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Hello from China

Hello Friends,


This is just a message to say hello and send some positive vibrations actoss the globe.


I'm an American living in Changsha, China.  It is interesting to be here in this time of transition.  In a time when old paradigms are coming apart and being exposed by the light.  It is a bit strange to be in a place that is so repressed.  The people do not know what they do not know.  The centuries of closed doors are embedded in everything.


Is it much different than the US?  Certainly, obviously and yet people are people.  In America we live under the guise of a free press, yet still there are so many opportunities available to Westerners that just don't exist here.  This is a place that is very much asleep and the changes that will happen will be huge, vast, and unthinkable to most Chinese.  But they are unthinkable to the average American, I think.


The people here are ready for the shift.  Most are friendly and loving and I sense great changes coming to China.  I feel them in the air, and in my heart.


I am grateful for this site while here in the Middle Kingdom.  I am grateful for all the news and channels that keep me linked to what's happening in and on our emerging, galactic planet.


These are exciting times and I am feeling the energies pouring onto the planet while I process vasanas, release old energies and welcome the shift.  It is a great time to be in physical form.


Love to all,


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hi jeffery, (for some reason i associate that name with girraffes, how bizzare :D) ive heard its rather difficult to use many sites frequented by westerners in china, due to a government blacklist. glad to know The Press isnt on it. you been to see the foo dogs yet? theres sacred geometry on the sphere under their paws

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hello paradox mind

what's bizarre or paradoxical is your giraffe reference.  i teach english in china and tonight one of my students, a tiny little firecracker of a girl who's 9 years old, cute and tiny even for the chinese, started calling me giraffe or jefraffe...something to that effect.  she said because i am so tall, i am a giraffe.  now, an hour later, i open your reply and you reference my name as giraffe.


that's a beautiful synchronicity!  don't you think?  i love those.  and they're happening more and more in this time of transition.


thanks for the share.  i haven't seen under the foo dogs paws.  i'm thinking they're just a figment of your imagination.  :o)  thanks for the tip tho. 


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