A request for donations & an explanation of what the GFP is about - Updated

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At the Galactic Free Press, we like to explore new and different ways of doing things. We give everything away for free, we don't try to sell anything, and we don't offer special services for only those who can afford them. We give freely, and we're largely supported by those who can give freely in return. We see this as part of the new paradigm.

Asking for donations is not our favorite thing to do, but we've learned that if we don't specifically ask, we don't get very much. Our landlord doesn't give us a house for free nor does the local supermarket give us free food just for being "spiritual" people. We have the same expenses as most people, as well as paying for a web site and a few other services related to that.

The Galactic Free Press is very much our job, though I don't mean that like it's a burden. We're happy to do it, it's our passion. We put around 5 hours or more of combined work each day into the site through writing articles, posting articles, reading articles, searching for new things to post, answering questions (through email, on our site, and on Facebook), providing technical support to our users, and all the work that comes from maintaining an independent website. Providing our website, as well as a network of support for people through other sites as well, is no small task. We do ask for help through donations or through active participation.

When I said we give freely, I meant it as more than just free access to our site. The articles we write ourselves are quite literally given away freely. We release all copyrights, which means they're in the public domain, and they belong to everybody now. You can do whatever you want with them, you could even put them into a book and sell them for your own personal profit.

While we do have ads on the site now, I'm hesitant to rely too much upon them. To make decent money from ads, we need popular articles, but that's not what this site is about. Often truth is difficult to accept, which makes it anything but popular.

So what happens if we don't get enough in ad revenue and donations to support ourselves? Who knows? We live in the moment, and we'll be okay. I'm not going to tell some pity-me story to try and extract donations from people. However, if we do need to find other ways to provide for ourselves, it will likely mean we're not able to put the same amount of energy into the Galactic Free Press anymore. We don't have any plans of shutting down the site or anything like that, but if we don't get enough support, the amount of posts on the site, and the amount of help we're able to offer others, will likely drop.

We've noticed that in our society, lies are far more profitable than truth. Even within spiritual groups we've noticed that fantastical stories, predictions for the future, and complicated belief systems are often more popular than simple truths. We probably would get more donations if we posted that sort of thing, but we feel that stuff is the last thing people need more of. We're more about radical personal evolution that can be done in this Moment, not waiting on something to happen in the future. The changes people expect will be a long time coming so long as people just expect them and wait for them. Change comes to those who actively create it.

Lastly, we're not living the high life, the amount we get is below what California considers the poverty level. We're certainly not doing this to get rich. We ask for only what we need, and for people to provide what they are able. We have many thousands of visitors each day, and we ask that instead of giving your extra money to Hollywood or some major corporation, that you consider giving it to a service dedicated to raising the Consciousness of everyone.


The Galactic Free Press
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 - I only wish I could do

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 - I only wish I could do more so you'd never have to ask. But I'm here for the duration tho, so we'll see.....