Mother Mary: You Are As Big As The Multiverses, As Illuminated As The Stars – As Channeled by Fran Zepeda – September 8, 2013

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Mother Mary:

My dear ones, the peace in your hearts is palpable and growing, as you progress through your ascension process and your opening of your beautiful hearts for yourselves and all mankind. It is a beautiful sight to see and I stand before you to tell you that you are so loved and cherished.

You are learning to love and cherish yourselves on an even greater level and magnitude, dear ones, and for that and from that you will see much expansion. For it indeed does start with yourselves. Oneness begins from there. Peace begins from there. Expansion begins from there, and from there, all else is affected and nourished on out to infinity.

My dear ones, you have come so far. Your progress is measured in the quantity and quality of Love and Light that you hold in your Hearts, and by now you have an inkling of the expansion and magnitude of it. You are as big as the universe and as illuminated as the stars and so you can feel the potential of You, the potential of how far-reaching your energy is and can be.

Allow your energy now to expand as big as the universe, even the multiverses, and as bright as the stars. For you are all stars, and in your stellar nature, you possess so much potential for love and growth as you encompass your original blueprint of Divinity.

My dear ones, herald the coming of your magnificent stature in the coming days. Allow yourselves to be as big in your energy as you can muster. For the time is nigh to quit denying your essential nature and your essential potential.

Yes, you are as big as the multiverses, as illuminated as the stars, and in your journey back to Oneness, you have yet to discover completely the magnitude of yourselves and your Divine potential.

Your love for yourselves is beginning to equal our love for you, and in that, there is an explosion of growth in your vast landscape of your Beingness, your Multidimensional Beingness. This is hard to fathom, and it is hard to portray for you in your words, as you must instead feel the energy I (with the Company of Heaven) am extending to you through this scribe and to encompass it within your very Being.

Allow this to absorb now, dear ones. I beseech you to absorb and allow this pure and expansive energy wanting to pervade your Being in the coming days and weeks of your linear time.

Accept for this moment that there is so much more existing and going on beneath the surface of your Being, and within the energy of your surrounding environment. We are all becoming One with this increased energy. Can you feel it?

So much of yesteryear is dropping away, like dead leaves from a tree, and just as those leaves make their way back to earth to replenish it, so too the energies of yesteryear, of duality, are absorbed back into the cosmos to emerge as bright and shining energy of New Earth.

You are creating this dear ones; it is being created by all of us together, as we merge our Love energy and bid the old energies goodbye for the advent of a new age. And you are ready for this, my dears – you are so ready!

So accept this and cherish this and feel the new energies coming to you, and within you, with a new perspective and acceptance as your birthright in discovering your Divine Selves.

For now and forever, all will be different. And so it is Now, but as you take off your lenses of yesterday’s beliefs and fears and perspectives, you will begin to see the shining new world that you have created.

And I leave you now, dear ones, with these words of encouragement to relax and surrender and accept the New You, as it becomes true form with your minute-by-minute allowance of the Reality of it.

All my Love is yours, dear ones, from my Heart to yours.

Mother Mary


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