Solar Flares

The Sun is Breaking Open and Seeding the People with Remembrance of their Soul

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The Eclipse Impact

The eclipse on August 21 brought in a new octave of consciousness and a new experience in which things have been shaken up and extreme, especially the weather with floods and fires and earthquakes and solar storms which continue. The eclipse was a nexus point and a harbinger change, a coming into seeing the shadows. After that, there was a time of inner quiet and processing, of going within until in which Mercury was retrograde and then started moving forward on September 5. Retrograde- in astrology means that is a time to revisit, review from the within.
I found myself feeling intense emotions and moving through them with forgiveness work, of self and others which rippled out from the quantum inner level and was reflected in friendships with others pretty quickly. We have so much power to change our inner world, to more calm and peace and see it reflected outside of us. That being said, it may be a time of great challenge to be the calm within the outer storms. It is a matter of not getting hooked on what is happening and to keep going inside, or so I am learning as an eternal student.  

Immersive venues for Contact Modules

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Immersive venues for Contact Modules

Interactions in core groups as ECETI and CSETI, are complimentary for humans which want to advance, learn develop some of the abilities, and experiences which allows comemorable extensions of worldwide phenomena’s to become (Get) active in formations which allows a prosperous amount of individuals to (get to) understand the general fabrics of how these things are going to manifest in the near future. The beings in the crafts and so on experiences with extra dimensions and more so, eventually some factions will contact more people on Earth to individually converse what is important in moments while some others are simply giving out their presences to allow humans to adapt in what we term some subjectable matters which would be in this case, unsurmountable if it were to let people interact directly, physically…

Some matters which are concessive in reasoning, how these beings are having or setting up a generalized idea of what is out there, and how they are, as peaceful and angelic, can sometimes make us wonder in effects to why it can be so, in some ways it allows us to get to know them in a way which is natural to us as love is one of the main factors in how this concession is apparatus… Meaning the world interactions made with extra-terrestrials and other dimensional groups, beings, can become different on occasions if you allow, get to see some of their purpose or agenda? In some cases, what their purpose is, has substantial matters on how we will evolve… In actuality, many things which are from differing groups, pertains to some matters in which we are going to become used to in the future.

Moon Upstages the Erupting Sun (PHOTOS)

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By: Laura Dattaro, 01/31/2014

A solar flare erupted from the sun yesterday morning just as the moon passed between the sun and a NASA satellite, resulting in some amazing pictures and video of an eclipse only visible from space. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has been orbiting the Earth and keeping eyes on the sun since its launch in February 2010. Yesterday morning starting at 8:31 a.m. Eastern, the moon passed between the Earth and SDO for about an hour and a half, the longest such transit ever recorded, providing ample time for SDO to snap pictures of the black circle of the moon eclipsing the fiery sun. These transits occur two to three times each year, according to NASA.

In the photos, the moon appears nearly as large as the sun, due to the moon being so much closer to SDO than our star, which is nearly 93 million miles away from Earth. (The farthest the moon ever gets from Earth is about 400,000 miles.) The moon’s edge is so sharp in the photos because it has no atmosphere to distort the sun’s light.


Love Can't Be Stopped

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The waves of energy  are coming in now at an ever increasing rate bringing us more fully into the unity consciousness field. No longer are we experiencing week long periods of clearing or even day to day clearing cycles; this pattern has changed to moments. Indeed we are in a vibrating field of energy now as the intensity of the November energetic flow increases.

One cannot stress enough the importance of staying in the moment of NOW. There is no past and no future and no worries in the moment of NOW.

Focusing on gratitude for each and everything in your life will assist you in staying balanced and whole and feeling the love that you are...Know that you are surrounded and lifted up by your angels. You are completely loved and cared for. Each moment spent allowing the pain of old traumas and issues to clear, will only lift you higher on your journey. Breakdown = Breakthrough!

Samhain Blessings

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Well we’ve reached the end of October, and although this year may not have been what we expected in terms of Ascension and planetary changes, I hope we can all agree that we are not the same person we were at the beginning of the year, let alone the beginning of the season.  Samhain is the time of year when the veil is known to be the thinnest. That is, the world we live in and the spiritual world are at their closest of the year, with the boundaries between the two worlds lowered so that it is more easily accessible. We are also approaching an eclipse that will happen on November 3rd. Eclipses offer a great time for us to tune inward and be aware of ourselves completely. Eclipses, and especially Mercury retrograde, which we are experiencing until November 10th, can cause issues in communication, travel, electronics and more so it is essential for us to stay centered and grounded. They can also be viewed as a symbol of change and rebirth.


How appropriate then, that during this time of enhanced Spiritual connection that I received my first channeling from the faerie realm! And even more appropriate for the theme of rebirth is the message they gave!


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