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Before hosting the January 25th Ladies Night Open Mic (A Co-Ed Event) last night, I went to the Open Heart Mic at the SILK ROAD CHAI SHOP in the spirit of comradery and respect, and was surprisingly greeted with a 9-1-1 SITUATION. The red light seen in this photo is from one of the Emergency Vehicles. Those of us there for the Open Mic "held space" for the man that needed help last night from the Paramedics, and it was amazing to see him get revived.

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Today holds a many in mourning. I hear 70+ countries had people in those towers...Ive heard the names read off.... .... ... .. .... seems like forever. But yeah, we need to share the Stinger missile video, the one which has the IR marker shown just before impact.


WE need to tell the truth.


Numbers dont lie. Buildings dont fall floor after floor.Its all or nothing. Chunks at a time.


TO those that dont know much about steel, Ive lived on a steel ship for over four years. Does it give, under great pressure.Does it warp, only when impacted. Does it BURN? not unless you use a gas torch to it. Paint on the other side may burn...but the steel will remain in place. Any NAVAL firefighter will tell you that. STEEL is STEEL. I dont care if its a A-brace, a K-brace, or a building brace.


Yet DC (and news media) make it look like its made from aluminum tin foil. No my friends, steel is not forgiving. Its ROCK SOLID. It doesnt move easily.


Airplanes are made from ...you guessed it AIRPLANE grade ALUMINUM. (which when superheated, will melt)


Thermite will tear thru an engine block if put on the hood of a car.



ANY more questions about 911? The flyover? I dont know.. damage estimator? Yes there was a UFO there. It whizzed by a news helochopper.


Today was a day of unification of being HU-MEN and HU-WOMEN.Of being EARTHLINGS.

But dont get me wrong. Leave a package on the subway downtown...I will find who left it.


We should be policeing ourselves. WHAT happened to neighborhood watch? Cartel got in the way? TERRORISTS(theres that IST and ISM word again) got in the way?...THIS IS AMERICA! TAKE it BACK and KEEP it that way. IF we DO NOTHING, they will take it back from us. HAVE we LEARNED NOTHING?


Today is the day to BE WHO WE ARE.


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