If You Deny God, You Deny Yourself

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God is omnipresent, this is something even the backwards religions teach. Do you understand what this means, how amazing it is? God is not separate from you in anything you do, God is always there. And don't worry, God knows what you look like naked, the realization of God's omnipresence doesn't need to make things awkward when you're taking a shower or during sex.

For those who believe in a judgmental god, I can see how omnipresence can be a frightening thing. Supposedly the ultimate authority figure is watching and scrutinizing everything you do, even more so than the NSA! It's a good thing God Is Unconditionally Loving, which makes damning others through judgment impossible. Still, people damn themselves with their own judgements, and the judgments of others.

What kind of a dumb creator would judge their creations, and not also apply that judgment to themselves? Everything you create is a direct expression of you, and this is why we encourage artistic creation as a form of self-discovery. If an artist creates a painting, and then judges it, good or bad, he's also judging himself. You cannot separate the creator and the creation, the two are forever linked.

Judgmental people create judgmental gods. Jealous people create jealous gods. Angry people create angry gods. There's the whole story of religion right there. God didn't create stupid people though, God created beautiful, unique and Divine Beings who simply put on strange disguises and forgot what was underneath. They became their disguise, and they even fool themselves!

In a Universe where God is omnipresent, which part of you is separate from God? Is separation even possible? It's what some religions teach. God is present in everything, but God is separate from Creation. Does that even make any sense? People make up contradictory belief systems that the whole Universe is supposed to follow to justify the illusions that only exist in their minds. It's only those limiting beliefs that create the illusion of separation.

God Is Creation, All Inclusive. Even the energy used to create an illusion is part of God. It doesn't mean the illusion itself is God, it means the illusion is created with misguided Divine Energy. It's like an optical illusion, it's not the way things really are, it's how you perceive it that creates the illusion. In fact, you exhaust your own Divine Energy in sustaining your illusions, it's a whole lot of work to deny God. Quite exhausting, and quite miserable too, especially because through denying God you also deny Yourself.


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