brother To a higher level. Practice compassion and understanding. There is no right or wrong. Take the good found in all the religions of your world and use it to your advantage. Separation is just an illusion.

I will always and everywhere spread the traditions of our Brotherhood Which my Master will tell me, until the planet assumes her new position in the cosmos.

And I will reveal the esoteric knowledge to anyone ready to be initiated into the mysteries 
With the permission of my Spiritual guide.
I will never claim as my own
The knowledge received from the brotherhood,
And I will always give credit to the source
For all this knowledge.
I will never use the knowledge and power I have gained Through initiation from my guide, Master,
For material or selfish purposes.

I enter the Eternal and Infinite Garden With reverence to the Divine Elohim, To the earthly Mother, and
To the Great ascended Masters,

Reverence to the Angels, Archangels, the ancient prophets 
Reverence to the Brotherhood of the law, The White Brotherhood and the seven rays, which are all one and the same.