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WE are now entering the quickening~ We will have more about this in an upcoming Update~ The Shift that is occrrung within is well underway. All our Love and Joy Mother and Father God and The Galactic Free Press Staff

~Space Weather Update~ Subsiding Storm~ Wind Speed 593


SUBSIDING STORM: A geomagnetic storm caused by Monday's M9-class solar flare and Tuesday's CME impact is over. The aurora watch is cancelled for all but the highest latitudes around the Arctic Circle.


STORM RECAP: As expected, a CME hit Earth's magnetic field on Jan. 24th at approximately 1500 UT (10 am EST). The impact produced a G1-class geomagnetic storm and bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. As the storm crested, Göran Strand of Östersund, Sweden, took a panoramic photo and wrapped it 360-degrees to create this composition, which he calls Planet Aurora:




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1~25~12~The Opening of the Next Portal~ Galactic Love Reporter Lisa Gawlas


1~25~12~The Opening of the Next Portal~


Galactic Love Reporter Lisa Gawlas


I knew the energy of this new moon coupled with the intensity of the sun with it meant something big… hell I could feel it all in my body, and it was exciting. But without the first morning connection/reading… I would have never in a million years understood what I do now.

My first reading of yesterday was for someone I never read for before that lives in New Zealand. Phew baby, she should have come in with a warning! I got fried before I even started… which is sooooo exciting.


Many of the original inhabitants of Lemuria made their way to New Zealand, and even today, their bloodline… their true DNA still lives.

When I started the connection to her. phew baby! I could see and feel something new in the field. An opening. It was not a vortex, no spinning funnel like energy, but the opening was clear and intense. It filled out most of what I call “the field” that high vibration 6th dimension we are all getting used to and learning to work and play within.



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Highlights of the State of the Union Address, Jan. 24, 2012 with Steve Beckow


Highlights of the State of the Union Address, Jan. 24, 2012

2012 January 24
Commentary from Galactic Love Reporter Steve Beckow

No, I could not find references to Disclosure in the State of the Union address, unless you consider as references the mention of innovations back-engineered from the Roswell spacecraft such as the silicon chip and Kevlar (1) or statements like “don’t let other countries win the race for the future.” 

So much of it testified to the relative powerlessness of the President to actually bring in decisive legislation that could impact the situation America finds itself in. 

Statements like these communicate it:


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Bill Ballard ~ ~ Doing The Dimensional Slide ~ 24 January 2012


 Galactic Love Reporter Bill Ballard ~

~ Doing The Dimensional Slide ~ 24 January 2012


The Dimensional Slide. It sounds like some New Age dance step and in a way it is. As frequencies rise and spiral into the center many are experiencing contact with parallel dimensions and other realities.  As frequencies elevate the veils become thinner and we find ourselves shifting into alternate realities – all happening in the now.


We know thought creates reality and vibrations allow access to various dimensions. However, as we near the center of the 2012 spiral (coming ever closer to the point of oneness) there is something else also happening. Various possible realities are conjoining. Multiple possibilities of All That Is are manifesting before our eyes.


There is a choice that each must make. It is, “What do I wish to manifest from this illusion for my own future self to experience?”


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Message from the Galactic Federation 1/24/12



You will learn much and achieve many things through the night’s journey, and tomorrow you shall be so much more than you are today. Such are your journeys out of body through your dream state. These forays from the physical to the spiritual will allow you to visit with us, your families of light, for healing sessions, learning sessions, meetings and even large conferences that will update and align our plans together. We meet with many of you in this way, and when you return to your bodies and wake up from your sleep most of you have no memory of your visit with us onboard our spacecraft. Such is the way it must be for now, but soon all this need for secrecy will be behind us and you can meet with us face to face in your awakened state.


There are many areas of your bodies that require attention at this time, and this goes for your physical bodies as well as your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Damage is being repaired, and blockages are being cleared to allow you to become all you can be and reach your full potential. We are very happy to see you when you visit us in this way, and we wish you can remember these get-togethers after you have returned to your physical bodies, but in the days ahead you will remember fully these experiences. These rendezvous with us are very important for your growth at this time, and this is one of the reasons we tell you how important it is for you to get plenty of proper rest, as it is while you are sound asleep that you can travel out of your physical vessels to meet with us here in the higher realms aboard our craft.



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13:20, (01.24.12): .Question: Have We Figured Out That We’re ALL STARS yet?




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~ Saul ~ Judgement Adds To The Pain And Confusion Of The Illusion ~ 25 January 2012


 Galactic Love Reporter John Smallman ~ Saul ~ Judgement Adds To The Pain And Confusion Of The Illusion ~ 25 January 2012



The awareness that something big is shortly to occur is rising into the consciousness of nearly everyone on Earth.  And so it should!  You have been praying and intending to awaken for a very long time, and now the progress you have made is becoming visible all over the world in the form of people’s concern for the well-being of others.  It has been a long journey to arrive at this point in your spiritual evolution, and from here there is no going back.  You are all set to continue, and your progress is accelerating as you become ever more aware of your divine spiritual essence and of your desire to be truly Yourself – the being of infinite value and integrity that God created eons ago.



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SaLuSa: The End Result is All That Matters~ With Commentary from Steve Beckow~


SaLuSa: The End Result is All That Matters


2012 January 25
Galactic Love Reporter: Mike Quinsey
With COmmentary from Galactic Love Reporter Steve Beckow

SaLuSa responds to our disappointment with the the tardiness of the main events. He recognizes how despondent some of us are. He reminds us that the ending is most important and that will be with Ascension.

He says that the audacity and cunning of the Illuminati will amaze even those who know something about their ways. He predicts that freedom will be like a wave of fresh air to us, blowing away the cobwebs.



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3D earthquake? In Love we Did not Feel a Thing!~ Nothern Italy USGS Reports 5.1 Quake


~Galactic Love Reporter and First Contact Team Member Andrea Sartori~

3D earthquake? In Love we Did not Feel a Thing!~



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~Interesting Quotes About 2012~


Interesting Quotes About 2012



I wanted to share some random quotes from Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians 2011 winter Solstice The Pleiadian TIMES article. The “nano” or “nanosecond” is a term Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians have used to indicate the ascension years from 1987 through the end of 2012. Everything in bold was done by me to highlight the information and draw attention to it. CME stands for coronal mass ejection.



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At this Coffee Shop, Random Acts of Kindness Top the Menu ~ 2012 January 25 ~ Holly Bounds


At this Coffee Shop, Random Acts of Kindness Top the Menu
2012 January 25

Holly Bounds, WSAV-TV, 1-13-2012



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NOW Is The Time To Make A Positive Difference! by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


NOW Is The Time To Make A Positive Difference!
by Love Reporter Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

January 2012



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~2012: Year of Power~


~2012: Year of Power~


Power will be THE word for the coming year. 2012 has long been focused on . Ancient cultures and civilizations prophesized about this time. What the year itself would bring, and the gateway that the year represents. This is a turning point for us as a people; however, despite the speed of our time, despite the speed of this coming year, it is a turning point rather than an end point or a clear beginning. We have been in the eye of this storm of evolving consciousness for many years now. And we as simple humans are doing our best to move with the times, move with the challenges that we are offered and given by this planet, by our own people, by ourselves.



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The manuscript of survival ~ part 78 Be Love~


~Weather Update from Dutch~ Tornado's in Oregon~


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~Update from Sheldan Nidle~ The time has come for something truly amazing to manifest!



8 Muluc, 2 Yax, 8 Manik




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~Paradise~ ~Galactic Love Reporter Polona~




~Galactic Love Reporter Polona~



Dear Family of Light! I was guided to touch my oak tree on my meadow today, and I exchanged a beautiful energy with it, as I was looking in the Sun at the same time. I felt this guidance coming to me then and I AM sharing it with all of You.

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012


Dear one,
We are the Arcturians!


We take your experience not to be able to convey messages as usual because of computer problems as an example.

Dear one, writing messages will not be forever part of your service to humanity, as the energies will change.


There will be a time when all your computers and your internet on your world will not work properly because of the interference of the incoming new frequencies on your world. Although you will probably feel at first uneasy with it – what perhaps also others might feel when they are no longer nurtured and informed by messages, such as yours and of  the many other channels – be assured though that this interference serves a greater purpose.



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The Collective Consciousness ~ Earths Frequencies


The Collective Consciousness ~ Earths Frequencies

Earth is a sea of vibrations and frequencies. Mankind is skilled in creating and inventing devices in which there is an energy frequency and vibration. These waves of energy are always moving through you.

Imagine for a moment all the electrical devices in just your home alone - every light and lamp, the phone systems, all the kitchen appliances. Each device gives off a certain frequency. The television is one of the major contributors of discordant frequencies. Most people a not aware of these frequencies. They have tuned them out; their energy field has adjusted and learned to live with them.


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~Message from The White House~ State of Union Address~ W~Commentary from The GFP~ Lets Blast Them With Love~


The White House, WashingtonCommentary from The Galactic Free Press~ Lets Beam Him and everyone there with Lots of Love~  WE ask that everyone Pay attention to the Key words throughout his speech~ All Our Love Mother and Father God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff


Good afternoon,


In just a few hours, at 9:00 p.m. ET, President Obama will stand before Congress to give the State of the Union Address. He'll talk about where we are as a nation, and he'll lay out a blueprint for an America built to last.

For weeks, we've been working to this point.


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Terri Newlon ~ DK Djwhal Khul here. ~ The message is slow down:


Love Reporter Terri Newlon


Djwhal Khul here. Tashi delek.



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Mars is in retrograde, the largest solar storm in six years is sending its energy earthward; and the human race continues to dream. It's 2012. Everything in our world, especially the structures to which we have become accusomed, are facing a Cosmic edit: either change or go away. There's no hanging onto the old ways. They did not work. Now, in the new energy, everything MUST come to serve the highest good. Even George Kavassalis says its not an illusion: that's a cop out. We are the ancient ones awakening from our nightmare and entering the fulfillment stage of our greatest dream. George Kavassalis - Not giving our power away!!!! Part 1http://youtu.be/Mb3SdIZY7hg


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Beings Of Light ~ Embracing Oneness ~ 24 Jan 2012


BEings Of Light ~ Embracing Oneness 24 Jan 2012



"Don't give your power away" is the mantra that I hear all over the internet. But we forget that to be able to perceive power is to be in duality consciousness. As in reality there can only be one 'intent', 'will' or 'purpose' in the universe which is one in oneness and works for the benefit of all. I have started to perceive this one intent. To realize this Oneness of purpose you simply have to follow the synchronicities.



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M9 Flare Update/Strong Radiation Storm


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Yahweh gifts and instills within us again his Golden Flame of the Divine Masculine Channeled by Linda Dillon




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Power Path ~ New Moon Update 2012


Power Path ~ New Moon Update 2012 with Pat Liles


 Commentary from Galactic Love Reporter Lena Stevens~



Dear Friends,

The New Moon was at 12:42 AM Mountain Standard Time on Monday January 23 and we are still in its influence. This is a time when depression could hit or you could become overwhelmed with the disruption and destabilization around you. This is a good day to pull your energy in and focus only on the tasks at hand. Don't get distracted by others and their process. You will likely have many things on your plate. They can all wait. Take time for yourself and yourself only even if it is just to watch a bad movie. Stay out of judgment about events and situations, as they are all just temporary. Take a break.



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~The Pegasians, The Freedom is Within~


Hello to you,

We greet you in kind in the kindest of ways we meet you. We meet you in the heart space and we ask you to relax there, here in this moment, we ask you to relax there, and to be in this natural flow of being that we speak to you of.


This natural state of being is your natural way to be upon this Earth and to be in all reality..
To be in this reality is the way to be natural here. To be natural is how it should be here..
It feels that it is not always so..


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~The Galactic Free Press~ Update~ The Transforming Energies of Love~Dragon Love~ Everything Changes~Brain Shift in Progress~


~The Galactic Free Press~



~ Update~ The Transforming Energies of Love~ Dragon Love~ Everything Changes~Pole~Brain Shift in Progress~



taken from astronomologer.com


Planet Earth is Transforming and So are all inhabitants, this is inevitibale. As we entered the Chinese New Year with the dragon, there is no denying that an increased amount of transforming Love Energy has indeed arrived. This is a Powerful Energy, that has truly blessed Humanity with the arrival of Several Strong Cme Impacts, that are adjusting everyone and the Planet's energetic systems. Although this is the Year of the Water Dragon, the Fire Dragon is also Prominant~



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~Occupy San Francisco Gets Down to Business~


Occupy San Francisco Gets Down to Business


Warren Langley: from stock exchange chief to occupier



Gary Kamiya, Salon, 01-20-2012


After a brief hibernation, a refocused movement takes aim at corporate America


SAN FRANCISCO–Act II of the Occupy Wall Street movement, San Francisco version, kicked off on a rainy, blustery Friday in the heart of the city’s financial district.


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Greg Giles ~ Message From The Galactic Federation ~ 24 January 2012 ~Soon you will be freed from their tyranny forever~


 Galactic Love Reporter Greg Giles ~ Message From The Galactic Federation ~ 24 January 2012


~Soon you will be freed from their tyranny forever~



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~Atlantis and Lemuria~ And Humanity's Inevitable Awakening~


~Galactic Love Reporter Ashvatha Tree~




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