The Galactic Free Press Update: The Inevitable Destiny is Happening

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Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center

The Real News and The Whole Truth



Quoted from Henry Seltzer ~  "An Intensely Transformationally Oriented October..... Revolution ~ in addition to spiritual evolution ~ is definitely in the air."

[Photo Of Could Ships By Earth Ally Will Harader]


Greetings Love Beings, Since We went through the Equinox many shifts and changes occurred internally within Many Beings Across the Planet and this will continue throughout October and Beyond! The Intensity of Our Recent Energies was just astounding and intensely transformational for those ready to Embrace these. This was More Intense than Our December 21st, 2012 Event and as a result caught many off guard with the Intensity of it all. Just an FYI, These Energies Will Continue! Amazingly Across the Higher Grid, this Huge Influx of Light is On the Move Spiraling around the Planet and this is triggering a more intense Flow of Light into all Levels Of Consciousness. The Real Trickle Down theory, as We Bring Heaven To Earth. 

Quoted from Rieki Doc " ....There is a little bit of Heaven that now awaits you. Heaven is coming to Gaia. There is no joke in this, no mockery, no teasing. Heaven is coming to Earth. The explanation of this assertion is that the vibration of Heaven is being approached by the ever-rising planetary Vibration of Gaia and all of the inhabitants (both within and above) of the planet. There is importance in this phenomenon; for What Is Right is going to take place. This is the great cleansing or reset..."

We Have been reporting signs Humanity has been Choosing Positive Directions for Peace. It Started in September with a war being defused thus far in Syria, and Obama saying he was hopeful for a Peaceful Solution. Then a Historic Phone Call between Obama and The New President of Iran. This Was Supported By Global Peace Meditations Which Occurred With Over 500 Groups around the equinox participating. What is Occurring from the BIgger Picture Standpoint Is Wonderful News and Great Movement for Humanity.

Quoted From Steve Beckow"...[. Friday September 30th] We hear today that President Obama had a phone call with President Rouhani of Iran, beginning contact with two regimes which have both regarded each other as the Great Satan. Is this an isolated event or is there a shift in the wind? Aisha North’s sources attribute it to the rising energies and tell us we’ll begin to see the results of all the work that the Company of Heaven has been doing, directing powerful energies to us. "This energy is doing wonders, not just for you, but for your whole world. And now, you will start to see the results from all of this even in the so-called mass media. For if you open your eyes and look around, you will indeed detect a change in the atmosphere on a global level. “The rhetoric of hatred and fear is starting to fade away in some of the hotspots around your world, and instead, you will find the talk of reason passing over the lips of leaders hitherto more interested in spreading distrust and incite anger in their fellow men.” (1)Certainly that’s what we saw in the phone call between two leaders of nations who have been at loggerheads with each other traditionally....

“....While events on your world stage could nearly seem to be repetitive of Atlantis, we can lovingly reiterate that the will of your populace is far too against an escalation of warfare for it to take place. "This could be seen as a prediction, but we say this simply because of your collective energy and will as they stand at present.” (2) The hunger for peace, Saul says, is “being particularly well demonstrated by the international negotiations and discussions concerning the conflict in Syria.” But “there are also the world economic, sociological, poverty, and religious problems that are finally receiving the urgent attention needed to resolve them.”

“All of this shows very clearly that the human collective is making the essential choice to change direction and look at its problems from a new and much wiser perspective. The collective will is for peace, security, and abundance for all its members.....We’re definitely in the midst of a global social shift and for now it has removed war from the range of possible solutions to disagreement. We’re now seeing overtures to peace." End of quote

Quoted from Wes Annac..."Lifting the Planetary Vibration, As we act upon the principles of harmony and prosperity amongst all and begin running our Earth in accordance with those principles, so will the vibration of humanity’s collective consciousness, and of the entire Earth, rise to match the purity of the realms of consciousness the Earth is believed to be evolving into physically and spiritually. We’ll discuss this event, which has been termed “ascension”, in Spiritual Evolution. For now, I wanted to make a note that we’ll be lightening the planetary vibration with our mere efforts to establish peace and unity on a widespread level, and a rise in consciousness and perception will naturally result for humans and for the entire Earth.

We’ll lift the Earth up with us as we lighten and refine our personal and collective vibration, and the unity we’ll establish will see us able to greet the purer states of consciousness we’re growing into and coming to understand again. Plenty of noticeable effects will take place in our physical reality as a result, and upon coming together, we’ll find that our past and our future are nothing like we’ve been told.

We’ll discover that we’ve always been meant to know and understand the brimming realms of full consciousness beyond our understanding, and that we’ve been purposely held back from perceiving such realms and kept within a lower-dimensional frame of perception.

We’ll understand that the frames of consciousness we were feeding into are purposely distorted, and that we have the grand opportunity to dissolve our otherwise-concrete perceptual barriers and brace blissful states of consciousness, the likes of which we haven’t yet seen.

We have the power and ability now, as evolving human and spiritual beings, to lift up our vibration and that of the collective and greet the purest and most blissful feelings and states of consciousness that result.

The work done in the physical to establish peace, prosperity and unity on a widespread level will largely aid the collective in being able to find such states of consciousness for themselves, and we all deserve the opportunity to activate our greater spiritual potential." End of quote



None of these sunspots is actively flaring. Solar activity remains low. Credit: SDO/HMI



Photo By Photo by Christine Schweinzer


This Energy is Also triggering a Series of Events. These Events are Humanity's Destiny and will now begin unfolding At a Quicker rate.  All Decrees Made In Love and The Highest Outcome for Humanity are to Be Fully Manifested. With this Last Influx of Light Energies, this has put increased Pressure on all energy not in alignment with Pure Consciousness. Its going to get very interesting Now. Only The Highest Outcome for Planet Earth=Heart Can Occur.  We can Indeed say this is already happening and Unfolding. We can Thank The Equinox Energies for Really Assisting Many Into A Breakthrough Into the Light.

Quoted from Sandra Walters....." The key at this moment is surrendering to the new unknown, and letting the transfiguration take place......Give yourself the opportunity to experience all that you are, and you’ll get a glimpse of pure freedom. The codes and frequencies coming through the Sun support this step right now. Remember what I said about the prism of the Sun changing, so the way we could project into this reality would change? It’s happening Now. We’re becoming the pure intention; the reigniting of true freedom and how it will change everyone. Decisions have been made to ignite the timelines of freedom right now, not in 2015. Expect the unexpected, beloveds...."   End of Quote

 Quoted from Mahala Planetary Report" If you think time has been moving fast, just wait so see how fast events move from now on. There are so many events happening now that it is hard to keep up with everything.  We are definitely in the time when the controllers are coming down. ..."

 Quoted from Ron Head"....May we begin today by asking that all those who follow these messages hold only love and the intention for the highest and best outcomes when you observe what is going on around you at this time.  Those highest outcomes will be, dear ones..."

Quoted from FaceBook Rysa"  ~The energy is coming so quickly that the Family of Dark can no longer hide from the Light, they are faced with being known as evil, foolish or insane. Their greed and desire has become insatiable and the stream of Light is so strong that they cannot force their way against it~"

Quoted from Meredith Murphy" ....The New Earth is opening up in some pretty sensational ways right now.
You are noticing this as you become more acclimated again, to the new way you are present. Your body has been upgraded yet again, as you experienced the Equinox alignment and also from the way you are summoning more and more expansive information from all that you are.

As you call forth your fullness of being, your Higher Self is filling you up more and more with you. At the same time the Solar activity, the Earth’s increasingly uplifted frequency and all the waves of incoming energies are clearing out everything congested and dense. So you are being emptied out and filled up, over and over again, and with increasing capacity to sustain the higher frequencies and accessing the ways of being present associated with the energy you are.....


All of us together as One, are in a new landscape.


As you know, it will continue to change, but what I want you to really consider and let sink in is that life is loosening up as it rises in vibration, it’s becoming a lot more fluid so there is going to be a lot more change. Change feels like it’s happening more quickly, but actually time is collapsing. You are living more in the present and it’s setting you free from beliefs and stories about the past and fears about the future. You’re becoming more powerful as a result, more influential and also your energy which is moving faster gives you the feeling of being lighter. Things are, in fact lovely one, lightening up all over, and it’s quite beautiful to feel. Imagine what fireworks feel like, when you are the sky?

Have fun with all of this and stay tuned to your JOY..." End of quote

  As Many are Now Aware, Old Baggage has come Up Quite Directly in Our Current Energies and this is just an example of How Powerful this Equinox Impact Was. These Energies blew in winds of Change and deep transformation. The truth about this is that the ego program mind cannot go and so alot is now being cleared and this is opening up the space for the Higher Energies. 

 Quoted from Angel Guides".....we would like to focus your attention upon the very intense energies which have been streaming into your planet.  As many of you know you have just recently had the Fall/Spring equinox.  Many of you are still having a difficult time managing these intense energies and it is our intention today to share with you our perspective so that you may make better use of these powerful energies.

How are you feeling during this great time of change?  Though we do not prefer the word symptom, suffice it to say that many are suffering from the powerful after effects of this energy.  Like every equinox, the energy is meant to help you release what is no longer serving you.  It is meant to help you find balance and regain the harmony within, though it may feel like anything except harmony at this time.

You may find comfort in knowing that you are not the only one that seems to be a bit on edge this past week or so.  Some very common symptoms among many of you are, a feeling of extreme fatigue, difficulty in managing your emotions, short-tempered, mental fogginess, a feeling of an extreme lack of time, forgetfulness and achiness though out your body.  Certainly we are not saying that everyone feels all of these symptoms, however as we have observed many of you, we noticed that many seem to be experiencing some if not all of the symptoms listed above.

Let us share with you our perspective on why you feel this way, and what you can do to recover from these intense energies.  It is important to remember that every equinox brings with it very powerful energies.  Though it feels as though this energy is chaotic, bringing with it many loose ends, unfinished affairs, and unpredictable experiences, we assure you, things are not always what they seem to be. You are moving into energy that is in support of completion.  All that seems to be unfinished will begin to unfold in divine timing.  September is most often associated with bringing forward the beliefs, fears and dreams that you hold most closely to you.  It allows you to see them manifest into your physical reality.  Although many find this energy to be quite challenging we can assure you that all will begin to fall into place in the coming weeks....." End of quote

 Quoted from Jamie Price "....In these times of your Ascension, the great change of the Ages, you are in the midst of great change.  It is the way of Ascension, that which was done before, which may have even been comfortable, is no longer.  It does not all happen at once, it is cyclical, and yet there are times in each of your lives where the shift feels more intense.  The recent years have been as such, yet much has culminated in 2013.  After the passing of the marker of your collective choice to Ascend (12/21/12), you then have collectively, wisely chosen to release all that no longer serves you.  It isn’t the first time you’ve made this call, it is the timing of your newest collective yes to Love.  It is the answer to your heart’s yearning.  It is the dominion of the Inherently Divine Soul within the experience of the body.  Change is the vehicle of this Soul Progression....." End of quote

Quoted from Karen Doonan......"Up until this moment the energetic signature of Mother Earth has been too low to accommodate our brothers and sisters that share this universe with us. They exist in much higher dimensional timelines and the forms they take need a supportive energetic signature in which to exist. Those who sought to control and suppress the human race knew this and kept the frequency of Mother Earth deliberately low to prevent this from occurring. Now the human race begin their journey to the New Earth in TRUTH, this will see ALL races/realms walk the planet with the human race. The context for this is not as you might imagine, they are not going to just land , hop out the ships a state " we come in peace". There is a process that is now in operation that will see firstly Mother Earth's frequency rise to accommodate their physical presence and also to support the human race in their physical form. The human vehicle is now further upgrading its frequency to allow human consciousness to expand to acceptance of other races physically.

In order for human consciousness to expand to this level ALL of 3d earth reality and associated paradigms must now dissolve, this is done by RAISING the frequency of the planet and those who are here to help the human race move in vibration. For all of you who are part of this SOUL group and other SOUL groups who's prime directive is the expansion of human consciousness the next linear days will unfold rapidly, the increase in energy may take your breath away at times and I would guide BALANCE at all times. Allow the outpouring of emotions, for you are asked to move into the New Earth as a newborn baby, as a clean page with NO emotional residue from ANY dimensional life times that you have incarnated into in order to experience life as a human or non human.

The "weekend" and "equinox" was the gateway, the human race now approach this gateway and as they stand at the threshold of this the gateway/portals ARE OPENING. The influx of the LOVE THAT IS is immense, there is nowhere to "hide" from this frequency. As many have channeled and written about the New Earth is held back NO LONGER. There are no more delays, no more holds up, we are no longer "practicing" for some event, the EVENT IS HERE, NOW in this moment. Over the course of the coming linear days you may experience some EXTREME emotions, you may FEEL as if your world is collapsing in on itself and in many contexts it IS, for only in dissolving the old can you reach the new. There is no time frame other than NOW. Many of you may still be using logic that tries to teach you that the world you wake up in "tomorrow" will allow you to slowly adjust to the new frequencies, this may be an option for a very small portion of the population but for those who are here to work with energy and to help the human race it is NO LONGER an option.

ALL support this growth and expansion, in human form you may have allowed your logical mind to create a "scenario" of ascension for you, this will be dissolved by the LIGHT of the LOVE that IS, guidance is clearly that from this moment and from this frequency level onwards there are NO reference points for the human race.

ASCENSION IS NOW and will unfold rapidly across and within planet earth. The ascension process will then continue naturally, as the human race have been kept from ANY ascension this may be a very emotional time for you, the amount of emotion released is dependent upon your incarnations and work done to release the various dimensional timelines. There are no longer from the moment Ascension unfolds in your human life experience dimensional timelines, all collapse to strengthen THIS ONE, this is the one you chose to experience the process from within.

For those of you who have been feeling a "build up" an "urge to move forward" this will "burst" and the outpouring of emotions will allow for a rapid and accelerated increase in frequency. Many of you have been feeling "something" is going to happen, NOW is when it does. Much like the birth of a baby, the head crowns, there is intense pressure within the mother and then the pressure is released and the child births fully into the world. THIS IS THE PLACE THE HUMAN RACE NOW STAND.

Balance is the key and LOVE and compassion for ALL as the new is birthed in TRUTH and the residue of 3d earth is dissolved fully from the human life experience....." End of Quote

Photo Mt. Shasta Vortex~ Ships Taken By Earth Ally Will Harader

 We are getting reports from Many Across The Planet, they are Finally Feeling  Real Life is Opening Up for them to Connect In with the Reality On the Planet. Many who were ready did walk through a door and will now be processing this Energy and assisting in Bringing Heaven to Earth.

Quoted from VisionKeeper" Ah yes…It feels as if we have slipped through a new door somewhere along our journey recently. We discovered the key within us and away we went through the door and out into another world. One almost seems invincible and part of me wants to say that with caution as in the 3D world that would be dangerous to think such thoughts. With that said, in this new world we just stepped into, being invincible is more a knowing that all will be well no matter what is slung our way. It is that secure feeling one gets when standing on a firm foundation, steady and sure of where you are. The energies leading up to this pass through we just made have been intense in many ways, trying us in all situations almost as if to see if we had passed the test and were able to pass through the doorway. It seems to me the keys we are being asked to locate as we go along are actually presented to us as we complete each step in our consciousness raising. Do the hard work, dig deep and make the required discoveries and the key is your to open the door to the next stage of the new world, if we so choose.

It always seems the work is hard to get to the next stage, but once there one can feel a lightning up, an ease in moving forward for that moment. Each time the joy increases and one gets further and further away from the hassles of the old paradigm. It becomes less and less important, there is no desire to acknowledge what is going on except on where you are now and where you are going and there is no fear or doubt because you know somehow that all is as it should be and will continue to be for eternity. It is the giving up the need to know all the answers for there may not be any. It is accepting things as they are and accepting you may not have control over what is and that is fine. It is fine because you know that you can flow wherever you are carried and remain whole within and at peace.

Like life itself, we were never meant to stay the same. There is always change yet for a long time the world has tried to hold onto what is, unwilling to allow the change to unfold because of a fear of it. Why should we fear the natural process of what is? I wonder if it wasn’t partly because we came to the earth school and had our memories erased of who and what we were. We were naked and alone(we thought) and wobbling on unsure ground, so holding on to what we saw as life gave us a false sense of security and cling we did! All of that is behind us now, we know better, and so we must once again learn to go along with the flow of life, up and down and in and out of changes for that is simply life. If our foundations are strong and we know who we are, what difference does it really make?

We are vibrating to different frequencies now, pulling new phases of life towards us, incorporating new ways of thinking, embracing new types of people, new ways of being. It is all new and yet we are not afraid and no longer cling to what was. Many of these changes are taking place, some of which we may not even notice right away. Sometimes we need to glance back quickly, not linger there, but just take in where we have come from. So much fear has fallen away and a Cheshire cat grin is erupting on so many faces. It comes from the ecstatic feeling of letting go and no longer needing things to be the way they were. It is called freedom and we are not waiting to get it one day soon, we already have it if we just pay attention. Breathe deeply and love who you are and trust where you are going..." End of quote

The New Moon In Libra Will be Arriving to us October 4th-5th! This New Moon Will Reinforce Our Equinox Energies of Balance and True Equality for All. This Will Be Another Round of Intense Waves Of Energy and We Can Say Just Go With The Flow and Enjoy the Ride. If You Are Present And Along the Path, which you can Be For Sure You Are On, if You are Being Present In the Moment of Now and Experiencing Synchronistic Events. These are Your Guideposts Home Into the Light. They are the Light to Guide You There!

 Quoted from Selecia ...."Right now is the perfect time to prepare energetically for the next twist in our ongoing roller coaster ride. Radical change continues to be in the air, impacting everyone, and you will want to be empowered as you encounter more unknowns and shifts in circumstances. After all, this is your role as a divine changemaker, bravely standing at the forefront and regularly finding new ways to balance. Speaking of balance, this truly is a quality you will want to discover and embody more over the next few weeks – as challenging planetary cycles continue their dance of bringing to light what’s unworkable. Finding Equilibrium and Peace  With the moon entering Libra, focused on finding equilibrium and peace, this week’s new moon process can help you to create some intentions of what you need for more balance and joy. This is a way of energizing your future potentials, too, for what you do now will create your future. New moons are a natural time to commit your energy to co-creating better relationships and more harmony in all things...." End of Quote

All Atoms of energy Have Been Called Home Into The Light and Since Everything ON this Planet is Made up of these Atoms this Is where This Entire Planet is Headed. 5D are All Atoms Natural Sate. Everything On this Planet is Made up of these Atoms.The Inevitable Destiny is Happening. All Atoms are Aligning into the 5d Frequency Energy.  Surrender is the key Now, as the only way out is through. We Shared in a previous update as we went through this past equinox acceleration would Occur and indeed it has.

 Decreed by Heaven~ We Continue Our Intense Acceleration as all events in alignment with this part of the Divine Plan Manifest for the Highest Outcome. All Atoms are Moving into Alignment for a Full Planetary Awakening and Peace. This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

Remember Loves we are not in a time linear schedule, We are In A Divine one!

 ~Thank You for Spreading These Messages to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~

   Just Be Present and Follow the Synchronostic Events!

   ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~

 We Love You Unconditionally~ Love, The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity's Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.


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 Quoted from Caroline K.A. ".....If you are feeling a significant shift from within, may we say to you, this is indeed so.  Your inner guidance is directing you well. You are now able to perceive more of the big picture within your lives, and those around you.  You are able to see on a far greater scope than ever before.  Your ability to perceive on a much deeper level has magnified to such an extent, you may feel slightly overwhelmed at first with the information coming forth; that which seems to come out of thin air, or that which comes from within the deep inner knowing of your heart.

You see dear ones, you have ridden the wave of change for a very long time.  You have remained patient, and you have persevered while remaining ever diligent on your soul path.  Now it is time to reap the fruits of this work.  It is time to step into your rightful place as divine beings of light.  Your time has come.

Who you thought you were, i.e. what you were taught to be, to think, to feel, and do is no longer valid.  The old era has come to an end, dear ones for the equinox punctuates the release of false ways of being, thinking and feeling in glory, love, and light.

As you review your lives, you may remember events and/or circumstances which were gentle nudges from your guides in their efforts to communicate with you as to the truth of who you are, although you may not have acted upon them out of fear perhaps of what others would think, or simply put, it was easier to consider them a figment of your imagination.

Yet we say to you, the memories of these ocurrances which may have taken place in your past, are bubbling to the surface as you begin to remember, and feel the significance of their truth at this time.

Many will begin to examine their lives with a bright, new perspective.  One which goes far deep into the inner consciousness of all that exists.  With this, we refer to all dimensions, your present consciousness, and the realms of spirit.  What you experience on a day-to-day basis will have new meaning often filled with sychronicities, and subtle messages from your guides who are always with you, only now, you will pick up on their presence, and their guidance immediately because of your heightened awareness, and sensitivity to these areas within your higher consciousness.

Again we remind you to stay centered within your hearts. Spend time in nature for there is still much energy sweeping across your planet, and it is essential you remain balanced and grounded within the heart of Gaia.

We are so very proud of each, and every one of you.  We are with you dear hearts, and may your lives be filled with joy, and peace......" end of quote

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.       Quote by Buckminster Fuller