No Such Thing as a Higher Self

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For the sake of understanding, I often use the term "Higher Self" since it's a concept people already know.  It's our True Self, who we are when we're completely unfettered by judgments, fears and ego. It's our connection to Source, total Freedom and boundless Joy. So why would I say there's no such things as a Higher Self?

Well the problem comes from the word "higher", it creates the idea that our real self is someplace above us. It creates this higher self/lower self duality and puts a gap between the two. If you say, "I want to get in touch with my Higher Self", who is the "I", the self that's saying that? Unconsciously, you're declaring that you are your lower self, otherwise known as the ego.

Now I'm not saying everyone who uses the term Higher Self is wrong, please don't take what I'm writing that way. Part of the problem with using a dualistic language is that it's very challenging (actually impossible) to properly describe Reality. I likely will continue to use the term Higher Self, but it's important to understand the subtle illusions contained within that concept.

The "Higher Self" is the real you, not higher, not someplace outside, but deep Within. This is why it's so important to peel back all the layers of the ego. It's our self-judgments, all of our limiting thoughts, trying to live up to other's standards, and our lack of self-Love that prevents our True Self from shining through. I guarantee the authentic you is beautiful, our beauty is in our uniqueness, it's the conformity of the ego and the self-loathing that comes along with it, that creates ugliness.

People talk about the Higher Self like it's some separate Being, but it's more you than the ego is. This is one of the major paradigm shifts that needs to occur if people are truly going to heal. It's not "the lower self and the Higher Self", it's "the mask of ego and the Self". That Divine Spark of Consciousness at the very Center of your Being is not there by mistake.

Stepping into your Self is not likely to happen all at once and then be done with, integration is usually a bit of a process. In fact most everyone has gone back and forth many times during their lives. Moments of true passion, joy, wonder, and intuitive flow happen when you're in touch with your authentic Divine Self. The key is awareness, awareness of when you're feeding into the ego, and awareness of when you're Being Your Self. I wish I could give you "5 Easy Steps To Being Yourself™", but I don't know how to be you, I only know how to be me. Self discovery and creation ultimately has to come from Within.


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Thank you! That rings true for me and I REALLY needed to hear (read) that today! <3