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Sydney Edsill
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Hey everyone,

My name is Sydney. I am 20 years old and live in Pennsylvaina. I came across this sight researching light workers because someone told me they thought I was one. I did a little research and feel like I understand myself a little bit more. I am looking for a mentor, anyone who can help me realize my specific gifts etc. I would really appreciate any responses.



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Well let's start

Let's start with your experiences, they are what makes you One in the All by that I mean your purpose and truths, if you follow teachings and free messages that we got on the press here, I recommend Arch Angel Michaels messages they got good vibes to em. Whaterver you feel resonates with you by which I mean the energies, just by reading stuff you'll know from your experiences and your truths what is clear for you and what works well. Most of the work that lightworkers do is metaphysical and just being is a good part of your work, the rest is just looking up to what feel's right and if ever you need awakening session's to connect to the grids and feel to discern, what is of higher vibration "Love" and what ever is of Lower is based upon your truths and your purpose here. Your chakras are the main energy centers and Usualy when we say what resonates with you will be connected to them, me it's my crown chakra up top my head and my third eye 'the pineal' there's many things you can learn and many categories all you need is time which we all have and it can get into a pass time and Once up in the higher dimensions you'll feel the joy and love of your true being and know exactly what to do because you'll be walking within your truth and purpose on Mother earth.

I hope this helps you a little bit... If you have questions go right ahead we'll answer them when we see it.

Be at One and welcom to the lightworker community haha :) Namaste!

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I hope this helps also

I viewed this video yesterday really good information and truths you may connect with it depending your experiences and can learn much what is going on, plus Motherfathergod can help you much if needed


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