How Tea Will Save The World

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My introduction to tea was simple. Overheated water with Lipton and Twinning packets. It was brewed strong and lemon was added to it. That is all I knew.

Then I lived in Japan. I got acquainted with Japanese high-end teas and fell in love. Sencha and Gyokuro were part of my daily life. I still liked coffee but tea felt so much more. Little did I know.

In the last few years, I traveled to China a lot. Over there, I met the person I now call my tea master. Based in Guangzhou, in the southeast part of China, I learned about the traditional Puer we rareky get in the west, raw Puer. I've been drinking his Puers every day for the past year. I learned so much.

In fact, I learned so much that my current profession, highly impacted with California's AB5, COVID-19, and the economic impact on our society has taken a second seat, way behind. I spend my time lerning more about this Emperor or Empress of tea, Puer. I still love my Japanese green teas and drink them. Together, they have opened up a Universe in front of me.

I started buying some of my tea master's Puer with friends in order to cut down on shipping. It has been so great I'm now loking into making it a business. Although a side thing, I hope it grows.

I've learned how tea is the second most drunk liquid on the planet. How only two varieties of the same plant, Camellia Sinensis give hundreds of thousands of teas. I have seen how each place, culture, and country processes and drinks tea differently. From Japan to Africa, where it is also grown, tea takes on another shade of life.

I rarely put on weight because I drink so much tea. My father-in-law was always impressed. I even turned him on to green tea. It helps me concentrate, makes me more even-keeled. Its health benefits are tremendous. This lady once said that tea makes her smart. Who knows and why not?

I love tea. I feel like a tea over coming out of the closet. I hope to switch over my profession to tea, somehow. Your encouragements are appreciated :)