The Galactic Free Press Update: The Light is Exploding On Planet Earth

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Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center

The Real News and The Whole Truth



Greetings Love Beings, The Light is Exploding On Planet Earth. Everyone Who is Awake, Aware and Feels whats unfolding, have One Common WORD NOW, INTENSE! As a result, The old is crumbling much more quickly and even more so through our Incoming Equinox Event, Day Of International and Global Peace, and Global Gatherings and Meditations. We Have Shared the Incredible is indeed Unfolding as More Light Energy Enters this Realm in the coming days and beyond!


Quoted from Orbel Divine...."The Autumn Equinox falls on September 22. There are powerful energies arriving on this day. Laarkmaa, a group of interstellar beings described it as intense..."

 Quoted from Karen Doonan....."The physical birth of the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND is almost upon you beloved ones, this will see your dreams become your waking reality and this will see the shackles placed around the heart space dissolve and be replaced with the GOLDEN SHINING LIGHT OF LOVE in TRUTH. ALL now gather for this momentous occasion and many are now both able to see and hear their universal families in TRUTH. Communication will now expand and deepen as the energies now heighten. Work WITH the moon energies beloved ones, for the heightening frequencies are flowing rapidly to CLEANSE your very BEing. LET GO and TRUST in the process for at all times this process is overseen by your SOUL...." End of Quote

Quoted from Bill Ballard "On September 22, we are finally coming up on the end of that 9 month gestation period as we are birthing Mother Earth and the collective of Humanity since the December 21, 2012 Shift of the Ages. The Fall Equinox completes that cycle. What a wild ride this has been!....So many of us are hearing messages that the Avatar Energies are coming through to Earth during this Fall Equinox of 2013 for those of us who have been really working on Self. I am hearing similar messages across the board from various persons. I do welcome it so."


New sunspot AR1850 is starting to crackle with C-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI




Something quite unexpected happened this morning. A huge penny dropped in my mind. I realized that the giant owl we saw last night here at Eagle’s Nest has been the harbinger of major transformation in my life for the last eight years. And then I remembered an owl I saw in in Florida in March 1983, just before my move from Canada to Arizona. So make that at least 30 years.

Guess I’d better fasten my seatbelt. For, the Spirit is about to take me for another ride to an unknown destination (for me, for now). You can read His story and experience Here

Owl -- The owl is ruler of the night and seer of souls. The owl is honored as the keeper of spirits who had passed from one plane to another. Often myth indicates the owl accompanying a spirit to the underworld; winging it's newly freed soul from the physical world into the realm of spirit. Bringer of wisdom, revealer of secrets and omens, intuition and clairvoyance. Brings clarity and illumination to dreams, (Moon magick). The "night eagle", seeing and hearing that which others cannot. Be aware of omens and portents for the owl brings the power to extract secrets,out of the,darkness.... " End of quote

The Signs Keep Showing Up Everywhere of the dying of the old and the Beginning of a Brand New Way of Living and Being are being Birthed inside Of Many Human Beings.  Many are Sharing they are feeling something very Significant is Happening within themselves and this is transforming the energy around them and this does Affect the Entire Planet. Light Energy is Arriving In a Big Way, to facilitate The Golden Age of a New Cycle, and The Revealing of The Whole Truth. The Frontrunners of the New Energy Are Now In Position and We Truly Are All Making History In Many Ways. Those who are In the Oneness energies, Flowing In the Present Moment of Now are experiencing increased synchronicity. These are experiences which are undeniable and is actually The Divine Plan unfolding and Your Real Connection to The Divine  Intelligence also Called The Unity Grid. This is Precisely How Love is winning On the Planet and the old paradigm of power over is dissolving .

The Way of Love Blog~Nancy B. Brooks, M.Ed., M.Div." TRUTH IS FLOODING INTO THE LIGHT, We are living in very important times—the end of one cycle of approximately 25,000 years and the beginning of the next 25,000 years cycle.... "

Quoted from David Wilcock....." Major geopolitical events are happening at an incredible speed. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we are building up to something very significant..... Something wonderful IS happening. It's just far more complex, and mysterious, and subtle, and all-encompassing, than I had ever realized or expected. Instead of a sudden, thunderous, single moment of change, we are being led through a co-creative process. We are co-creating this change as it comes into being. By staying positive, not giving into fear, and helping spread the truth, we are part of the solution. Synchronicity is not something that is only happening to me and a few others on the Internet. It is happening to all of us -- whether we realize it or not. The key is to understand why.  I don't have to struggle, or exert any effort, to catch these events. It just works. Similarly, the negative will keep fighting for control, but their plans will crumble. Synchronicity is being used, on a mass scale, to intelligently coordinate the downfall of the elite. In some cases, key events occur without the people even having conscious knowledge of what they were doing -- or why it was significant. YOU MAKE THE CHOICE All of this is ultimately being staged for you -- and there is only one of us here. Yet, on a personal level, you have a choice. You can stay in apathy, and believe that life is out to get you and things really suck right now. Or, you can realize that we are on the threshold of the most spectacular, mass spiritual awakening in human history. You make the choice every day -- every moment. When you feel love, peace, acceptance and forgiveness of others, you are part of the solution...."

 Quoted from Meredith Murphy ".....this is a very powerful time. Thank you for being brave and heart felt in your living.....The Equinox is a potent portal of initiation into a higher dimensional expression of the leading edge of human consciousness. It marks a substantial shift in the grid, and the birth of newly established grid — a field populated by the emergence of what is often referred to as the New Human. The New Human as a paradigm of embodied, aware, divine consciousness, is arising. This collective realization of the Christ Consciousness now embodied not just conceptually, but energetically in the full human energy field by those on the leading edge, has created a new system, a group mind[ Heart] in alignment with Divine Will. These New Humans who energetically populate and radiate in resonance with this field of new harmonics, this new matrix of leading edge perspective in form, consciously multidimensional and knowingly divine, is what we are referring to as the Christ Consciousness Grid.

This new framework creates the pathways for these currents of the New Harmonics grounded by these leading edge humans. This energy system will support the further expansion of all individuals on Earth, seed reality with more and more expansive, coherence and order and also begin to transmit and ground the paradigm of the new reality as a collective field. As any of you open to the fullness of your being and to the world, and generate the energetic capacity of this alignment, you move into resonance with this new field.

All-That-Is, is focused upon this shift, because it is the first manifest arrival of the full new human DNA template in form. And activated. Consciously, fully flowing source energy. Able to operate as a whole system as a human energy field. So this is a huge accomplishment to have this arrival approaching....How all this will develop is a beautiful adventure!  A mystery even, for it is new and it is up to you and YOU — the fullness of you! It is unknown how humanity will evolve, change, shift, create and develop and progress as the new collective field emerges and begins to discover more capacity and live as and from this endowment from all that you are. The innate awareness of the Unity of life, and alignment with Divine Will impulsing awakened humans will not only have the influence of powerfully high frequencies, but the clarity and sense of timing that comes from being unified with the intelligent, ordering and harmonious field of their own inner connection to Source Creation......This upliftment will enable the Human Template to function in alignment with Cosmic levels of intelligence, elevating participation from a personal, local, global sphere into and eventually beyond a galactic sphere into a cosmic connection of universal love and being.

Where it goes from here we, with you, will be most excited to see. It is up to us together to discover the new means of collaboration this will enable for us all and to use this for the benefit of all beings and all that is. This is an enormous, substantial aspect of fulfillment of the divine plan for Earth and populates with human presence, bands of resonance that open Earth for participation in the Cosmic playing field, and with a proper orientation to wholeness rather then the local paradigm of duality. So this shift in form further empowers the unity paradigm in humanity and is preparation for the Cosmic Participation of Earth as a Global Citizen in an enlarged landscape. How individual humans remember and ground and create from their multidimensionality in form is the territory of these leading edge new humans. How each of them sense divine will expressing through their unique essence and begin to utilize the fullness of their being on Earth, and collaborate with other enlightened beings, creating grounded Earthly presences of Cosmic Councils and Fields and Families of light, is the great anticipation we all share.

As all of this takes place, chaos will not only continue but expand. It is natural that this will be challenging for many. Being a presence of peace and developing your inner composure will serve the whole very beautifully in this time, as well as support you in sustaining your connection with all that you are and opening to a fuller and fuller embodied expression of this wholeness.

Increasingly the multidimensional is in play within the material and realm of form. At the leading edge where material meets pure potential is the consciousness of the New Human — fluid, present, sovereign, clear and open to all that they are, and open to the world. It is the dawn of a new era. A milestone in the nature of awareness and creation and the potential for the material to be an expanded conscious expression of its Source.

For all of you participating consciously in this awakening epoch, may you absorb the magnitude of your accomplishment. It is important as you integrate this realization that you celebrate the amazing feat you have individually and collectively empowered through your focus and leadership —  through the example you are, you will be and you continue to expand into, the way in which you have by virtue simply of your evolving expanding energy field, uplifted others into this new paradigm of being. We are with you always and we are most excited that you too, are sensing and understanding this great shift into more and more light....." End of Quote

 Quoted from Meline Lafont ...."Beloved hearts, it truly is my pleasure to connect once again with you in this Now moment. Another fantastic opportunity is lingering just around the corner in your current reality which can bring you bit by bit to a higher consciousness and a more refined energy because the upcoming equinox implies the possibility of merging with the Christ Consciousness and also grants the activation of the higher frequencies on your world into your reality.  As always it is a delight for me to share the specifics of those processes that your embodiments and your organisms undergo as it is utterly important to be aware that this time around it is not just an insignificantly small activation but rather, it is distinctly clear that this equinox will cause the most grandiose changes in your inner world and so much more.

We are dealing with a most profound metamorphosis whereby all the old, the familiar, that has been a part of you for so long, is splitting off of you and the new embodiments / layers of your Being are exposed giving them the opportunity to play an active role. .......

It is particularly important to be open for every facet of this Divine process as well as being aware that everything is well. You have to surrender in full acceptance to let the process work itself out, you have to dare to let go, especially the thinking patterns and the mind, otherwise you might obstruct the flow which can cause some sort of discomfort.

The lightworkers who are present on Earth to ground those energies and who function as a channel during this process might expect the most intense energies in order to pass them on to the collective of humanity and to Mother Earth. They are the carriers of the new energies and that is their mission. For them it is of utmost importance that they open themselves up for these energies and that they accept them : that’s what they have to work at and to focus on. Those of you that are here to free the way, the so-called wayshowers amongst you, will take the first hard energetic blows that will dash this duality to smithereens. They have to be extremely balanced and exhibiting inner peace otherwise it might become a difficult challenge. They are here on Earth to free the way out of this duality which often involves the grounding of these changeable energies. So, in a nutshell, they are not just a channel for these energies but in certain cases also the executor..... The upcoming equinox represents an extraordinary portal for the etheric crystalline body. Anyway it will deliver a huge contribution to your self confidence which you will need for the following upcoming portals and opportunities for your evolution. Release, release and release : that is the main theme now and go along with the flow that you are. The incoming energies will assist powerfully in this process of releasing because the moment that they come in, there’s really nothing for you to do but let go and drop everything at that time so that you can be in this NOW moment....."

 We have Shared in previous messages The Words "The Tide is Turning", We would Like to share this Is coming True in a Big and Grand Way for those Who Are Awake through this Equinox. The Winds of Change are Simply Knocking at Humanity's Doorstep, and there Is no where to run or hide as Love is Filling this Entire Planet With Light!  What Humanity came Here for is arriving! The Grandest Experience In All of Creation is Here and Happening On Planet Earth=Heart and We Were Not Going to Miss This! This Equinox Energy is Delivering US Powerful Energies, Surfs UP!

Quoted from Sandra Walters"...  Incredible experiences as we lean into the energy of the Equinox. It is PROFOUND. Alchemy is upon us..."

 Quoted from Aisha North....."As many of you have been made aware of already, the immensity of the incoming waves are certainly not diminishing. Rather, they are growing by the hour, and as such, many of you will find it hard to keep your focus in the days ahead. We say this in order to prepare you for a huge influx of light coming your way, coinciding with that time of the year when your planet is perched seemingly in balance in the heavens.

As you all know well by now, this time of the year is marked by a congruence of the light, whereas all parts of your little blue globe seem to be receiving the equal amount of light and dark at the same time. This happens twice a year, and this time, it will indeed be a time that will be remarked upon by many of your fellow men. Not only all those already focusing their vision on the light, but also by all those still seemingly uninfluenced by the effects these heavenly missives have on you all. For now, it is as if all the floodgates will open at the same time, and as such, the blast of light that accompanies this auspicious time will make its mark on you all. So fret not, even if you might feel ready to implode or fall to pieces in the time ahead, for it is only a signal that heaven has heard your cry for freedom, and it will give all that it have in order to speed up this process as much as possible. For now, there will be no holds barred, and we hope you will all find solace in the fact that although your physical body may be crying out in anguish because of this, your spirit will be soaring higher than ever....." End of Quote

 Quoted from Salusa Through Wally...".A stirring and inspiring event is to occur that will uplift many a heart, and convert and convince many who doubt what we are saying is true, including many of those who are hardened skeptic materialists.

Dear Ones Gaia holds you in her embrace and is Birthing and nurturing a new awareness of light, so from our ships we now see many new bright points of light, as you evolve and expand your consciousness, and the Icelandic story is one of these points of light and is a thorn in the side of the last Cabal.....A loss of power and control in respect to the last Cabal is ongoing and will not stop till they are made destitute and bankrupt, then we can bring all the many new technologies, and this will progress and proceed at a rapid rate, they include technologies in transport, in which you will be gifted with supersonic vehicle to travel in, and in the household with new technologies that will make life easier, with the introduction of food replicators for the home, which can create your meals and basic necessities on demand and work on the power of thought......The barriers and railings put in place by the dark ones will not stop us, as we have many solid backup plans for your planet's successful joining and integrating into the Galactic Federation, with your life then becoming idyllic and fulfilling, and the dark Ones will be swatted out of the way and put where they can not have any power over you. We know by now our messages are oftentimes repeated and seem cliché, but that is necessary to make certain it is retained and remembered...." End of quote

The Truth is True Reality Has Been Decreed and Everyone on this Planet Aware or unaware are made of Light, bottom LINE. What This Means Is All Of Humanity is The Love Called God Everywhere Present and this Truth Has Entered Into the Consciousness of this Planet. We cannot go back. We have shared before there is no where to go back to accept, Home Into The Light.! Ready or Not, Here We Come!

Decreed by Heaven~ Humanity You have a Staff of 12 Million Beings here with You, to assist You through the transition. They are Positioned across the Planet waiting the Go Ahead for the Next facet of the Divine Plan. We are in our Final Sages of this Facet. The Light Is Moving in Energetically Speaking and is contagiously growing fast, intensifying the denser energies for there complete dissolvement. This is the Divine Plan Manifesting Now On Planet Earth=Heart.

Remember Loves we are not in a time linear schedule, We are In A Divine one!

 ~Thank You for Spreading These Messages to Others and Keeping Your Hearts Open and Staying Tuned In~

   Just Be Present and Follow the Synchronostic Events!

   ~End Transmission in All Love is Unconditionally, We are So In Love With Humanity~

 We Love You Unconditionally~ Love, The Galactic Free Press Staff~Humanity's Earth Allies, The Company of Heaven and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.


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That's what I experienced

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"Synchronicity is being used, on a mass scale, to intelligently coordinate the downfall of the elite. In some cases"

Coordinating event's of Earth's magnetic field reversals and the sun, sun's reversals had quite an effect also with the EEG's or so what is an Intelligent Lifeform?? We become all those thing's when we learn what we are.

hehe Namaste :)

An Exploding "Thank You!"

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I feel so honored to you FatherMother God for using my picture of the "Light Exploding" with your update posting. Thank you to all who posted the many quotes following; a true testament to what I am experiencing in this new awakening. Synchronicity is profoundly occurring and this was one of them. I'm very grateful to be recognized in this arena of likeminded beautiful energies of Light and Love; I send an Enormous amount back to you all!