What do you see in my photography.

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Please go to my facebook page and look at my photos of the sun.  I believe I have captured several pictures of other planets close to the sun.  I am listed as Rhonda L. Pittman.

What would a solar magnetic flip do to the climate?

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The Daily Caller - 10/10/13, Michael Bastasch

bout every 11 years, the two magnetic poles of the sun reverse as the the star’s inner magnetic dynamo adjusts itself. The flipping of the sun’s magnetic poles is a big event for our solar system as the sun’s heliosphere — the extent of the sun’s magnetic influence — reaches beyond even Pluto.

All have been pulled through the Eye of the Needle

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All have been pulled through the Eye of the Needle:   Cosmos, Galaxy, Universe, Solar, Great Central Sun, Central Sun, Sun, Planetary  systems, including Gaia, Humanity, Animal Kingdom, Elementals, Elementary’s, Crystalline Grids, lay lines, Meridians, All of God’s Creations, As Above, As Below.

Releasing of Duality into Polarity for all.

All has been done with assistance of my team.

Enjoy the Ride







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