Terminological Demands

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Terminological Demands

Attuning into the higher fields has the potential to give about rises of information which is susceptible to change by a gradual breaking point which brings us beyond the void/veil. Information which shifts unattended can be carried on susceptible points throughout the grids networking force and initially cause a downfall within our memory.

Around the word more people are working up to the awakening individuals by having access to their level of initiative force which works by temporal grids. Initially I am one of the workers which have been in training in the past year and had brought us on a simple route which had very strong energies which supplied us with more routes within the nexus… This portrayed the exact moment where initials to other dimensional beings or simply contact with other dimensional beings can carry on big change in our own system and grid networks while allowing something as anti-matter to be gathered at places like CERN.

Why would I be talking about CERN, well its effects are simply one way of seeing what kind of experiences we can get from something which they don’t truly understand. If antimatter can affect the psyche of humans around the world then initially this would be susceptible to what had happen in the past while I had not much of an idea what was going on when events would happen which were supernatural. So in extents I just found some information which would seem as correct enough for me to follow through without actually accepting it as truth. It simply set a basis where I could put my mind on for adjustments while finding more pieces to the puzzle which allowed me to enter other “kinds” of experiences. In a way it was very exponential, aggravating, and unexplainable but by allowing myself to delve deeper into it, I became more of what I am today with this kind of work and my experiences within the higher grids and more so supernatural realms either in activity or experiences after activations and other kind of influences which could have potentially brought me to a breaking point in effects I had a transfiguration in 2012 and the recovery was very “welcoming” is the word I am going to use… The transfiguration allowed me to jump some steps ahead in my music progress with my electric guitar and some of my drawings which were different to me because I never could have imagined myself drawing or playing something like I do now in chances of getting things right with practice and hard work. The main force was meditation which help me get into a trance and access higher levels of our beings (Consciousness) the energy was patterned in a new way which allowed new structures to form throughout my grids which excelled in past expectations of forces which I had communion with by simple adjustments within my timeline.

This can be achievable by simply “stumbling” upon information which can have greater effects subliminally than externally by having us rewire impartations within our brains structure… I guess you could say some folks out there are working very hard to get things right without many humans noticing. You just have to get the right formulation and then the access codes are given then the fun begins, the new experiences and more so our famous singularity for abilities which are lying dormant. Altered states of consciousness are one of the greatest potential force which we can work with to allow other beings to come in contact with you… In a way they are there in secrecy waiting for the right formulation then you can be regarded as one of the other kind which works in many different ways substantially without being noticed much (The difference) physically as you do your daily activities and socializing things like that.


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