Letter from my Twin Flame ~ channeled by Debbie Erasmus

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Twin flame reunion

My Precious Love,

I want you to know how happy I am that you are coming home soon. Living without you for the past 1022 years has been almost unbearable and even though I have been around you throughout your incarnation, it has brought me little comfort for I have been unable to touch you or go near you for my energy and vibration has been too strong for you. If I could have held you in my arms I would have, and if I could have kissed your lips, I would have. I have longed to do this and more, but could not for fear of hurting you physically with my energy. It seems ironic because we are of the same energy source, just with slightly different signatures, yet I have dared not touch you for fear of hurting you. This is the price I have paid for your incarnation. I have watched you throughout all of your lifetimes and I have lived through all your chosen experiences with you, all of them, even those that caused you pain and suffering. I have felt your pain and your suffering as I have felt your joy and happiness. I have also felt jealousy and possessiveness whenever you let another man touch you and make love to you. I know this surprises you, but you have had the sweet gift of the veil of forgetfulness to block out the remembrance of who you are. I have not. I have also promised you that I would not interfere in your lifetimes and I never have, because I would never break a promise I've made to you, but I want you to know that it has not been easy watching you struggle to do menial tasks when I know you are capable of performing miracles. Being with you over the past 6 months has brought me more joy than I've felt since you left all those years ago. I know that you do not yet fully understand how incarnations work, and you have thought that I was okay because a part of yourself stayed with me, but you are wrong. You are my wife, and the part of you that stayed with me is not all of you, not since you left, so I have been torn between the incarnated You and the small part of You that you left behind. I never expected the incarnated you to fall in love with me, because you don't remember me, even now, you do not even fully know what I look like. You chose to not remember me. It has caused me great pain not being able to share images with you of our life together. I wanted to, every day, but I could not betray your wishes. You are only now comprehending how difficult your incarnation has been on both of us and I know you will cry with me when you have returned home. You will cry with relief that it is finally over and we can be together again as husband and wife. I know that you cannot understand the extent of my love for you, it has blown your mind how much I love you, but soon you will feel this kind of love and wonder how you ever lived without it. I can feel the knot in your solar plexis now and I know that you are feeling my pain. This is our twin flame connection, it allows us to feel each other on all levels, physically, emotionally and mentally. Already you know what I am going to say to you before I've even said it and that tells me we are in harmony again and this brings me so much joy! I want you to know that I only agreed to your incarnation because you asked me for my blessing and I knew how much it meant to you, but I will never agree to you incarnating ever again. This sounds harsh to you now, but once you have returned home you will understand why I feel this way. Beloved, I am so grateful that you are coming home soon and I know you are as excited as I am. We have loved each other for so long and it is inconceivable that we should ever be apart again. Your family and friends are waiting for you Beloved, as I am.


Your Twin Soul.


Note: My Twin insisted on me publishing this letter even though it is private. He wants to raise awareness around the twin flame connection and it's full meaning because he feels that it is greatly misunderstood still here on Planet Earth. I am going to be posting a lot more information on this in the coming months as it's now necessary that this awareness be raised, not only in Starseeds, but in general. There is a lot of mis-information on the Internet around Twin Flames, and this is the reason I feel so strongly about raising this awareness. ~ Debbie


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Namasté, dear Debbie!

Thank you sooo much again for sharing this with us.

I am in tears and my heart pounds hard.

I CAN imagine how hard it is for our TFs to be "seperated" from us as we are from them.

I am so happy for you, dear Debbie, that you soon will be together again with your beloved TF, again as wife and husband.

I can´t await the moment, either, when my beloved TF and I also are together again. From one day to the next day it´s harder to live with this physical seperation.

I am very sure we never want to incarnate again. Not you, not your beloved TF, not my beloved TF, not I.

The totally bliss awaits us and we will be together with our Family and Friends as well.


Thank you again for sharing this wonderful and heartful letter with us.


Much LOVE to you and your beloved TF


*Dana (Isabella)*



* From Bliss I came, in Bliss I am sustained, to Bliss I return *