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Happy Halloween!!!  This Full Blue Taurus Moon is a powerful one.  It’s the first time since 1944 that a Full Moon has fallen on Halloween…and the energy can be Life-Changing! What an exciting Halloween this can be……   Halloween is also a time of year when the veils are very thin…allowing us to connect with higher dimensions. It can also help us connect with love ones that have passed over.  Try communicating with loved ones that have passed over and listen….you just may be able to hear their responses.   This Halloween/Blue Full Moon is sitting with Uranus, the planet of constant change, surprises and revolution.  Because of these uncertain energies you may feel more anxiety and impatience. These energies are also making people feel impulsive, unpredictable and a bit unstable. These energies can effect the upcoming Presidential election on November 3rd also….along with the fact that retrograde Mercury is Stationary direct on November 3rd….increasing the risk of delays with the elections.  Mercury is also squaring Saturn (Saturn rules Capricorn which rules the Government) that could bring in some frustrations that could lead to unrest and rebellion.  The energies are chaotic and powerful….so between now and then, be prepared for unexpected and disruptive events…and use some of this powerful energy to Manifest a peaceful election.   

This Taurus/Scorpio (Sun) Full Moon is high voltage, exciting and electric…. while bringing us profound transformations and changes that happen with the swiftness of a lightning bolt.  Awakening us to what in our own world and the world itself…..needs to be released….so that we and our planet can evolve. The energies of the Full Moons and the New Moons over the last few months and for several months coming up are so powerful that you will feel the energies for several days before and several days after the actual peak of the moons.  This is very important to understand as we head into a very energetic, powerful and transformative rest of 2020 and on into 2021!  

A BLUE MOON IS when there is a Full Moon for a second time in a calendar month.  The first was October 1st.  Two Full Moons on a calendar month can have an overall theme of releasing….big time!

THIS FULL TAURUS MOON has a lot of aspects that are making things a little uncomfortable, quit chaotic, and challenging…. as we start releasing around our relationships.  Not only our own stuff…but that which includes our community, the world, and all humanity. No matter how uncomfortable it may feel….radical transformations are being activated in all of us…when it comes to all relationships!  Changes need to be made….now…in ALL Relationships!!!  This is an essential step in our evolutionary journey.  This Full Taurus Moon is a powerful one….it can either move us forward (including relationships in the working world and relationships with leaders and countries) or hold us back…..the choice is yours!

WITH ALL FULL AND NEW MOONS….what ever is activated in your chart  by the Full or New Moon (Taurus and Scorpio)…continues to stay active as you embody it….even after the Moon fades away.

FULL MOONS ARE ALSO A TIME FOR  releasing, a time of letting go.  With this Taurus Full Moon (Moon opposite a Scorpio Sun) we are asked to confront our fears, even those that are deep in our Soul, and release what no longer serves us. Go deep into yourself, your foundations and old perceptions and observe what is no longer working for you.  Look very deep at what you are holding onto…… and what you need to let go of.   Think deeply and meditate on areas that are hard to let go of…..involving people/places/things.  Try to get a clearer picture of what needs to be let go of…..what is no longer vibrating where you are vibrating…..and let it go…in the most compassionate way.  Give it back to Source…so you can continue to move forward. 

THIS TAURUS FULL MOON IS RULED BY VENUS  and Venus is about beauty, love, money,

relationships and creativity.  Taurus which is Earth energy loves comfort, food and the beauty of nature… and is quite creative. Taurus learns through touch…and is very sensual. Taurus wants you to have a healthy and spiritual relationship with the physical world.  Taurus is also about your core values and living by them.  Taurus is about your self-worth including security, money and how you obtain money.  On the gray side…. Taurus can be quite stubborn…..materialistic…. and there is a tendency to be reclusive and/or the hermit.  In what areas of life do you tend to withdraw and become stubborn about…..that you now need to release?  What areas do you need to look at that are no longer vibrating with your value system…..your core….your Soul……it is time to release with Love…….

WE ALSO HAVE THE FULL MOON SUN IN SCORPIO  which is a water sign, and is very intuitive/psychic and intense. It is drenched in emotions and insights. Scorpio is also about power, natural shamanism, the taboo, natural healing, Earth spirituality, psychic gifts, other people’s money, sacred sex and Trust.  Scorpio represents the transformation of our Soul’s and the Soul of  Humanity and the Earth.  It is the seductress or seducer and it is very hypnotic and magnetic.  There is not much in the middle with Scorpio.  Your either the “good witch” or the “bad witch”  J   The Good witch is very spiritual….Earth spirituality, natural healing, using crystal’s and stone’s to heal, natural shamanism,  hospice, and the sign of the “Soul Mate” etc.   

Scorpio is about intimacy.  It is about sharing with another….on the deepest levels possible, in the most sacred areas of the Soul.  The biggest issue in Scorpio relationships is often trust.  The deep Soul sharing and deep Spiritual sharing….can leave the Soul shattered if trust is broken.  You may also find that your attractions to others….their magnetism and your consuming emotions are stronger during the period of this Full Moon.

WITH THIS FULL TAURUS MOON we have the ability to release lots of old emotional baggage….to forgive ourselves and to let go of what no longer serves us. During this Full Taurus Moon we have the opportunity to bring into balance the higher Scorpio (Sun) energies and then ground them into our everyday lives (Taurus Moon).   Watch out for the gray side of Scorpio during this Full Taurus Moon....which is…jealousy, manipulation, control, judgment, lies, secrets, possessiveness etc. 

We are being asked to clarify what we cherish in our lives, and what we need to transform.  We are learning to balance security (Taurus) with evolution and change (Scorpio).  We are learning to not become reclusive with our resources, but to share them in community.  We are being asked to balance the Male (Scorpio) & Feminine (Taurus), the Yin & Yang energies etc..  We are being asked to look at our values.  We are being asked to see through our awareness, that what has form (Taurus) is based upon the unseen but deeply felt (Scorpio).

This Taurus Full Moon challenges us to get really clear on what’s essential, and what has value to that particular person or situation.   There is beauty to create.  There are things to do for comfort. There is stability to obtain. There is sensuality to share and embody.  Take responsibility for making your own life and surroundings beautiful.”    Take a moment and realign yourself with these responsibilities.   This is a time to take a meditative pause and let your thoughts and wisdoms from your mind and body…..ignite your will to think for yourself and question authorities in all areas of life. 

TAURUS IS THE SIGN OF THE BUDDHA….it is a wonderful time to Meditate!  It’s a wonderful time to relax and Zen!  It is a wonderful time to Manifest and bring things into reality! It is a wonderful time to manifest PEACE!  Be like the Buddha and enjoy nature and beauty….relax…and Meditate!

VENUS WHICH RULES TAURS IS IN LIBRA. Libra energy is that of Love, creativity and balance…equal give and take.  It is trying to bring in some balance…some love…some “equal give and take” energies to try and bring some calm to our own lives and to the World itself! However…it is a challenge for the Libra energy to get out there.  So this is an area to concentrate on…Meditate and Manifest that Peace, Love, and equal balance of the Libra energy will be able to surface when it is needed!!  Back to the saying from the 60’s….Make Love not War!


Because this Taurus Full Moon is ruled by Venus (our Love and attraction) and the Sun is in Scorpio (the sign of the Soul Mate) it is time for a major review of all your relationships including your relationship with You!  This is not an easy process. As we need to break old patterns that are no longer working….with people, places and things that we, as well as our leaders and country’s etc., are in relationships with… that are no longer vibrating where we are now vibrating.  It is time to release them…move away from them in the kindest way possible. Remember all relationships (or how we relate) are involved…relationships of all kinds…Lovers, friends, people at work, those from the past, casual ones, family etc! 

THIS TAURUS FULL MOON IS ALSO SITTING WITH URANUS BY DEGREE.  We have talked about this above, but I believe that the Universe is asking us (with this aspect) to not be stubborn…to move forward and to take a step…any step…just start moving!!  This aspect can also bring you more clarity so you can move forward.  It will help clear any blockages so you can release them.  Uranus is about sudden things happening that can surprise you.  It is the constant of change…while looking out for the community/humanity.  Taurus likes home and it doesn’t like change….Uranus is helping all things that are effected by Taurus to make some changes…for the good of everyone and everything alive including the Earth!

THE ON GOING POWERFUL CARDINAL T-SQUARE is the back drop of this Taurus Full Moon!  The Cardinal T-Square consists of Pallas Athena/Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn – Mercury retrograde in Libra – Mars/Eris in Aries!   This is a very powerful Cardinal T-Square (Cardinal energy is: birthing of new, change, and urgency)!  This T-Square is also bringing in the Full Taurus Moon as Pluto rules Scorpio.  Adding even more change, urgency, transformation and birthing of new…energy to this Full Moon!   I have talked about the Cardinal T-Square many times in the past so I will briefly describe the energies as they are very chaotic, transformative and can be volatile at times.

SATURN is also sitting with Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn rules Capricorn.

The Saturn/Capricorn energy is that of the Government, military, Corporate America, the CEO, all our Structures, Banks, etc. etc.


So when you think about Saturn and Pluto they are both squaring Mars and Eris in Aries. Squares are growth aspects…with stress and friction helping us to grow.


PLUTO is also sitting with Saturn in Capricorn.  Pluto is the planet of transformation.  Pluto only cares about the transformation of your Soul and the Soul of humanity and the Earth itself.  Pluto is also referred to as the planet of tear down.  In order for something to transform into the Phoenix…it first has to hit bottom…bringing “what ever” down into ashes so the Phoenix can rise (transformation).  If you are doing Pluto work…you are going to feel a little uncomfortable….if you don’t feel uncomfortable….then you are not doing the work! 


PALLAS ATHENA/JUPITER are also sitting with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn.  Pallas Athena is the female warrior that fought with knowledge and Jupiter is about master teachers, philosophers, published authors, travel, and optimism.   These 4 planets…the Capricorn group are squaring the Aries group and Mercury in Libra.


THE ARIES GROUP..MARS AND ERIS.  The Aires group is squaring the Capricorn group and opposing Mercury in Libra.   Of course Mars is known for being the warrior…it also is about passion, taking action, arguing etc.  It is retrograde right now, but it also is activating all the Capricorn planets and Mercury..making the possibility for fights, arguing, action etc….and not always on the high side.  Eris


ERIS IS A NEWER PLANET… a little beyond Pluto and has been classified as a Dwarf planet, along with Pluto

and several others.  Remember Dwarf planets are still planets. Just like Dwarf Humans are still human.   Eris’s energy is the energy of Lawlessness, Discord, Chaos and the Wild Card.  In mythology, Eris is responsible for starting the Trojan War!


Eris and Pluto both can get riled up whenever there is injustice..or jealously.  Doesn’t matter where it is or who it may involve.  They both are compelled to do the right thing for all humanity!  So it is time to take some action (Mars)… that can lead to transformation (Pluto) through chaos or discord (Eris) or Peace/Love through communication (Mercury) in Libra (ruled by Venus/Love)…the choice is yours!!!!


MERCURY IS IN LIBRA FINISHING OUT THE CARDINAL T-SQUARE   With retrograde Mercury so powerful in this Full Taurus Moon (and turning stationary direct on election day)...the need to observe and maybe upgrade the way you communicate in all relationships…is really emphasized.  Mercury retrograde is about communication…all types of communication.  It is in Libra ruled by Venus which is about love and creativity.  Mercury is also squaring the Capricorn group and opposing the Aries group….so learning to communicate with kindness and love is of upmost importance at this time in our history…. Communication is also the News…correspondence...talking love/truth and gathering information and research to get to the truth and to speak with action (Aries) the truth…with integrity/respect (Capricorn.)


THIS COULD BE … and is…a volatile and/or explosive time period.    It can also be a very insightful time.   This Cardinal T-Square….is asking us to move towards the responsible use of power and resources.  New adventures are being started and much action being taken in the directions that assists our evolution…individually and also collectively.  Meditate….Manifest Love and Peace!! 


THIS FULL TAURUS MOON IS ABOUT shake ups not only in relationships of all kinds, but also around

finances, self survival and creativity.   Even though it can be a bit disruptive….there is a light at the end of the tunnel…. Stability, truth in relationships, and calmness in the future.  But first things have to be put right in our faces so we can see them…before we can let them go…so we can heal them.  With the Taurus energies….Take a moment to align with Mother Earth, give thanks for all the goodness and resources she gives so freely. The Universe is speaking very loudly!!!!   The Urgency is increasing….. Are you listening?

Growth isn’t always easy… and during this growth period we are currently in….it can feel as if we are experiencing radical transformation on a daily bases…with a feeling of urgency and a lot of chaos! However….Remember that when you are working with the transformative energies of Scorpio/Pluto.….if it feels easy, then you’re not doing the work!!

Meditate….especially out in Nature if possible….and ask your Guidance to help you become aware of relationship wounds (past and present) that need healing or that it may be time to move away from those that activate these wounds.   Ask your Guidance to help you heal the wounds, with ease and grace…..that are being brought up during this Taurus Full Moon.  Ask your Guidance to guide you towards loving and healthy relationships of all kinds…..and ask for synchronicities so you know you are heading in the right directions.    Meditate and joyfully connect with the Earth….enjoy her beauty….and let yourself create. 

Over the last few months the energies have been very intense…very transformative…very chaotic. 

Remember that  the Universe is saying .…no lies, no secrets, no out of bounds ego, no manipulation etc…….so the Universe is putting things right in our faces (this includes the government and international, corporate etc.) so that we can see them, so that we have to acknowledge them and take action.   We have to be able to “see” them….before we can Heal them. It is not easy….it can be chaotic, stressful, and emotionally draining……but the Universe is also giving us everything we need to make the changes so we can move forward into the “new”.

During this time you may be faced with some uncomfortable things that you may have to deal with, in all areas of life.  However, with the Moon in Taurus, there can be some peace and serenity in the midst of Scorpio’s passionate emotions. There can be opportunities for inspiration and joy.  Release joyfully through the arts, music, community events and the Earth.  A Full Moon in Taurus wants us to get out of our heads and into the comforts of home and the earth. A Taurus Full Moon would like for us to enjoy what we have and be grateful for it. Manifest….Meditate…and Listen to what you might hear!

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).  Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 

Feel free to share this update, in its entirety!   AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology © 2020  Cathy Lindsey     All rights reserved. 


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