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Before hosting the January 25th Ladies Night Open Mic (A Co-Ed Event) last night, I went to the Open Heart Mic at the SILK ROAD CHAI SHOP in the spirit of comradery and respect, and was surprisingly greeted with a 9-1-1 SITUATION. The red light seen in this photo is from one of the Emergency Vehicles. Those of us there for the Open Mic "held space" for the man that needed help last night from the Paramedics, and it was amazing to see him get revived. "One of our local homeless men just overdosed on heroin", is what I was told. The whole thing, of course, triggered me in a lot of ways--TEARS FLOWED--but I was actually grateful to be there. To me, that man is just a manifestation of our GLARING PLANETARY 9-1-1 SITUATION. 

The Silk Road Chai Shop Mount Shasta, California #EMERGENCY #MOUNTSHASTA