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Before hosting the January 25th Ladies Night Open Mic (A Co-Ed Event) last night, I went to the Open Heart Mic at the SILK ROAD CHAI SHOP in the spirit of comradery and respect, and was surprisingly greeted with a 9-1-1 SITUATION. The red light seen in this photo is from one of the Emergency Vehicles. Those of us there for the Open Mic "held space" for the man that needed help last night from the Paramedics, and it was amazing to see him get revived.

Marshall Islands declares state of disaster

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Weatherzone, By: ABC, 05/10/2013


Marshall Islands has declared a state of disaster in the island nation's north due to prolonged drought. The decision was made this week after United Nations assessment teams found approximately 10,000 people have so far been affected.


They say there is not enough clean drinking water, food gardens are dying from lack of water, and there are concerns about the spread of disease and illness.


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