The Worst Thing That Could Ever Happen

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The most horrible thing I can ever imagine happening to a being is for them to believe they're separate from God. I don't think it could get any worse than that. If this were to happen, people would forget what Love really means, they would descend into fear and suffering. They would poison themselves with hate, lie, cheat, steal, enslave and even murder people who are really their brothers and sisters. No, I don't think I could imagine anything worse than that.

The greatest darkness is to no longer be able to see the Light, to be unaware of your own Soul. Isn't this how most people live their lives? Is not the world run by fear and greed? There's always exceptions because of the incredible potential of the human heart, but collectively, humanity is still very much in darkness.

Hell isn't some place you go when you die, it's something you create for yourself through your own mind. Even a pope once admitted the truth about hell, he said that "Hell is separation from God". I could not describe it any better.

So why do I bring all this up? Mostly because I don't believe ignoring the problems is going to make them go away. People have already tried that, it hasn't worked at all. Another "solution" people having tried is hoping for a better future, yet in the thousands of years people have been doing that it hasn't worked very well either. Political solutions have been attempted, and what a joke those have been. There's this myth that's even spread by spiritual people today that a new economic system is going to fix things, yet I don't believe for a moment that's a real answer.

So what's the problem and what's the solution? Well the core of the problem is the very first thing I mentioned in this article, people believing they're separate from God. The solution becomes obvious for someone who really understands the situation. And I don't mean getting people to believe they're connected to God, it might be an slight improvement, but it's still just another mental belief. It would still mean people are caught up in their minds, which is precisely why people are so disconnected from God.

Love is the path back to God, not through the mind and it's beliefs, but through authentic feeling and the Heart. You've heard this before though, haven't you? It's not exactly a secret. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of human beings have been told this, and it just goes to show you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. Free will and all that.

Thankfully, it's not up to you to solve the whole world's problems. If you're carrying that burden around, you can drop it now, it doesn't really help anybody. It just so happens that the greatest thing you can do for yourself is also the most helpful thing you can do for the rest of humanity. Drop all your fear, pain, and suffering, and rediscover the Divine Spirit within Yourself and within Everything. Your little mind isn't going to solve the world's problems, little minds are what create the problems. God already has the solution to all the problems, God already had the solution before the problems even existed. Even more accurately, God Is The Solution to all the worlds problems, you don't need to make it anymore complicated than that.


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Re-aligning consciously with Source ...

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... is the beginning of Heaven on Earth in ones personal world of experience. Key here is STILLNESS. Quiet mind, acceptance of what currently is present. Loving enfoldment of such emotions as may be perceived. LISTENING for direction from The Invisible ... and KNOWING that CREATOR is TOTALLY PRESENT IN ONESELF.

I am SO IN LOVE with the "work" that WE are about, as a conscious body on earth. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.