GrandfatherGod is joining. Hello and Love from the Pacific NW

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GrandfatherGod is joining. Hello and Love from the Pacific NW

Hello, you great beings. heart

I'm happy to be a part of this Galactic Family.

I've been reading your messages and love reports for the last 10 weeks. Took me that long to be a part of you love beings because I wanted to choose the right username. Hope you like itsmiley. I know already for a long time that I'm a God and I'm a Grandfather too. And .... I started my spiritual journey in '71. I think I have a lot to say. And I'll start right now creating my first blog.enlightened

rob belt
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lookin forward to your blog, where is it?'71 huh? thats cool.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what are you going to talk about now that you're God?

I'm from the pacific NW myself and getting up there in years . I could still use some Grandfatherly advice. Namaste

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Great to read your reply!

Dear Rob!

I posted my blog 'Newby like to get your help'. I guess you'll find it in the blog area. I experienced that the blogs and the articles of GFP don't have a long 'life span'. They are up in the open for 1 day and then: Stored.

You know: It's good to read all those articles -more or less-, but -and I'm talking for myself- what if the members are reading too much? I checked on comments. There are not many! My understanding is when one is reading to much: After that flood is no intent left to create owns thought. It's like watching TV and you might fall asleep.

Also_ For me, there are no galactic news! We have a ground crew and I want to inspire them to create an above ground crew! We'll see.

Back to your reply: I have a lot to say. It's been a great journey. And I ask myself: Shall I create my own website? Just another one? I prefer to gather myself like I do on a daily -better to say: momentarily- bases. As it is termed by the Hopis; Also I want to have fun in the Galactic and want to visit all those channeled characters (some of them calling them 'ascended masters') and I invited members to start with the 'Noahs'

And hey, my beloved new friend: I'm living in the Oly area. You too?


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