The Fear Of Finding Truth For Yourself

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At first this may not seem like it's really an issue, it seems like something people would naturally choose. Who wouldn't want to know the truth? But when you really look at society, people who search for truth themselves is actually a rarity.

We're programmed to behave otherwise from a very young age. It's easier in the short run for a parent to teach their child exactly what to believe. It's more convinient this way, and it's likely the way the parent was raised so they really don't know any better. Then the child goes to school where they're taught what's "important" and a whole lot more of what to believe. As the person grows up, the influence of school and parents is generally replaced by mainstream media, the government and other "authorities" such as bosses, priests, self-help/spiritual gurus, there's always plenty of people who will tell you how to live your life.

All of this can firmly establish a behavior of being totally reliant upon someone or something else to tell you what's "true". This is a horrible thing for anybody who really wants a free or democratic society. It establishes a system where a few "special" people can control millions, and it creates a society full of people who are dumb and dependent. People automatically believe certain sources, and they just unconsciously take on beliefs because they believe the source is an "authority" on truth. Even for people who have broken off from mainstream society, they still often have these same deeply-ingrained patterns.

Imagine being on a boat that someone else is steering, one that keeps repeating the same course and visiting the same ports over and over. Imagine having done this for your whole life. Now what would happen if suddenly you had your own ship, and it was up to you where to go? For most, this would be a very frightening prospect, all of that sudden responsibility. What if they get lost? What if there's a storm? What if they get stuck out at sea? Most people would just repeat the same patterns they learned before, or go look for someone elses ship to hop onto and direct their life.

In case it isn't obvious, what I just described is a metaphor for your own life's direction. It's much easier to just follow the paths others have walked, to live the generic life society expects you to. Breaking free of this is only for the adventurous, for the people willing to take personal responsibility for their own lives, and not blame others. People who aren't afraid to try something new, and people who can learn from the experience whether it's successful or not. The easily discouraged need not apply.

For those who are willing to sail their own ship, such wonders await them! Such amazing things to be discovered, especially the most amazing thing of all, themselves. None of this is found by someone else telling you how to get there. In fact, all I'm telling you is how not to get there, which is through the generic life society has imposed upon you. The rest is up to you, as wondrous or as terrifying as you make it for yourself.


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Good stuff.

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"Imagine being on a boat that someone else is steering, one that keeps repeating the same course and visiting the same ports over and over" - great image.