Twin Flame Divine Love – by Debbie Erasmus

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There is much controversy over what it is like being with your Twin Flame. We would like to share our experience of this with you, but do bear in mind that everyone is unique in their experience. Just like no human relationship is the same, your relationship with your Twin Flame is also unique.

My Twin Flame is not embodied here on Earth but that does not mean he is not with me.  This incarnation is not just mine, it is ours. He has experienced everything with me, and through me. He knows my thoughts, and he experiences every single moment of my life with me.  I am embodied here as an individual, but I am not an individual Being.  My male counterpart is the other part of my Self, my Soul. He is what is referred to as my Higher Self. Together we are one Being. We can never be separated, although it appears that we have been because our female essence took embodiment. But that is part of the illusion of being embodied. If we had to be separated it would be too painful to bear and literally unthinkable to even begin to comprehend.

One of the fun parts about being embodied is discovering each other again as you become reunited. Slowly recognition returns to the embodied one as your counterpart helps you to remember who you are. You are not the same as before, your embodiment has ‘expanded’ You.  Perhaps a good example would be to imagine the Earth plane as being an exotic store like Macy’s. You go into Macy’s and find the clothing section and try on various outfits and shoes to see what it is that fits ‘You’. Sometimes you will find the perfect outfit and shoes to go with it and you will exclaim – “This is definitely me! “ It may be that you discover you love striped socks that go all the way up to your knees! Who knows? That is the beauty of being embodied. You get to decide and discover new things about your Self. Your male counterpart now has a female counterpart who loves striped socks and he goes “Okay, wow! I never thought she’s go for that look, but it’s cool. I can get used to that!”

As your Twin shares more and more of his energy with you, your vibration will increase and so you are able to experience once more the joy of being in Divine Love. There are no words in the human language to express how this feels. Not only is this love deeply intimate, it is highly spiritual, because it is sacred. It is also fun and romantic! My Twin and I have shared so much joy together and we share jokes that have made us both laugh out loud. He plays me his favorite music – we are music addicts and we love to make music and we have spent hours listening to videos on YouTube. We have gone through stages where we’ve listened to U2, in particular the song “Magnificent” because the lyrics have certain meaning for us. Another song my Twin and I listened to was “Incomplete” by the Backstreet Boys. When I lost my way, which was often, he would play Sheryl Crow’s “Safe and Sound” to remind me he is with me and that I am safe.  A couple months ago he was playing Sting’s “If I Ever lost My Faith”.  Sometimes I would wake up to a new song I did not recognize and I would ask him “What song is that?” and he would tell me it’s something he is working on and that he is waiting for me to come home so we can finish it together. The other day I heard “Yummy yummy yummy I’ve got love in my tummy” and I had to google it to see what song he was playing! It still makes me smile.. :)

We are both so excited that our incarnation is almost over. We have both decided we are never doing this again!  But we know that ‘never’ is a long time and that someday in some other galaxy somewhere there may be another planet that needs our help, and we’ll answer her call because it’s what we do.  There is no one place we call Home, because we exist on many different levels on many different dimensions. Home is where We are, where our Heart is. We love you and we hope that you enjoyed reading our message today.


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