Leaders and Followers

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Here at the Galactic Free Press we discourage both leaders and followers. Who can really teach you to be yourself? You can't find that in another person, they'll teach you to be like they are. There's something very Unique and Beautiful within you, and it's ultimately up to you to discover, create and express that. Following someone else is not the way you get there.

There's many spiritual groups where very unhealthy relationships have developed between the leaders and the followers. It's easy to blame this on controlling leaders, but the followers too bear some responsibility. They influence the leaders in more subtle ways, and actually help to steer their leader where they want their leader to go. The leader controls the followers, and the followers control the leader too, creating a very co-dependent relationship.

In the business world there's people called "brown-nosers", "butt-kissers", and spiritual groups are often full of them. They tell the leader what the leader wants to hear. These people are toxic, it's really a form of psychic vampirism. They inflate the leaders ego, while sucking energy from him or her.

If you every want to halt your development, surround yourself with people who agree with everything you say. They'll keep a protective bubble around your ego, and chase off anybody who would dare challenge your beliefs. It's such a screwed up and dysfunctional way of doing things, but I've personally witnessed it happening within spiritual groups.

Who's the expert on you Being You? Do I really need to answer that? I'll give you a hint, it's not Jesus, or Buddha, or any of the thousands of spiritual teachers alive today. If you try to imitate somebody else, you destroy something very beautiful within yourself. This is a big part of what a religion is, a whole bunch of people trying to be like someone else. When you attempt that, you deny the Divine Uniqueness and Wonder that is You.

The Galactic Free Press is intended to assist people in finding themselves. We'd probably be a lot more popular if we told people how to live their lives, I know there's millions of people looking for that, but it's not what we're here for. That would be encouraging laziness and dependency, the world already has enough of that. You have a Divine Light, an internal compass within, you have an endless supply of Love, and it's up to you, nobody else, to find that Within.


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You are Unique!

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True, that's why I don't like many Spiritual Groups and Communities. 

We are all Unique and have our own Divine Connection in the Universe with our own Life Purpose. 

Imitating someone else would also mean you can't Follow your own Divine Path or Journey. 

Be Proud of who you Are and be Grateful for your own Journey as through this you will Rise to a Higher Level of Consciousness and Grow as a Soul. 


Angelique, Spirituition