Receiving Gifts from the Inca Medicine Wheel and Animal Totems

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Many cultures and spiritual traditions honor the four directions, each with special qualities and animal totems. The animals are often from the area in which the spiritual tradition originates. The Inca Medicine Wheel is from Peru, and it has four animals in the four directions. After being introduced to this system, I am greatly inspired with new information for me. Humbly sharing what has come to my understanding through meditation, I honor the indigenous sacred culture of the Q'ueros. The Q'ueros hold Mother Earth and all life sacred, seeing the Apus which are Mountains in the Andes as sacred sentient beings.

Please take what resonates with you from within this writing. Be inspired. Tune into your own information on this and other medicine wheels. Research the Q'uero Inca Medicine Wheel further to learn about this path. You can work with this as if the animals and what they represent are energies to integrate, as if they are messengers or guides, or as archetypes.

The Value, and Ways to Work with the Medicine Wheel

Why Do So Many On The Spiritual Path Feel They Are “Not Good Enough?"

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Why Do So Many On The Spiritual Path Feel They Are “Not Good Enough?"

Everyone on this planet understands that being human involves moments of self-doubt, hesitation, and/or wondering if we are “good enough” to reach our goals and fulfill our desires. However, for “light workers” or those on the spiritual path, these feelings are often more pervasive, intense, confusing, and even paralyzing. Rather than fleeting moments of feeling unsure, our episodes appear more difficult to overcome, and almost foundational or at the core of our awakening process.

As light workers, most of us consider ourselves to be human beings of powerfully energetic and universal fabric; connected to all on this planet and beyond; and part of a bigger picture regarding the future of our  species, our planet, and the cosmos. So, why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we tend to over-think, feel insecure, dwell in self-doubt, or get overly impatient with ourselves--even in situations where we would likely show understanding and compassion for someone else doing or thinking the exact same thing?

It is true that we can point our fingers at different life events or critical people whose hurtful words and unkind actions may have nurtured our sense of uneasiness or “unworthiness.” However, a root cause that all of us in the awakening process seem to share is the feeling of “not fitting in,” no matter how good we are at faking it. Why? Unfortunately, being more “awake” on this planet still means being truly different than 99% of the population in genetic frequency, “sensitivities,” and perspectives. 

Being Mindful of Spiritual Materialism

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Being Mindful of Spiritual Materialism

By: David Arran Anderson

Author of ‘The Last Avatar’




Do you consider yourself to be a spiritual person? Why have you chosen a spiritual path? What do you hope to gain by living your life in a spiritual manner; and is doing so going to make you a better person?

Those who are sincere in their aspiration to walk the spiritual path often encounter a great deal of confusion, misunderstanding and expectation, so it’s necessary to be aware of some of the dangers. Spirituality is very subtle process; and it’s easy to get sidetracked, which leads to a distorted, ego-centered version of spirituality.

We often deceive ourselves into thinking we are developing spiritually, when instead we are only strengthening our ego through these spiritual techniques.

This fundamental distortion is called Spiritual Materialism. It is the belief that by becoming spiritual you will receive some kind of reward, or blessing. Another is to believe that you will become a better person. In both cases, when we can achieve an awakened state of mind, we let go of all the obstructions and garbage we’ve been taught. Then we can see that many of the beliefs we have are not necessarily true.

          The awakening process is not about gaining more knowledge. Instead it’s about loving ourselves and releasing the past; and cutting through all of the clutter we have accumulated throughout our lives. In this “Age of Information” we live in, our minds are much too crowded, mostly with ego, and with constant chatter.  

You may think that you are spiritual because you live on a small budget, or eat vegetarian meals; but the mind is still saying, “I want, I want, I want.”

What is Spirituality?

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spiritualityIt is a personal understanding of one’s relationship with the Divine, recognizing Spirit within, as opposed to material or physical things. Historically, spirituality has always existed; however, it has become co-opted by religion. As an exodus from dogma, patriarchy, and hierarchy, millions are now owning an intimate relationship with soul and establishing their own spirituality. Spirituality = spiritual vitality.

Live Your Wisdom, You’ve Got It, Too™!

The Jewel

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This morning I watched a beautiful jewel slowly manifesting itself out of my Third Eye (6th  chakra).
It is diamond shaped and turning very slowly. 
It is dazzling and has all the hues of the rainbow but more deep and vibrant in color.    
As it is turning, it is shooting out brilliant flashes of white light.
Could it be that this is the Spark?
This is the Word
  This is the Thought
  This is the Energy that creates
  This is Manifestation
  This is the Answer  
  This is the Question
This is the Solution
   This is the Problem
   This is the Negative
   This is the Positive
   This is Awareness
   This is Perception
This is Consciousness
     This is Ying and Yang
This is our breath flowing gently in and out
     This is Beauty
     This is Hope
       but most of all Love
This is the All
     This is the Beginning
      This is the End   
         and then we’re back to Start again

The Bridge to the Heavenly Kingdom, Enter the heart!

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Good Morning Beloved, it is always a pleasure to meet with you. We come today with information that will assist and empower the limited consciousness to a state reconciliation with the divine within oneself.

To begin, we will ask the Great One, to assist in this process, and begin the transmission.

(In meditation last evening, the energy was overwhelming to a point of tears.

I was mentored not to move from the candle or the meditation until I cleared all of my thoughts of separation that were not aligned with the higher aspects of myself.

It took about 15 minutes to calm the mind and get to a place of peace and calm. This felt most comforting and unusual, the feelings that transpired from this meditation left me open to receive all evening in dream time what I am about to share with you today. ) messenger’s words…

Beloved, the bridge to the heavenly kingdom is about centering in the heart. If your heart is open, you can receive the many gifts that hold pure bliss and fulfillment of any purpose or dream.

We are here to drive home the idea that you are your own creation. In that your thoughts create who you are in this now moment.

You are at this very point in time where you were guided and meant to be. Through your thoughts and actions.  A dream, is placed in the mind and you are living that dream. You may not remember it in your mind. However, your body knows, your heart knows.


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