'You shall not pass!' Native American groups vow to block Keystone XL pipeline

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By:, 02/06/2014

A group of Native Americans and supporters demonstrate in support of the 'Idle No More' First Nations Canadian movement in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

An alliance of Native American communities has promised to block construction of the northern leg of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, which, if approved by President Barack Obama, would carry crude tar sands oil from western Canada through the US to Texas. In a joint statement entitled ‘No Keystone XL pipeline will cross Lakota lands,’ Honor the Earth, the Oglala Sioux Nation, Owe Aku, and Protect the Sacred declared their support for resistance action against energy corporation TransCanada’s building of the parts of the pipeline planned to cut through Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska before meeting with a constructed line in Kansas. The existing line would then move the crude tar sands through Oklahoma and into Texas for refineries on the Gulf Coast.


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Some 300 rallies held in US after State Dept green lights Keystone XL

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By:, 04/04/2014

Protesters rally against the Keystone XL oil pipeline outside The White House in Washington February 3, 2014. (Reuters / Yuri Gripas)

Photo: (Reuters / Yuri Gripas)

As many as 300 candlelight vigils in cities across the US were scheduled for Monday night, as those in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline urged President Obama to ultimately reject the project that will ship tar sands oil from western Canada to Texas.


In parks, city halls, churches and other venues, thousands of peaceful demonstrators showed their opposition to the 1,179-mile pipeline that would move high-carbon tar sands oil through the heart of the United States, from western Canada to a hub in Nebraska, where it would then connect with other existing pipelines to deliver 800,000 barrels of crude oil a day to refineries in Texas.


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Why Doris Signed the Petition to “World Leaders: Tell Us the Truth in 2014″

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By: Stephen Cook, 01/03/2014



An Open Letter To Governments Opening Titles-01Doris M. Sumner of Friday Harbor, Washington, USA signed the Petition to “World Leaders: Tell Us the Truth” in 2014. Here she tells why: “At the advanced age of 78, I am discovering that most of what I have learned throughout my life is not true. The history of the world as taught in schools is very different from what actually occurred. Humanity has been controlled by what we now refer to as the 1%, who keep the masses in poverty and ignorance in order to enslave them. ‘The TRUTH will set you free’


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Harvard students vote to ban bottled water

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Natural News, By: PF Louis, 12/15/2013

Though this story is based on a Harvard student body decision, as of early 2012, over 90 colleges and universities of varying sizes and types throughout the USA have banned or restricted bottled water sales as demanded from student-led referendums and lobbied directives. The motives are mostly ecological.


But there are also health issues directly related to using those plastic bottles and of course tap water. The offered solution is creating stations on campus that can effectively filter and process out those chemicals where students and faculty may refill glass or metal containers or even reusable plastic containers. Those stations, which purify water with charcoal filtration and reverse osmosis, have become ubiquitous in health food stores and even standard supermarkets.


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Massachusetts seeks 10-yr ban on gas fracking after series of Texas quakes

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By:, 11/30/2013

Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

An environmental committee at Massachusetts Statehouse has approved a bill, imposing a 10-year ban on fracking for natural gas. The move comes as a wave of earthquakes in Texas has raised new concerns over the controversial drilling technique.


The Massachusetts fracking moratorium bill is designed to protect the state’s drinking water from possible contamination and thus "ensure that the health and prosperity of our communities is maintained," according to one of the legislation's sponsors, Northampton Democratic state Rep. Peter Kocot, cited by AP. To become law, the temporary ban on fracking has yet to be approved by the lawmakers and signed by the Democratic Governor, Deval Patrick. The Massachusetts legislative move was taken on Friday, the day after Texas was stuck by a 3.6 magnitude earthquake, one in a row of similar episodes during the last three weeks. The finger of blame is being pointed at fracking. The series of small earthquakes caused no casualties, but left local Texas residents fearing worse could be in store.


Eyes of the Nation on Colorado Towns' Fracking Fight

Silver's picture, By: Lauren McCauley, 10/30/2013

In what many are calling the new "ground zero" in the national fight against fracking, the toxic gas and oil extracting process is on the ballot in four Colorado towns where citizens are taking on the heavyweights of the fossil fuel industry. Following the example of Longmont, which last year became the first Colorado city to ban fracking, next Wednesday, voters in Boulder, Broomfield, Lafayette and Fort Collins will have the opportunity to choose whether or not they support the controversial extraction method of shale oil and gas in their communities.


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Why Are People Protesting GMO's and Monsanto

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In this video Luke Rudkowski interview people at a recent Monsanto protest in NYC. He asks the attendee why they are there, one fact about Monsanto and what they hope happens.

Anti-NSA Activists to March on D.C.

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By: News Staff, 10/23/2013

NSA protestors

Privacy activists plan a massive march on Washington, D.C., this weekend demanding that Congress rein in the National Security Agency. The Saturday event, dubbed the Rally Against Mass Surveillance, is being organized by a coalition called Stop Watching Us.


More than 570,000 people have signed a petition in support of the group, and more than 100 public advocacy organizations and companies will be represented at the march and rally. The rally is also being supported through a public service announcement featuring film celebrities like John Cusack, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Oliver Stone. Activists will lobby Congress on Friday, asking for changes to the federal government’s policies regarding data collection. Their demands include changes to Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act of 2001, the state secrets privilege, and the FISA Amendments Act in order to stop blanket surveillance and to increase government transparency.


Fighting Back Against the Tyranny of the National Security State

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Alternet, By: Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, 10/18/2013

This week may be seen as a turning point in the fight back against NSA spying by creating new systems to overcome the surveillance state. There have been protests against the NSA’s spying program but they focus only on legislative solutions. While legislation is needed, many of the solutions lie within our own power and often merely require the government to get out of the way.  Technological solutions to government surveillance may be more important than legislation.


President Obama’s independent commission is anything but independent; it is filled with members of the surveillance state and organized under the auspices of the NSA.  We are not going to get a “Church Committee” in the current Congress.  The leadership of both parties and President Obama are too tied to the surveillance state – or, perhaps too afraid of it – to challenge it. The director of National Intelligence, James Clapper was not even reprimanded or forced to resign when he committed perjury before Congress about surveillance on Americans – something for which he should be criminally prosecuted. Protests against the surveillance state continue to grow. There is a mass protest planned for October 26th in Washington, DC against NSA surveillance



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