Fear is an illusion

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Don't just believe this because it's a popular thing in New Age teachings, if you just believe it you'll really miss the deeper understandings that come through personal revelation. You can come to this realization through your own experience, it's quite simple to see for yourself the illusionary nature of fear. When one of your fears arises, don't run away, don't feed into it, don't resist it, don't fight it, just observe it. You strengthen your fears by avoiding them, and that's all fear is, avoidance.

What happens when you really look at your fears without backing down? They lose some of their power over you, don't they? When you really really look at them, feel what's behind them, look at the fear entirely, it disappears! It was never real to begin with, but you gave it an illusionary existence by feeding the fear with your life energy. Fear is really nothing more than this, a parasitic thought form.

Compare what happens when you look at fear to what happens when you look at Love. Put your attention on your own Heart, your Connection to God. When you pay attention to these loving feelings, when you really focus upon your own Heart, the Love grows, doesn't it? Fear is fed by avoidance, while Love is fed through Awareness. Fear and Love, unconsciousness and Consciousness, avoidance and acceptance, illusion and Reality. Which is your choice? I recommend paying more attention to the way you behave than what you tell yourself in your mind. Watch for patterns that arise, experience that keep repeating themselves.

The mind wants to validate fear, the mind likes fear because fear draws attention away from the Being and gives more power to the mind. For most people, their own mind is their worst enemy, yet they fear this possibility and make their minds even more oppressive! If you don't take this all so seriously, you can see the humor in it. The mind isn't the big scary villain, the mind is the fool, confused and afraid of its own shadow. You empower fear through your seriousness, try laughing at your fears instead! Approach your fears from a place of Consciousness, Love and Joy, don't try to overcome them through your mind, the very thing that binds your fears to you.


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