Knowing Darkness, Being Light

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It's a well known fact to the dualistic mind that you can't have light without darkness. This is one of the fundamentals of duality, that if you have one thing, there must also be its opposite. It's something basic not only to religion, but science as well. It has become “common knowledge” and it's simply assumed to be true.

There is a Light without darkness. Though you can't know light without darkness, you can be Light without darkness. To understand this, you first need to see the difference between knowledge and Being. Knowledge requires the illusion of separation, without that there's no perspective. I have to be apart from something to define it, which creates relativity, and then I can begin to qualify things. The All can't know the All without the One, the individual, and this is the beginning of knowledge.

Your mind contains a reflection of your life on Earth and for the unaware, it can be indistinguishable from the real thing. When a person is dreaming, the dream seems very real, and most don't even realize they're dreaming until after waking up. Of course, for the person who's really questioned the nature of reality, the person who has raised their consciousness above the norm, they start to become aware of when they're dreaming and when they're not. Not only during the night, but during the day too.

People live primarily in their minds, and because of this their minds have enormous influence over their whole experience of life. Knowledge is how the mind works, and a little bit of knowledge can be the difference between temporary happiness and misery. Knowledge seems very important, it colors our whole view of reality to the point that our experiences seem to follow our knowledge, instead of the other way around. For instance, if you believe something isn't possible, chances are you'll never even attempt it.

Our lives are so mind-based that knowing has replaced being. We think we know ourselves, yet this self that we know is nothing more than the ego. That's all the ego is, a collection of everything we know about ourselves. Instead of helping us to really get in touch with ourselves, which is what it seems to do, it actually makes real change and growth more difficult. Knowledge is something static, it resists change by its very nature. Being is dynamic, it's like a river, constantly flowing and effortlessly changing. Dig deeper into your experience of this moment, who you really are is not some construct of knowledge. Your being is alive, you change, and unlike knowledge, you are not rooted in the past unless you choose to be.

The mental world people have collectively created is the illusion. Within it, light seems to depend upon darkness, because that's how knowledge functions. To define something, you also have to define what it is not. Even if you understand that God Is Everything, that knowledge still depends upon the concept of “nothing” within your mind.

There is a Light with no opposite, but it's not the light you know. It's not a light you can know, it's the Light of the Unknowable, aka God or Source. It's beyond the relative world, beyond space and time, but it's not far away. In fact, it's closer to You than you know, though for the dualistic mind it can also seem impossibly far away.

Now I have nothing against knowledge, there's nothing wrong with it, but it's not going to get you to God. This is why for thousands of years the promises of religion have failed to deliver. You can't fit God into a book, or any belief system for that matter. You can't even stuff God into words, though every once in a while the understandings behind the words may resonate with something in your Soul. Let go of the words, see the subtle feelings underneath and you'll begin to understand multi-dimensional thought. The less you engage in linear thinking, which is where knowledge comes from, the more you merge with your Being, which only exists within this Present Moment. It's about disengaging from the mind and ego, and becoming again what you've always been, your Soul.


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