Greetings and salutations from Australia

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Greetings and salutations from Australia

Hi everyone, I don't have much to say for now because I think I got it all summed up in the personal part of my profile. So if you think I am not too weird, drop me a line/post. ;) Otherwise, G'day from the land down under!  /wave  /thumbs up

Bonnie Smith
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Not at all

Hello dear. You are not weird at all. You are lucky and blessed to live in Australia. I would like to someday visit that wonderful wonderland.

Bonnie Smith

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Hey there in Oz

Hey there, I hope you are too weird, I am too. I am also in the land of Oz, Bendigo Victoria to be precise.  I have never met another GFP person in person. Are you nearby?

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No Worries, Mate!

United greetings from the Earth Allies and First Contact Ground Crew Team! I AM TheFlashRon, and live in Redding, CA USA which is about 50 miles south of GFP headquarters. The truth of the matter is, my friend, you would have to be much "weirder" than you think you are to raise an eyebrow around here. Welcome to your Family of Light, alternatefrequency.

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Oh, I've been to redding

Oh, I've been to redding before. I lived there for a short time, it was a wonderful experience. I could see Mt. Shasta from the distance and was spiritually drawn to it. Glad to be here! And thank you weird person you are teaching me about crystals and rocks.

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Wish I'll be living in

Wish I'll be living in Australia someday! instant twitter followers

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Hello! I'm from USA and new

Hello! I'm from USA and new here. Just wanted to stop by. Love and Light! <3

Raleigh Smith
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G'Day mate..welcome to a great site..stay safe and be well....and you are not strange at all...just topped up with a bit more Light than most....visit my site and share with others if you wish...all verses are free to share with all Beings...



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