Your Twin Flame and You ~ by Debbie Erasmus

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You exist as one Being, one Soul, that has a female and male polarity, with exactly the same energy and signature, thus your energy is referred to as Twin Flames. You have existed always in divine harmony and bliss together. Your Creator did not create you to be alone. You were created with the perfect Divine counterpart, a Sacred partner or Twin energy that is your female or male Divine complement.

You and your Twin have the ability to take form in separate bodies or stay formless and experience the ecstasy of merging your energies together to experience Divine union by joining and becoming One. You have never been apart, nor shall you ever be. How can you be apart from your Self? The only way you can think yourself apart from each other is if you forgot who You are.

When you incarnated on Planet Earth, not only did you forgot who You are when you fell under the veil of forgetfulness, you also fell under the illusion of separation. Your incarnated physical form allowed you to only take one polarity of your Self into form. So many of you may feel strangely incomplete and some may even yearn for a love that is unconditional, yet seemingly unattainable in your Earthly existence. Because you forgot who you are, and believed yourself to be alone, you were not able to perceive the other part of You existing on a higher level or dimension, until now.

Your Twin is the part of You that is sometimes referred to as your Higher Self. Your Twin has never left you. He or she has stayed with you throughout your entire incarnation here in this earthly realm. For this is not just your incarnation, it is theirs also. They experience everything you experience, feel every emotion you have felt and heard every word you speak. They have been through all of it with you, every little tiny bit of it. Not just in this current lifetime, but throughout all the lifetimes you are having during this incarnation.

They are your guide and they will communicate with you through your intuition and telepathically once you have remembered this way of communicating. They know which is the easiest and best route to follow to give you the experiences you have chosen, and they are continuously giving you their love, support and guidance. They are also your co-creators upon this earthly realm. They hold within them, the God-spark that is within your Soul, and they are your connection with the Divine Creator, and All That Is.

They also know the entire blueprint you set up for your incarnation; they know what contracts you have in place with those you have incarnated with, and they know what those contracts entail, so they will guide you in order to help you fulfill them accordingly. Basically there is nothing your Twin doesn’t know about You because you are One Being.

Now at this time, Twins are coming together in order to fulfill their combined and Sacred mission here on Earth. You may hear a loving word whispered in your Sacred heart center, or a brush of energy against your arm. Whatever the case, when the time is right, they will connect with you. The time will be right when you have released your earthly ego and most of the negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs around your earthly existence. When you have released the ego and these lower energies, and you start to accept the higher vibration of Divine love into your Sacred heart center, you will be more in harmony within yourself and ready for your Twin to connect with you.

Archangel Michael has stated time and time again that a very small minority of Twins incarnate at the same time, and if they do find each other and come together in this earthly realm, it will seldom result in a blissful experience. This is an extract of a message from him given through Ronna Herman¹:

“Unless the two people involved are firmly on the path and are fairly balanced within, these unions do not result in the bliss state, but bring more strife and unhappiness into their lives. There is often an obsession with each other which results in a “can’t live with, but can’t live without” situation, for they have not learned the secret of sacred love and are still playing the game of duality and ego-driven love with many conditions.” ~ Archangel Michael

This leads to many frustrated and unhappy couples and further misunderstanding of the Twin Flame connection. Connect instead with the higher aspect of your Twin. He or she has the ‘magic’ to help you transform your Earthly existence into one of Divine Love and Unity. Your dis-incarnate Twin is your source of strength and unconditional Love. He or she has the capacity to go the extra mile, to stand with you, no matter what, and to support you through this tumultuous time of transformation. This has never happened  before! You have never ascended before in your physical body, and you cannot do it alone, nor do you have to. Release all that does not resonate with Divine Love and allow the other part of your Self, your beloved Twin to re-unite with you.

Blessings and Much love!


¹Archangel Michael ~ The Ecstasy of Twin Flame Sacred Love

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Yes, I am with my twin flame. Everything is the perfect dimensions and fit together perfectly. We used to think the same way about spirituality, but as this article says, soulmate lifetimes are not for the faint of heart. Lots of Karma. My question is : Who is my higher self?


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Thanks for your comment. Your TF is your Twin Soul too, so in actual fact your TF is your HS. You are one soul, one Being.

Hope this makes sense ~ Blessings!


Check with your heart

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I find the idea of our twin flame being our Higher Self unusual, as I have never heard of that idea before, especially having been a student of spirituality and philosophy since the early 1970's. I experience my Higher Self as my personal broadband connection to Creator Source, I don't claim that the article is disinformation, just that what was stated did not resonate with that which I AM.

Blessings All