Tornado watch issued for parts of Florida region because of wild weather

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Orlando Sentinel, By: Tiffany Walden, 11/27/2013

A tornado watch has been issued for parts of Central Florida as the entire region faces an ongoing threat from rough weater. The watch was issued for Marion, Sumter and Polk counties. Marion and also under a freeze watch for Wednesday night through Thursday morning. A tornado watch means conditions are favorable for twisters. Strong storms are already soaking parts of Central Florida.


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Manatees: When Push Comes to Shove

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National Geographic, 4/2013-Mel White


Picture of a Florida manatee underwater in King

Photograph by Paul Nicklen



The welcome sign on the outskirts of Crystal River isn’t the kind you see every day: “Manatee Information: Tune to 1610 AM,” it reads. Then, too, not many towns have a red-white-and-blue statue of an endangered marine mammal in front of City Hall.

Stop to ask where you can see these aquatic celebrities, and you learn that a couple dozen local dive shops offer snorkeling tours in Kings Bay. Or you can rent a kayak and paddle to one of the warm springs where manatees hang out in winter. Or if you want to watch from dry land, you can head over to the canal west of Three Sisters Springs.


Banks fraudulently foreclose on millions of Americans

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Published on Aug 13, 2012 by RTAmerica


Florida will be one of the battleground states in the upcoming presidential election. Apart from having a large number of seniors who are concerned about issues like Medicare and taxes, the state also has one of the highest percentages of home foreclosures, falling only after California. Lisa Epstein who is running for clerk of courts in Palm Beach County, Florida shares her first-hand experience with RT's Kristine Frazao.

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