Eyes of the Nation on Colorado Towns' Fracking Fight

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Commondreams.org, By: Lauren McCauley, 10/30/2013

In what many are calling the new "ground zero" in the national fight against fracking, the toxic gas and oil extracting process is on the ballot in four Colorado towns where citizens are taking on the heavyweights of the fossil fuel industry. Following the example of Longmont, which last year became the first Colorado city to ban fracking, next Wednesday, voters in Boulder, Broomfield, Lafayette and Fort Collins will have the opportunity to choose whether or not they support the controversial extraction method of shale oil and gas in their communities.


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Fracking in Colorado

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They have such useless commercials as you can imagine, saying this is safe and without it it will ruin our communities.  And it goes on to say that we have thought this out very carefully and it won't harm you, it is safe.  

The protests shown above, were not covered on my local news and I watch the Denver news.